Are basketball shoes good for volleyball

Are Basketball Shoes Good For Volleyball?(Researched)

Did you know that Players used heavier balls to practice Volleyball before the 1900s?

The measurements and the shapes of those balls are quite the same as basketballs. It’s undeniable that volleyball and basketball have some strong similarities

  • Basketball and volleyball are essentially played on the same sort of court. 
  • Both sports have a 5v5 player arrangement. 
  • Both games need strong teamwork, defense, and blocking in a similar way. 

One of them would be the playing shoes.

It is unsurprising that many athletes and coaches assume the shoes used in each sport are interchangeable.

It’s a common question among multi-sport athletes and casual hoopers. 

Are Basketball Shoes Good For Volleyball? 

It depends on a few things. 

  • What kind of basketball shoes are you wearing? 
  • How perfectly can it relate to the standard volleyball footwear; concerning dimensions, support, and traction?
  • Will it be as comfortable as the designated set of volleyball shoes? 

In most cases, individuals discover that basketball shoes are not quite ideal for playing volleyball. They are often too large and unmanageable while playing volleyball.

Basketball shoes come with additional padding. It gives you extra grip and movement support. 

Yes, an amazing feature for basketball. However, volleyball requires more agility and super-fast movement. 

This one amazing feature for basketball can actually lower your volleyball performance. 

Let’s assume that you are dead set on wearing basketball shoes for volleyball.

Your best bet is to go for a pair that is both lightweight and as low-cut as you can get them. If this is not the case, a standard volleyball shoe is probably the best option for you to go with.

However, there are a few more things to consider. 

Here we will discuss why basketball sneakers are typically great for volleyball players, the key differences, some recommendations, and some major facts to remember while buying basketball footwear; specifically designed for volleyball.

What Kind Of Footwear Is Recommended For Playing Volleyball?

What Kind Of Footwear Is Recommended For Playing Volleyball

High Vertical Leap

Athletes best play volleyball with a high vertical leap. 

This sport has some of the world’s most vertically talented athletes. They need shoes that give them a bounce during their first hop and then soften the impact of their landing. A volleyball player can easily do a two-foot vertical leap. 

While a basketball player can play well, having an athletic shoe allowing for a quick one-foot leap, volleyball players often leap using both feet

According to experts, solid air-bubbled heels are ideal for two feet in height jumping.  

Take Up The Spin

Volleyball athletes also require shoes that can withstand those viciously squeaky spins. 

Yes, the only sound that can really fill the court spaces and galleries of volleyball championships worldwide.

A Round Base

You will be able to push off at a variety of angles equally if you are wearing shoes with a round base.

This is a feature that basketball sneakers are designed to accomplish very effectively.

Shoes with decent cushioning will be one of the essential factors to look out for if you play a high-impact sport like volleyball.

Proper Gripping

The grip is the most crucial factor. 

Volleyball needs the ability to get wherever you need to move as quickly as possible. 

You will need a firm grip to perform the directional adjustments. Your playing shoes need to be agile enough to let you do that. 

Allow To Have Speed 

Speed is another important aspect of the game.

A speedy start, whether it is in the attack as you move closer on a short set or in the reception phase when you push out to reach that rocket leap serve: You’ll be in a better position to respond to the game as it unfolds if you have a head start.

The grip is not a novel feature of basketball shoes. Additionally, they tend to be beautifully tight-fitting and come with a higher ankle if that is the sort of model you desire. You’ll have an easier time getting off the ground if you wear shoes that have a snug fit, so remain a watch out for them as well.

Are There Any Differences Between Basketball Shoes and Volleyball Shoes?

Are There Any Differences Between Basketball Shoes and Volleyball Shoes

You know the significance of having decent shoes since you play volleyball. 

You need to have the proper shoes to perform at your highest level. 

Switching to basketball shoes is beneficial if you play volleyball and are interested in improving your game

However, the real issue is whether or not you can play volleyball in basketball shoes.

But before that, you must know two games and why their respective footwear is so different.

There are a lot of parallels between the shoes used for volleyball and basketball, but there are also significant differences owing to the style of the two games.

Leaping Agility

The amount of leaping required for shots or rebounds in basketball is nothing compared to the amount of hopping necessary for a regular volleyball match. 

Volleyball players are required to leap often to execute spikes and prevent their opponents’ attacks. 

Because of this, the method of making volleyball shoes and the concept behind making them are different.

Weight And Speed

Shoes designed specifically for volleyball are often made of lighter-weight materials and include more robust cushioning. 

Using this design ethos, the wearer may safely take off from a standing posture and land on the ground with increased stability. 

Additionally, volleyball shoes often have a more snug fit overall. 

On the other hand, Basketball shoes come with more weight for the leathery materials. This impacts the speed and total performance of the volleyball game. 


Similar to volleyball shoes, basketball shoes often have synthetic mesh top layers, rubber material outsoles, and cushion midsoles. 

However, most of the basketball sneakers are constructed from canvas and leather. The impacts are heavily visible on the the performances of both games. 

The use of cushioning is essential to the body’s protection and helps prevent injuries. 

Conversely, basketball shoes provide superior support and protection for the ankles. Basketball players’ greater lateral mobility needs sturdier construction and additional ankle support in the shoes. 

The heavy-weight material offers excellent stability to the shoes and increases the protection of the feet. When you wear shoes designed specifically for basketball, you will experience improved traction.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wearing Basketball Shoes For Volleyball

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wearing Basketball Shoes For Volleyball

Let’s talk about the advantages first. 

Basketball shoes can be an even more beneficial option for many volleyball players. 

The following is a list of some of the benefits that wearing basketball shoes when playing volleyball may provide.


Basketball shoes are created from the ground up to be used only for this activity. They often include thicker bottoms. The structure contributes to their increased durability. This ensures that they will survive for a more extended period and have a lower risk of wearing out rapidly.

Better Grip 

The additional benefit of having a better grip comes with wearing basketball shoes. 

More significant than a standard grip is what they are meant to deliver since that was their design goal. 

The soles of these shoes have elevated sections as well as grooves, providing the wearer with greater control over the ball’s movement. 

When attempting to spike the ball, you will have a greater degree of control over it as a result.


The fit of basketball shoes is often snugger. It ensures that they will conform to the shape of your foot comfortably and securely while wearing them. 

In addition to that, doing so will enable you to move without restriction when playing volleyball.

Why You Might Not Consider Basketball Shoes For Playing Volleyball? 

When it comes to volleyball, specific footwear for basketball might appear like a good alternative; nevertheless, after you put them on, you may find that they are not suitable at all.

Here are several of the most significant warning signs that you should keep an eye out for.

An Excessively Tight Heel Cage

“Heel Cage” refers to a huge protective cage that is “built out” to encircle the shoe’s heel. This gives the shoe a very bulky, boot-like appearance and feel.

The heel cage has a dual purpose:

  • to protect the ankles, and second 
  • as a decorative accent to the shoe’s sole

It may add significant weight to the shoe, slowing you down.

Basically, it makes it harder to make rapid adjustments or lateral movements.

Extra Load  

A basketball shoe may weigh quite a lot and yet be great for volleyball.

However, it is always a great option. Why would you take extra weight while playing a fun sport? 

A designated lightweight shoe is extremely effective for volleyball games. 

Lacking In Cushioning and Having A Thin Midsole

Let’s say, you are playing libero. 

It is highly recommended to wear a midsole that is thin and has lower average cushioning.

You do not need impact protection of any kind. You can go for the game with less weight, great angle control, and faster movement. 

Setters who operate predominantly from the backcourt find themselves in the same scenario. As the players can consciously pick shoes with less shock absorption.

In most cases, where they fall short in terms of cushioning, they more than makeup for it in terms of responsiveness.

If you are going to be spiking, you need to make sure that your shoes, regardless of what kind you end up choosing, have a good cushioning system in them.

However, if volleyball players intend to take their game to the next level, they should investigate the many styles of shoes available. 

There are a wide variety of shoes available on the market that have been developed especially for the sport of volleyball; however, it is also feasible to acquire sneakers or flat-soled shoes that may serve as suitable replacements.


If you are interested in both sports, you will be looking for a pair of shoes that can help you in both playing courts.  

Shoes designed for basketball are an excellent alternative to volleyball shoes. 

Generally, Both shoe designs provide adequate traction and strong support, preventing any unexpected slips and falls, as well as any unwanted injuries that could occur as a result.

However, playing situations make all the difference. If you are just trying out both games or playing for fun, basketball shoes are great for both. 

You may utilize the same pair of shoes with an excellent grip for both activities. 

If you are planning to develop the skills or get into more impactful volleyball games, you need to reconsider. You might get a proper volleyball shoe that will be efficient for the volleyball games only. 

it is recommended that you use shoes designed specifically for your sport. You need to ensure the required level of safety and the appropriate level of comfort and sense for the sport.

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