Are lacrosse balls safe for dogs?

Are Lacrosse Balls Safe for Dogs? Not Quite.

We often see cute dogs and puppies playing with tennis balls. Many pet owners wonder if the lacrosse balls they are choosing for their beloved pet dog are a good option or not. But how about lacrosse balls? Are lacrosse balls safe for dogs?

Is it totally safe to give it to your dog? Simply put, yes, it is safe.

Unless your favorite pet buddy doesn’t chew it into chunks and then swallow it, it is safe for them to play with.

Today, we will explore the reasons why giving lacrosse balls to your dog to play is safe.

Quick Summary 

Lacrosse balls can be a fun alternative toy option for your dog. While keeping a close watch on your dog, it can be fully safe for everyday play. Lacrosse balls are an excellent option for interactive play since they provide advantages including cerebral stimulation and activity.

Additionally, you may want to consider lacrosse balls as an entertaining option with supervised retrieval activities. This could be a great experience for your pet dog.

Are Lacrosse Balls Toxic for Dogs?

You can give your dogs lacrosse balls that are free of toxicity or harmful materials

The infrastructure of a lacrosse ball is made out of non-harmful components, which is totally safe for dogs. They might grab it by their mouth, but it won’t harm them unless they swallow it. 

Though it’s not toxic, it may still cause a little inconvenience to your dog. However, it is always suggested that your dog play under pet supervision. In cases of accidental swallowing, consult with a vet immediately. 

Lacrosse Balls for Gums and Teeth 

Some people mistakenly use lacrosse balls to reduce their dog’s plaque accumulation. Well, there are so many other options on the market; such toys are designed as chewing toys for your dog. These are specially made to remove plaque and debris from your dog’s teeth. 

Therefore, you can give your dog those toys instead of lacrosse balls. They’re also too firm for the dog; they have a higher chance of damaging the gums and teeth.

Most dog teeth aren’t strong enough to dent a lacrosse ball; it requires a lot of force. Put simply, your dog’s teeth will give in before the ball does if it bites into a lacrosse ball.

Accidental Swallowing 

Unless you have a very big dog breed, the chances of choking on the lacrosse ball are very low. The size of this ball is smaller than the average tennis ball, but this shouldn’t cause any issues when the dog puts it in its mouth.

Hence, you would want to give things some thought if you have a breed that is really enormous and unusual.

5 Reasons Lacrosse Balls Are Fun For Dogs

5 Reasons Lacrosse Balls Are Fun For Dogs

Here are the top 5 reasons why lacrosse balls are more fun for dogs:

1. Bounce and Chase

Lacrosse balls can be very exciting for your dogs. The constant, unpredictable bounce can be fun and a unique way to entertain your dog. Dogs love to chase around and pounce on these balls as they move and bounce erratically, providing them with a thrilling adventure. 

2. Durability 

Lacrosse balls are made with strong, durable quality. It can withstand a dog’s chewing and rough play. The durability of lacrosse balls makes them a great alternative fun option as well as a long-lasting toy for your dogs. 

3. Size of The Balls 

The size of lacrosse balls makes them easy to carry and play with. The texture of these balls is also comfortable for the dogs while providing them with gum massage. The size is perfect for small to medium-sized dogs. It’s more fun for these particular breed sizes than the larger ones.

4. Exercise and Energy Release

For dogs, playing lacrosse with balls might be a terrific way to get some exercise and release some energy. To stay healthy, they must expend some of their excess energy. In such a scenario, using lacrosse balls for play or just carrying them around is a useful strategy.

5. Mental Stimulation 

Dogs like toys that provide them with opportunities to improve and test their problem-solving abilities. Dogs are encouraged to think ahead and plan their next move using lacrosse balls. They get some mental stimulation from this. Additionally, they get a chance to engage in some physical activity as well.

Lacrosse Ball Materials: Are They Harmful?

Lacrosse balls are typically constructed of solid, vulcanized rubber that has been combined with other ingredients. However, some manufacturers use different kinds of elastic polymers, such as silicone or polyurethane.

But you can anticipate that a regular lacrosse ball manufactured at a respectable store will be composed of vulcanized rubber.

Now, is it harmful or, by any chance, toxic for dogs since it is made out of vulcanized rubber? The simple answer to this is no. It’s not toxic or harmful.

Small pieces of your lacrosse balls could be in the mouths of your dogs, and there is no need to feel concerned. Though it’s advised that they not swallow those pieces.

It is normal for your dog, or any dog, to chew on things, and it could be beneficial to some extent. Chewing eases any discomfort your puppy may be experiencing throughout the teething stage.

Your dog can chew on lacrosse balls, but just to be on the safe side, they better not overdo it since the rubbery substance may be too abrasive and might harm their teeth.

Comparison of the Balls: How Fun Are They?

Here is a comparison between some of the common sports balls, namely tennis balls, lacrosse balls, and baseballs.

Let’s have a look at the table below and see which ball could be the safest option for your dog:

AspectLacrosse BallsTennis Balls Baseballs

Vulcanized rubber (a combination of natural rubber and synthetic rubber compounds) Created from felt and rubber. Two pieces of rubber are joined to form a ball.There are three basic components: – core, yarn, and a leather cover.

The circumference of a lacrosse ball is at least 7.75 inches but not more than 8 inches.The International Tennis Federation (ITF) defines an official diameter as 6.54–6.86 cm (2.57–2.70 inches).Baseballs have a diameter between 2.86”-2.94” (7.3 and 7.5 cm) and a circumference of 9”-9.25” (22.9 and 23.5 cm).

Choking Hazard
Less likely to be a choking hazard for small and medium-sized dogs. Larger breeds can be at risk. Large dogs are more likely to choke because of their size and compressibility. More secure for little pups.This could cause a great choking hazard for the dog. 

Very strong and resilient to tears.Less durable and more likely to break and puncture, especially when used by forceful chewers.Comparatively more durable.

Dental Teeth
If chewed excessively, it could cause tooth damage to your dog. Soft and gentle surface. Less likely to harm your pup’s gum.The synthetic leather cover of the ball may be harmful to your hound’s dental health.

High bounce, which is appropriate for fetch games.High bounce, so your dog may play fetch with them.Less bouncy. Better not give them to your dogs.

Normally bright colors for easy visibility.It comes in bright colors. Appropriate for easy visibility.Typically, it comes in red, white, and blue colors. 
Comparison of different balls based on their aspects

Final Thoughts: Are lacrosse balls safe for dogs?

It’s common for dogs to want to play with balls. Tennis balls are the most commonly used balls for dog-playing purposes. In addition to that, many owners prefer choosing lacrosse balls as an alternative option for their dogs. 

The ingredients used in lacrosse balls are safe and harmless. It uses a non-toxic and extra-bouncy formula that makes it a proper dog toy. 

The size and texture of a lacrosse ball are also considered safe for your pooch. Unless your dog decides to chew them into chunks and then gobble them up, it is completely safe. 

However, for bigger dog breeds, there could be better options than lacrosse balls. Pick up the one that best fits your dog’s playing purpose while at the same time leaving them healthy and harm-free. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What balls are safe for dogs?

Safe dog balls should be made of non-toxic materials, the right size to prevent choking, and durable. Options include pet-specific tennis balls, solid rubber balls, and specialized dog fetch toys. Lacrosse balls are also considered safe for dogs.

Why do dogs love to fetch?

Dogs love to fetch due to their natural hunting instincts, the exercise it provides, bonding opportunities with their owners, and the mental stimulation it offers.

What are the best balls for your dog?

The best balls for your dog depend on their size and preferences. Consider options like tennis balls for dogs, solid rubber balls, or interactive toys with added features like treat dispensers or squeakers. There are also chewing toys specially made for your dog’s chewing purposes. 

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