Best Baseball Bats For 8 Year Olds

Best Baseball Bats for 8 Year Olds: Home Run Heros

Worried about your kid’s developmental stages in youth baseball? Looking for the best baseball bats for 8 year olds so your child can go through the steps progressively? 

Then this one’s for you. I have been a baseball player, and now my son is also into it. 

I can understand your points of concern as a parent. So here, I would love to help you with my experiences. 

The importance of Choosing the Right Baseball Bat for Young Players

I frequently witness guys becoming youngsters again when baseball professionals reach the height of their careers and compete in the World Series. 

There’s a certain fire within every ballplayer that was kindled in their formative years on the diamond.

That’s the kind of joy young baseball players now experience when they get their hands on a brand-new bat. They are eager to give it a go and hone their abilities. Choosing the right baseball bat for your child is a much more essential decision than you would imagine.

1. An important part of the game 

Young children may learn the basics of baseball via tee ball. It’s a thrilling game that improves hand-eye coordination, group dynamics, and individual self-assurance. 

The bat is an essential part of every tee-ball set. The bat’s quality significantly impacts a child’s hitting abilities and enjoyment of the game.

2. To maintain balance

How Do They Swing?

Finding this sweet spot is incredibly challenging for kids since their bodies are in a continual state of flux. The bat they swing may need to be replaced regularly as they develop. 

So, you have to choose a baseball bat for kids based on the right length and height. 

About Length

The ideal bat length allows for maximum plate coverage while being manageable for the hitter. 

It’s common for children’s baseball bats to be shorter than those used by adults so that players can maintain their swings quickly and powerfully while still making excellent contact with the baseball. 

A longer bat will provide greater plate coverage as your kid develops. You can observe whether their swing speed remains high enough to be successful.

About Height

The bat’s height is the most crucial aspect. You might get a feather-light bat for your kid to make quick swings. 

However, faster speeds may not always provide more excellent performance. The lighter the bat, the faster a young player can swing it, but the less poIr it will transfer to the ball. 

A bat of the proper height allows players to maintain a consistent swing and follow through on every stroke. 

You may improve your kid’s hitting skills by combining firm contact with more power in this way.

About Weight

Employing an excessively lightweight bat to swing comfortably might do more harm than good. 

Of course, picking an overly heavy bat will throw the swing off balance, making it difficult to make contact. 

3. To enhance performance 

Getting your kid the best bat possible is essential when it involves kids’ baseball. 

Aside from the required dimensions for your league, you should look for a well-made baseball bat with a stylish and legal design in your region. 

Playing with the right baseball bat helps enhance your kid’s performance and makes him a better player. 

4. Skill development 

The right baseball bat helps your kid grow as he progresses through the youth player rankings.

He/She will be able to see a change in the way of playing while using the appropriate bat, and even with consistent practice, a young player will continue to become better.

Understanding The Different Types Of Baseball Bats

Understanding the different types of baseball bats

Despite their superficial similarity, there are several factors to consider while selecting the right baseball bat. 

Choosing the correct bat for your age, material preferences, league, and desired barrel shape is important. 


intended for use by collegiate and high school baseball players to more accurately simulate the efficiency of a wooden baseball bat.

USA Bats
cover 5-14-year-olds and have a BPF of 1.15 or below to qualify as an approved bat. 

Baseball Leagues Bat
A player’s age determines the minimum size bat and required certification for participation in a given baseball league.

Tee Ball Bats
intended just for use with the softer ball used in the game and only if the ball is being hit off of a tee; they are not intended for use with live pitching. 
Junior/Coach Pitch Barrel Bats –generally designed for 7-8 years kids. 
Little League/ Youth/ Cat Ripken Bats for 8-12 years, kids help in their performance in several factors. 

Senior League Bats
generally used for 13-16 years by players to aid their transition to high school or college-level bats. 

High-School & College Level Bats
These bats come engineered to function more similarly to wood bats to help players leap from college to the major leagues.

Top Baseball Bat Brands For Young Players

Having options makes picking the best bat simple. Youth bats are available from the same manufacturers as those used at the professional and collegiate levels. 

The top manufacturers are: 

  • Easton
  • Rawlings 
  • Franklin

and a few others.

Your kid’s ambition of becoming an expert baseball player includes utilizing the same gear brands as the pros. 

By purchasing a bat from any of these manufacturers, you may bring a portion of that desire closer to being realized.

Reviews Of The Best Baseball Bats for 8 Year Olds

Bat selection for young baseball players is a complex and challenging task. 

Although the best bat for your eight-year-old child is ultimately up to you, here I have selected the top 5 best baseball bats for 8 years old based on length, weight, and material. 

1. Rawlings Remix T-Ball Bat 

Rawlings Remix T-Ball Bat

The Rawlings Remix is an excellent option for young players if you’re shopping for a t-ball bat.

I recently bought this T-Ball Bat for my kid because of its low price and usefulness during practice. 

My first impressions weren’t optimistic, but its performance has exceeded my expectations. 

Perfect for 7 years old players 

Younger players will have an easier time making contact and developing swing confidence because of the bat’s broader sweet spot.

The Rawlings Remix T-Ball Bat is so light that kids may increase their swing speed without sacrificing control. 

Your little player had no trouble swinging the bat and made solid contact with the ball, unlike other beginner bats we’ve used.


The T-Ball Bat is constructed from an alloy that is both long-lasting and reliable. He also felt the design was intriguing because of the electric blue color. 

When it comes to t-ball bats, the Rawlings Raptor Premium is our top pick for kids just getting their feet wet. 

It’s an excellent option for novice players since it’s cheap, powerful, easy to handle, and long-lasting.


  • Good weight and length for kids
  • Great quality 
  • Perfect one for beginners 
  • Lightweight and colors are great 


  • Not geared toward gamers with extensive expertise.

2. Rawlings Storm T-Ball Bat 

Rawlings Storm T-Ball Bat

My second recommendation is Rawling Storm which is a great fit for the young stars and beginners of modern fast-pitch softball. 

A lot might be riding on your little champ’s shoulders as you go into the batter’s box. The Rawlings Storm is an excellent tool for keeping up with today’s quicker-than-ever-before pitching speeds. 


Young players may improve their swing speed with the aid of the Rawlings Storm bat, which is both hyperlight and ultra lite. 

These softball bats can help players beat up tough pitchers by swinging more quickly.

Balanced design 

The enlarged sweet spot on the Storm USA T-ball Bat allows for more solid interaction with the baseball.


The Storm is a high-quality T-ball bat that is perfect for young players aged seven and under. 

High-performance, long-lasting bats with a one-piece alloy design allow for speedier swing speeds and lower drop weight.


  • Perfect weight size for 5-7-year-olds 
  • Ideal material and weight to perform the swing with the required force 
  • Attention-seeking bright pink color
  • Improves player’s batting efficiency


  • It’s indeed a T-ball bat, rather than a  baseball bat. 

3. Rawlings 5150 USA Baseball Bat

Rawlings 5150 USA Baseball Bat

With the 2019 update to the Model 5150, Rawlings is back on my list of recommended brands.

For at least four years, this excellent USA Baseball bat has been used by young players in Little League and informal neighborhood events.


This bat, made in the USA, is similar to the Rawlings Raptor in that it is made of a single piece of aluminum. 

However, the bat is perfect for youngsters under the age of 15, extending their use of the item.


The Pop 2.0 mechanism works well, expanding the sweet spot yet maintaining the perfect barrel length. 

This new development gives 8-year-olds a feeling of pride and competence as they learn to hit a baseball. It also reduces the possibility of missing the target.

Despite its lightweight end cap, the balance of this baseball bat is a major benefit for younger players. 

Eight-year-olds should swing the bat at its typical angle to increase their chances of making solid contact with the baseball. 

When youngsters get a hit, whether it’s a grounder or fly ball, they’ll have even more fun playing the game.


This USA baseball bat is built with greater maneuverability in mind, specifically for eight-year-olds making the jump to higher levels of competition.


  • Lightweight and well-balanced 
  • Improved control capability 
  • Moisture-resistant grip 
  • Exceptional performance 


  • The handle might get slippery while sweating 

4. Easton Typhoon Baseball Bat 

Easton Typhoon Baseball Bat

This is among the best baseball bats I’ve seen used in hardball baseball for children who are starting to play rookie ball. 

The length and weight are perfectly matched, and the color is excellent. Any player that’s moving from t-ball up to Easton Typhoon is a good starting bat.

This bat, designed for 8-year-olds yet resembling bats used in the Senior League Division, has a smaller barrel than typical bats. 

The 2.25-inch diameter is perfect, but I know some who might disagree. It’s an excellent tool for teaching young players how to swing a baseball properly.

Excellent Grip 

Batters as young as 8 years old may swing with confidence, knowing that this bat continues to provide an outstanding grip.

The bat is very simple to manipulate. The weight reduction is ideal for children as young as seven. 

To improve hitting accuracy, lift the bat off the playing surface and strike it toward the thrown ball.


This baseball bat is well-balanced, which is why I enjoy it so much. At age eight, a baseball batter can swing the bat with one fluid motion, keeping a level swing.

Because of the USA Baseball emblem on the handle, it may be brought to games sanctioned by that organization.


  • Durable, well-balanced, and lightweight 
  • All-sports cushioned grip ensures comfort in hands 
  • Easy to control 
  • Budget-friendly 


  • Not suitable for heavy hitters 

5. Franklin Sports Plastic Baseball Set 

Franklin Sports Plastic Baseball Set

Do you have a toddler who is interested in baseball? 

I recommend the Franklin baseball set. Like the waffle ball bats we grew up with in the 80s, this is the right kind of plastic. 

It is not too heavy or hard, but not so light that it falls apart, and it is a good size for kids about 8 or older. 

This holds up better than the branded skinny yellow bat, and your kids will have tons of fun playing with it outside. 

Stands up to middle and high school players whacking the ball.

Realistic Look

This bat is fashioned like those used in the major leagues, right down to the narrow grip texture on the handle. 

Children have everything they need to play ball with this kit, including a baseball that conforms to industry standards for size and material.

Fun for all 

I recently bought one for my nephew’s birthday, and he was so happy with it. For some summertime baseball fun, like dizzy bat races and home run derbies, get this plastic set and bring it to your next outdoor party or barbecue.


  • Combines child’s imagination with reality 
  • Increases eagerness towards real-life baseball 
  • Kids-friendly and safe to play for toddlers 
  • Durable construction and real bat look 
  • Great for teaching 


  • You cannot use this bat with real baseball. 

Tips For Maintaining and Caring For a Baseball Bat

  • Individual usage is the only option for the bat.
  • Avoid using it when the temperature is below 60 degrees Fahrenheit (16 degrees Celsius).
  • You shouldn’t keep the bat in places where the temperature may go very hot or very cold (like the luggage compartment of your vehicle).
  • It is not recommended to use the bat for cleaning metal cleats.
  • Use baseballs and softballs that comply with regulations and have leather covers. No rubber hamster balls
  • Avoid hitting balls that are soaked in water.
  • Maintain a regular inspection schedule for your baseball bat.

Factors To Consider When Selecting a Baseball Bat For an 8-Year-Old

Factors to consider when selecting a baseball bat for an 8-year-old

The task of selecting an appropriate baseball bat for your 8-year-old child might be rather tricky. To succeed, you must choose a bat with the proper drop weight, length, bat control, and barrel size. 

Here are some other considerations:


The bat’s material should be carefully thought out. Tee-ball bats are usually crafted from composite or aluminum. 

The sweet spot on a composite bat is more prominent and has greater vibration control than an aluminum bat, but aluminum bats last longer and have more pop.

Dimensions and Mass

A bat should be selected with the player’s height and weight in mind. Too much weight or length in a bat may alter swing patterns and increase the risk of injury. 

Determine your kid’s optimal fit by using a size chart and entering their weight and height.

Experts and user ratings indicate that bats between 26 and 28 inches are ideal for 8-year-olds. However, the kid’s weight may affect this ratio significantly.


An average 8-year-old common bat is 28 inches in length and weighs 18 ounces.

You may choose the normal -10 weight-dropping bat, which has a length of 27 inches and weighs 17 ounces. 

Baseball players aged 8 and above will benefit significantly from this.

League Requirements

The league requirements should be one of the primary considerations when shopping for a baseball bat for an 8-year-old.

The bats are better if they conform to as many league requirements as possible. The Dixie Youth, American Association of Universities (AAU), Pony Baseball, American Association of Baseball Coaches (AABC), Little League (8U), Babe Ruth, and Cal Ripken are all recognized league standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size baseball bat should a kid who is eight years old use?

To begin, you must select a bat with the appropriate length for your needs. A child of that age should have no trouble swinging a bat that measures around 26 to 28 inches in length.

Is it possible for a child 8 years old to use an 8-drop bat? 

Senior League Baseball uses a variety of weight drops for the players’ bats. However, youngsters aged ten and under often use a weight drop of -10. All players above the age of 12 are now obliged to swing either a -8 or a -5 handicap.

How do you choose the correct size bat?

Put the bat’s knob in the middle of your chest while your arm is outstretched. Your hands are the correct size if the tips of your fingers reach the tip of the bat.

So, What Do You Think? 

The best baseball bats for 8 years old are 24 to 27 inches long, 14 to 17 ounces light, and have an average bat drop between -10 to -13.

Additionally, it has the official league “stamp” or label, demonstrating its conformity with those requirements.

Your child should use whatever baseball bat they find most comfortable during batting. My bat purchase guide will assist you in finding the perfect bat for him.

If it doesn’t work, you can pick one of the five bats I evaluated for kids aged 8 to limit their options.

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