Best Fastpitch Softball Bats Under $200

Best Fastpitch Softball Bats Under $200 (Our Top Picks)

Do you want to buy a softball bat, but you want to spend as little as possible? 

You don’t have to sacrifice comfort or durability when you buy an inexpensive softball bat.

As a coach, I know how important it is to use the right tools. The wrong player on the pitch or the right guy with the incorrect bat might be disastrous. 

I have provided a list of the six best fastpitch softball bats under $200 and discussed a few things 

What to Look for in a Fastpitch Softball Bat

A fastpitch bat serves as much more than a simple piece of equipment. It’s a well-crafted implementation that helps players maximize their potential with each stroke.

 The bat’s performance has been optimized at every stage, from the grip to the top of the cap. 

The player’s choice of bat length and swing weight determines the fastpitch softball bat’s size. 

There are several approaches to determining the ideal dimensions and mass. So, let’s go through a few of them.

Bat Length 

It’s a common misconception among fast-pitch players that using a longer bat would help them cover more of the plate. 

Tossing around a too-long bat might slow your swing and leave you unable to keep up with some pitches because of their greater distance to go. 

The player chooses the bat’s length and weight to determine the optimal fast-pitch softball bat size. 

There are some approaches to determining the ideal dimensions and mass, so let’s go through a few of them.

  • Extending the arm so that its length is level with the floor is the first step in getting the right-sized fastpitch softball bats for you. After that, measure from your innermost chest to the end of your longest finger.
  • This strategy might be helpful for youngsters who are still developing at various rates. While standing, place the knob of the bat in the palm of your hand and keep the bat downward at the side so that the top of the bat may rest on the ground. 
  • One further method for determining the correct size of a fastpitch softball stick is to position the bat’s knob so that it occupies the middle of your upper body and then stretch the bat in front of your chest. If you are able to grip the barrel, then the length of the bat is appropriate. 
What To Look For In A Fastpitch Softball Bat

Weight Drop

To get the ideal bat weight, hold the bat by its bottom grip and expand your arm until it is parallel to your shoulder. 

The bat is the right weight if you can continue to hold it for 30–45 seconds without dropping.  

Weight Drop 

It’s easy to calculate a softball bat’s weight drop. 

For instance, a 31-inch and 21-ounce but has a -10 drop weight. In general, a lower drop weight indicates a heavier bat to appear in a high level of competition. 

If you’re used to swinging a -11 fastpitch bat, the -8 will feel like a brick. Professional athletes are more inclined to have a solid upper body to swing and control bigger bats. 

Younger players, though, prefer bats with a lower swing weight because they are simpler to manage and get into the hitting zone. 

Bat Size 

To find the proper bat size, consider the chart below 

Weight- Height 3’5”- 3’8” 3’9” – 4’4’1” – 4’8”4’9” – 5’5’1” – 5’4”5’5” – 5’8”5’9”- 6’6’1” – So on 
Below 60lb27-inch28-Inch29-Inch29-Inch
61lb- 70lb27-Inch28-Inch29-30 Inch30-Inch 
71lb- 80lbs28-Inch28-Inch29-30 Inch30-Inch31-Inch 
81-90lbs28-Inch29-Inch29-30 Inch30-Inch31-Inch
91-100 lb29-Inch29-Inch30-Inch31-Inch31-Inch31-Inch
101-110 lb29-Inch29-Inch30-Inch31-Inch31-Inch32-Inch
111-120 lb29-Inch29-inch30-Inch31-Inch31-Inch32-Inch
141-150lb30-Inch30-31 Inch31-Inch32-Inch33-Inch33-Inch33-Inch
180lb – Over33-Inch33-Inch34-Inch34-Inch 

Bat Materials 

Fastpitch bats for softball come in a variety of materials. Composites, aluminum, a hybrid of the two, and even wood are all viable options.

5 Top Fastpitch Softball Bats: Professional Choices

1. Easton Pink-Sapphire Fastpitch Bat 

Easton Pink-Sapphire Fastpitch Bat 

Need a softball for a 7 to 12-year-old girl? 

Then the Pink Sapphire by Easton will be a good starter bat without breaking the bank. This bat seems to be a good one for a girl just starting softball. 

The price of this solid bat is good, as you will buy many bats over your child’s career as a fast-pitch softball player. 


Created specifically for young softball players who are still working on their swing. Its ALX50 military-standard alloy construction ensures a long service life and robust performance.


You can use this bat comfortably in all weather conditions. Its 29/32″ ultra-thin handle gives you a cushioned grip for all sports. The concave end cap ensures faster swing speed. 


As a -10 drop profile, this bat allows players to create better contact while hitting it. 

All-field approved

You can use it in all fields, including USA, NSA, USSSA (fast pitch only), WBSC, and ISA. 


  • Perfect length for youth players
  • Ideal weight for 90-pound fastpitch players 
  • Durable 
  • Its length allows better-hitting 


  • Kids under 9 may find it a bit heavy.

2. Easton Topaz Fastpitch Softball 

Easton Topaz Fastpitch Softball 

You can bring smiles to your teens, and adults can also get happier with this bat. The Easton Topaz fits perfectly for adults and teenagers. 


The Easton Topaz bat is part of the second-generation Diamond Gem line. This bat has increased endurance thanks to its construction from ALX50 military-grade aluminum. 


You’ll have an easier time maintaining command of all that power when you use its cushioned All-Sports grip. If you’re prepared to take the diamond by storm, then you’re set to unleash your full potential with this Diamond Gem series.


As this bat is meant for teenagers, its weight is also suitable for them. The incurved end cap and patented -10 profile of Easton Topaz ensure utmost contact with it. 


  • High-quality bat
  • Affordable and reliable 
  • Lightweight and solid 
  • Good weight and length 


  • Good, but it may not perform well for strong hitters. 

3. Easton Ghost Fastpitch Softball 

Easton Ghost Fastpitch Softball 

Next on my list comes, especially for power hitters.

The Easton Ghost provides phenomenal performance and promising durability. This is an entry-level bat in the Easton Ghost series.

My children use it for tee ball currently, but hopefully, they will carry it into the softball season. It’s reasonable for recreational-aged players between 10 – 13. I would recommend it for junior and youth players. 


Being made of ALX50 alloy, it ensures extended durability and strength. It has one barrel, which combines thinner and stronger aluminum construction. Youngsters can play with it all day without worrying about being dented. 

Great Grip

As a 10-13-year-old kid continuously learning, a comfortable grip will help him to have confidence in himself and control over the bat. 

Keeping this in mind, Easton Ghost is designed with a cushioned ultra-thin grip. In any weather condition, you can hold it without feeling your palms sweaty.


As it is perfectly matched with the weight consideration, players can make the best use of it. While batting, you can create a better strike with the sweet spot of this bat. 


  • Well-balanced
  • Perfect sweet spot 
  • Worth the price 
  • Lightweight and long-lasting 


  • Older and more powerful players will likely dent the bat

4. Rawlings Mantra Fastpitch

Rawlings Mantra Fastpitch

Now it is time for the high school and college fastpitch softball players. 

Being inspired by the inner inspiration and motives of the strongest athletes, Rawlings Mantra is a high-end latest fastpitch bat to give you a better feel and more pop. 

If you have already used its predecessor models, then you should give it a try. I am sure you will love its excellent feel, smooth and fast swings. 

Improved Performance

The unique 3-step internal barrel design maximizes speed, power, and accuracy by distributing the barrel’s weight evenly throughout its length. 

However, due to a 15% reduction in thickness, the outer barrel produces a more dynamic and engaging sound upon contact.


Without compromising swing weight or hand feel, the Blast Motion technology sensor provides real-time input and analytics, making this bat the first of its kind to be certified for gameplay.


The updated F2 Collar dampens vibrations before they reach the player’s palm, making for a more controlled swing.

If you ask about swings, I can say that players are considerably faster and better balanced with the Mantra since it features an Ultra-Light End Cap, which really assists with making the best out of bungles.


  • Provides real-time feedback
  • Unmatched tack and comfort
  • The most comfortable and smoothest feel 
  • Optimizes performance 
  • Swings nicely


  • Style-wise, it may be better.

5. Louisville Slugger 2022 Proven

Louisville Slugger 2022 Proven

This Louisville Slugger Proven model is an excellent composite softball bat for a budding fastpitch great. 

When designing their excellent array of fastpitch bats, Louisville Slugger doesn’t forget about the upcoming fastpitch ladies worldwide. 

This 2022 Proven 13 bat was made with beginner softball players in mind. 

Especially young women who want a lighter bat to help them become used to the game. 


Any young batter may use this bat since it’s made of composite material. 

Say your player is just starting on the fast pitch. This bat might make the difference between sending the ball toward the outfield and hardly knocking it past the pitcher’s mound.


Its barrel has a designed sweet spot that enhances both sound and feel. The Lousiville Slugger -13 comes in a single piece for a rigid swing and a stable sensation while making contact.


You’ll like the sound it makes when it connects with the ball. No more high-pitched “ding” like with her aluminum bat. 


  • Lightweight and easy to swing 
  • Ultra-balanced 
  • Improved cushion grip 
  • Great bat at a reasonable price 


  • The graphics could be a bit better. 

Honorable Mention – Easton Amethyst Fastpitch

Easton Amethyst Fastpitch

My list wouldn’t be completed without mentioning the Amethyst Fastpitch bat from Easton. I think this is a perfect bat for a beginner Fastpitch softball player. It is an ideal weight and evenly distributed. Though I ended up sending it back because FP Softball was not my youngest daughter’s sport, I would buy this back again.


The Amethyst is part of Easton’s Diamond Gem series and is made from ALX50TM Alloy, which provides both extreme durability and a well-balanced swing.


A thin All-Sports grip aids in maintaining control while the small swing weight and sizable sweet spot generate force. Get ready to take some serious swings with the Diamond Gem collection to dominate the diamond.


Its incurved end cap engineered -10 profile allows you to take control. And the 29/32″ ultra-thin handle gives you comfort in any weather condition. 


  • Perfect for beginner Fastpitch players
  • Evenly distributed perfect weight 
  • Nicely swings 
  • Durable and long-lasting 
  • No sweaty palms 


  • Not suitable for high school and college leagues. 

Tips For The New Players Playing With Softball Bat

Tips For The New Players Playing With Softball Bat

  • Players are required to wear batting helmets at all times when in the batter’s box, on the base paths, and while assisting coaches at first and third base. 
  • You should work on your hand control if you want to learn how to enhance your softball swing. It’s important to keep your fingers, not your palms, pressing down on the bat. You may put your dominant hand on top of your supporting hand, and the middle knuckles will be in perfect alignment.
  • Keep your grasp loose so your waist may move freely and you can make a powerful swing.
  • To optimize swinging capability, your elbow posture is crucial. Your hitting power or efficiency might improve depending on how you hold your elbow.
  • As soon as the pitcher starts to throw the ball, start thinking about your stride. The momentum needed to make contact may be generated by concentrating on the stride.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Exactly Is A Bat Used For Fastpitch Softball?

Bats used in fastpitch softball are constructed to handle fast pitches. Bats used in fastpitch are made for speed and rapid reactions, while those used in slowpitch are made for slugging.

Is A Fastpitch Bat Different From A Softball Bat?

Because of their intended usage by professional players, slowpitch softball bats are often heavier and provide more end-loaded alternatives. Since fast-pitch softball bats are handled mainly by younger female players, they are often lighter and feature balanced swinging weights.

In Softball, How Quick Is A Fastpitch Ball?

Pitchers use an underhand action to throw the ball at speeds of up to 105 miles an hour (169 kilometers per hour) for men and 77 miles an hour (124 kilometers per hour) for women. Fastpitch softball is pitched differently than its slower cousin.

Wrap Up

Planning to enhance your softball swing requires a significant time commitment and the right gear. However, my recommended best fastpitch softball bats will help you to improve your performance.

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