Best Sunglasses For Beach Volleyball

Best Sunglasses for Beach Volleyball (Play With Passion)

Do you want to improve your game while playing beach volleyball in the sun? Find out which sunglasses can shield your eyes from the sand and offer you an advantage in our comprehensive guide.

You’re outside in the hot heat, and beads of sweat are running down your cheeks like salty tears. You go crashing down on the beach after diving for a spiked ball. 

In this situation, you need to have the finest sunglasses money can buy.  You need to protect one of the most susceptible body parts—the eyes—from the harmful effects of perspiration, sun, and sand.

Protect your eyes and maintain your sense of style by selecting a pair of sunglasses or eyewear from our collection of the 6 best sunglasses for beach volleyball. 

Check out some of the best safety glasses, sunglasses, and more for beach volleyball.

How I Decided the Top Product in the Market

How I Decided The Top Sunglass Product In The Market

What should you search for in a pair of sunglasses if you play beach volleyball? While picking up the top six sunglasses for you, I prioritized several criteria

How Does It Fit on the Face?

Beach volleyball players should use curved sunglasses since they better fit the contours of the face. 

In contrast to conventional straight glasses, curved glasses provide practically little space for dust and debris to enter the eyeballs. 

Materials Used to Build 

I recommend you use plastic glasses at the beach. The material used results in lightweight spectacles that put no pressure on your nose or ears. 

Plastic offers an additional benefit over glass, wood, and metal in that it is far less likely to shatter. 

When a volleyball hits you in the face, you’ll finally understand its significance. 

Because of the risk of splinters, it is important to choose the lenses and frames for your volleyball-playing glasses carefully to ensure they do not shatter.

Lens Color 

I don’t recommend sunglasses with orange or yellow lenses for beach volleyball. The sand’s contrasts will be too muted to see well through these lenses. 

Therefore, you shouldn’t bring them to the beach. I prefer to use blue, gray, red, or green lenses.

I have picked sunglasses designed specifically for volleyball with impact-resistant frames and shatterproof lenses. 

I have seen professional volleyball players wearing single, shield-shaped lens glasses. 

I followed this tip while choosing my 6 best lists to get excellent peripheral vision and eye protection. 

If you primarily play inside, in a fitness center, or on a court, it’s a good idea to wear a strong set of protective athletic sunglasses with a strap you can adjust.

6 Best Sunglasses For Beach Volleyball

1. Spy Optic Fiona Women’s Sunglasses 

Spy Optic Fiona Women's Sunglasses 

Looking for a combination of superior view clarity with visual and therapeutic performance? 

These WAG sunglasses are my all-time favorite. Spy always nails it with their quality, designs, and comfort. 

I purchased Spy Optic Fiona glasses for outdoor activities around the beach and the intracoastal waterway. 

They don’t pinch my melon! Wrap well and do a great job blocking the sun without making it seem super dark in the middle of the day. 

I love the tint and upgraded “happy lenses”; they do make a difference.

Special Features 

  • 3-barrel seamless hinges
  •  Polycarbonate ARC® 6-base lenses 
  • constructed from almost unbreakable Grilamid®
  • High-definition Happy Lens technology 

Unique Style 

The Fiona is a daring pair of butterfly-shaped sunglasses for ladies. 

She is playful and assured in the front and toned and curvaceous in the back.

Understands Your Priorities

What do you want from a pair of sporty glasses? Safety is your first concern, right? 

Spy Optic Fiona glasses are tested by elite athletes from all around the globe to ensure that they can withstand the rigors of everyday competition. 

These eyeglasses are tough enough to withstand anything you can throw at them, thanks to their shatterproof lenses and sturdy frame and hinge construction. 

You may bring these glasses with you wherever you go. You may use them for a wide range of activities, from cycling and volleyball to fishing and snowboarding to hiking and trekking.

UV Protection 

Its advanced technology improves optical performance while protecting your eyes from the sun and reducing strain.

Amazing Lens 

When it comes to lenses, HAPPY LENS Technology is the only choice available since it enhances color and contrast. 

It also blocks harmful short-wave blue radiation. The visual benefits of long-wave blue light include improved color perception, increased contrast, and sharper details in the surrounding environment. 

When you use Happy Lens once, you won’t want to go back.


  • Enhanced color and contrast boost the mood
  • Perfect darkness and protection 
  • Lenses don’t scratch easily 
  • It fits nicely; don’t move or slide down on the nose


  • The price is a bit high.

2. Oakley 009208 Radar Ev Sunglasses 

Oakley 009208 Radar Ev Sunglasses

Is the light always in your eyes as you attempt to put in a good spike? 

Let Oakley help you become the greatest setter or spiker that you’ve always known you could be. 

Oakley 009208 beach volleyball sunglasses are the solution!

Oakley’s Radar EV provides both impact protection and a wide field of vision, making it ideal for high-speed sports. 

Special Features 

  • Plutonite lenses 
  • UVA protection 
  • Iridium Photochromic lens 
  • Expanded view 

Pretty Much Popular 

These EV path sunglasses, a new improvement on the well-liked Radar form, have been met with enthusiasm by the cycling and sporting communities. 

The EV, short for “expanded view,” features taller lenses compared to its predecessor, increasing its vertical field of view. 

Field Lens 

I played in the outfield and needed a good pair of sunglasses to help spot the ball when looking directly into the sky. 

Oakley makes specific lenses that we also bought just for this purpose. 

The specific lens is referred to as the “field lens,” and it accentuates the colors of blue and white, making it easier to see the ball in the sky on fly balls. 

Most major league players use Oakley’s for this purpose. I tried them on and completely believed their claims; if you play baseball, do yourself a favor and snag a pair of these!

Eye Protection 

The Oakley Radar will safeguard your eyes from injury by blocking out dangerous blue light up to 400 nm. It also provides complete protection from UVA, UVB, and UVC rays.


  • It gives perfect vision and a sophisticated look 
  • Combination of comfort, simplicity, and elegance 
  • Easy to replace parts 
  • Safety from collisions 


  • earpieces are too thick for a visor clip to hold.

3. Kaliyadi Polarized Sunglasses

Kaliyadi Polarized Sun Glasses

If you prefer something on a budget, then Kaliyadi polarized sunglasses are the right ones for you to attend beach volleyball and other outdoor activities. 

You’ll also be amazed by its classic design and lightweight design. 

You can carry them as suitable fashion accessories as well as daily wear all through the year. 

If you don’t have a big head, and for this reason, some glasses don’t fit you well, these will do. And, you will like that the nosepiece is all one with the frame. 

Special Features 

  • Unparalleled polarized lens 
  • UV blocking technology 
  • Anti-glare 
  • High definition visual 
  • Nose pads 

Protect Your Eyes With Style

These polarized sunglasses will shield your eyes from the sun’s UV rays while also giving you a killer style upgrade. 

The rectangular shape of a frame is both timeless and indicative of current trends. KALIYADI glasses are designed to complement a wide range of clothing styles and draw attention to the wearer, whether dressed for work or play.

The KALIYADI polarized sunglasses are made with high-quality lenses that are able to block out UV rays at the UV400 level. 

You may go outside whenever you choose without worrying about UVB, UVA, or glare causing any harm to your eyes.

See The World In Its True Color 

These sunglasses provide clear vision and an accurate perception of color due to the coating’s neutral hue. 

Therefore, you may take pleasure in the sunglasses when doing anything outside, whether chauffeuring, fishing, or swimming. 

Visualize how wonderful it would be to have perfect vision and never have to worry about your eyes again.


  • Durable and lightweight 
  • Comfortable wearing experience 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Great in the sun with no glare 


  • They might be a bit tight around the temples for big-headed people. 

4. Kapvoe Polarized TR90 Sports Sunglasses 

 Kapvoe Polarized TR90 Sports Sunglasses

Do you have myopia? Or, you can clearly see close objects, but further away objects seem blurred to you. Is it so? 

Then, the Kapvoe TR90 Myopia frame is for you. 

Special Features 

  • 4- interchangeable lens 
  • UV400 protection 
  • 20 times more impact-resistance 
  • Myopia frame with rubber nose pad 
  • Non-slip lanyard 

I bought these sunglasses for my sister who is recently into playing volleyball. And, so, she needed sunglasses that would offer a degree of protection and coverage. 

Enjoy Your View 

Its high-definition polarized coatings on polycarbonate mirror lenses improve optical clarity, allow for color restoration, and drastically cut down on distracting reflections. 

You’ll get clearer, gentler views with less eye strain thanks to UV400 coating’s 99.99% protection from damaging UVB and UVA rays. 

Keep the sand out, the wind out, and the sun out of your eyes.

Outdoor Activity Is Fun 

Thrilling outdoor activities are still possible even if you have myopia, as these glasses come with a Myopia frame. 

You won’t need to install any tool. This frame fits in the sports sunglasses’ nose clip groove. 

Wearing Is Easy 

You can easily wear it on different nose bridges as these glasses come with two different hydrophilic rubber nose pad sizes. 

That means even when the nose pads are wet during exercise or playing, the glasses will remain stuck to the nose. 

So, you don’t have to worry about the glasses falling off when you’re during strenuous action. 


  • Multifunctional and great grip 
  • Gives UV rays protection 
  • Impact-resistance 
  • Ultralight clearness, elasticity, and stability 


  • Your ears might hurt after long use. 

5. BeaCool Polarized Women Sunglasses 

BeaCool Polarized Women Sunglasses

The BeaCool are sporty wraparound sunglasses with a less intense tint for those who don’t like dark shades. 

The hollow plastic arms and interchangeable rubber nose pads make these sunglasses comfortable to wear all day long. 

These glasses have a rimless bottom, making it much simpler to remove any residue that may have accumulated there. 

The frames and lenses come in a variety of colors, so you can choose a pair that complements the rest of your outdoor gear.

Special Features 

  • Shatterproof high-quality TAC material
  • REVO HD Colorful polarized lens 
  • Anti-slip rubber nose pad 
  • Scratch-resistant coating 

Unique Design 

It’s designed in such a way that even after wearing it for prolonged hours, you won’t feel any pain in your ear. 

The PC frame is suitable for volleyball playing and other outdoor activities. The rich colors of its lenses are a combination of fashion and sports. 

Great Lens Performance 

Its UV400 lens can completely block harmful UVB and UVA rays. And true color has been restored, all thanks to the REVO colorful lens. 

It protects your eyes while at the same time eliminating reflections and scattered light and making the view softer and clearer. 

Comfortable To Wear 

While you’re running, jumping, or making any move in your game, these glasses remain fit on your nose comfortably. 

Even when you’re sweating, these sunglasses don’t drop down. 


  • Lens and frames are unbreakable 
  • Snugly fits 
  • Lightweight and durable 
  • Improves visual clarity 


  • A Little small for a big face. 

6. Rawlings RY134 Youth Sunglasses 

Rawlings RY134 Youth Sunglasses

How can I not recommend anything for our little champs? That wouldn’t be fair. 

So, here I suggest the Rawlings RY134, which is designed for intense athletics.

Special Features 

  • Non-polarized 
  • Wraparound frame 
  • Hydrophobic and polycarbonate mirrored lenses 
  • UV Rays protection 


These mirrored glasses are designed to be the last thing on your mind when you’re in the middle of a game, thanks to their foldable, lightweight frame and rubber accents.


I recently bought one for my daughter. She plays a lot of sand volleyball, and they have been super durable! 

I would recommend that you have a smaller head. They aren’t tight and fit perfectly. You’ll get great quality at this price. 


  • Sweat-resistant and foldable 
  • Comfortable and flexible 
  • Durable 
  • Scratch-resistant lens 


  • It might get foggy in the humidity 

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of glasses do volleyball players wear?

Sunglasses that have a single, shield-shaped lens are popular among professional volleyball athletes because they provide excellent peripheral vision and eye protection. Know more about what to wear for beach volleyball.

What are the right lenses for beach volleyball?

Sunglasses with yellow or orange lenses are not recommended for beach volleyball. The sand’s subtle contrasts would be lost through these lenses, making them inappropriate for a day at the beach. Wearing lenses with a blue, green, gray, or red tint is thus recommended.

Why do beach volleyball players wear big sunglasses?

To shield their eyes from the sun’s glare, most beachside volleyball players wear shades. The sun’s rays may do significant long-term damage to the eyes.

Wrap Up

Whether you are a novice player or an experienced one, you will need the best sunglasses for beach volleyball. 

If you aren’t carrying a good quality pair of glasses, your eyes can be damaged because of UV rays. 

If you follow my guide, you can rightly choose the perfect one for your purpose. 

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