can you wear lacrosse cleats for baseball

Footwear Confusion: Lacrosse Cleats for Baseball Players

Footwear is a fundamental part of almost every sport. Choosing the right type of footwear can increase your performance level as well as give you the comfort that your athlete’s feet deserve. 

Now, if you are a baseball player, then how suitable would a pair of lacrosse for you? You may be used to wearing baseball cleats. However, can you wear lacrosse cleats for baseball?

If you want to bring some changes to your footwear selection, you can always try lacrosse cleats. Currently, you will find varied kinds of cleats with different functionality and pricing. 

But which ones are suitable for baseball? Let’s find out!

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In A Hurry?: Please Check The Quick Summary

Baseball and lacrosse cleats are specific types of shoes made to meet the unique needs of their respective games. 
Lacrosse cleats are made consisting of upper and molded cleats that work together to give grip, stability, and support on grass and turf fields. Baseball cleats have soles designed specifically for grass and dirt fields. These soles sometimes feature molded or metal studs for fast direction changes and straight-line running. Baseball and lacrosse cleat compatibility is influenced by the playing surface, individual preferences, the necessity for ankle support, and league rules compliance. On a dirt baseball field, lacrosse cleats might not give the appropriate traction and comfort, despite their potential to provide greater ankle support. 

Understanding Lacrosse Cleats

Lacrosse is typically a game played between teams using lacrosse sticks and lacrosse balls. Usually, this game is played on grass or turf. Therefore, specialized lacrosse cleats are needed when playing this game. 

Learn the difference between lacrosse and baseball here.

The game demands cleats in order to enhance individual performance levels. It also helps players to avoid injury or keep them from slipping while running. 

These cleats usually consist of plastic or metal spikes outside of their soles to bring traction in the field. The cleats are usually made of firm materials to give greater support to the foot and ankle. 

However, these shoes come in many variations. Depending on the need and usage, the functionality may vary. 

Typically, cleats are designed for playing on grass or turf. Turf shoes normally provide more flexibility and somehow weigh lighter and the spikes are also not overly exaggerated. 

You can also wear grass cleats on turf. Depending on the surface, it is always better to own each type of cleats. 

Before buying cleats, these are the things you might want to consider: 

  • The size of the cleat
  • The position you will be playing
  • Whether you are playing it indoors or outdoors
  • Budget you are very likely to spend on these shoes
  • Choose the types that best suit what you are looking for

Let’s talk about the materials of lacrosse shoes:


Synthetic leathers are the most commonly used material for lacrosse cleat uppers. The material used here not only is comfortable but also works as a great protection for its ankles. 


Polyurethane is also a commonly used material found in the lacrosse support plate. 

This material is hardened into plastic to give support under the player’s foot. 

Lacrosse player with a stick

Understanding Baseball Cleats

During baseball, players often have to perform a variety of movements. Those movements include sprinting, sliding, and quick direction change. Baseball shoe cleats are designed to support these activities with comfort. 

The design of baseball cleats includes metal studs best used for traction. These shoes are considered stable and strong due to their rigid sole which helps players run in the outfield.  

The top proportion of the cleat concentrates on durability and works as a shield for the ankle. Since baseball players often need protection from injury, baseball cleats are always on the rescue. 

In general, a combination of materials is used in the construction of baseball cleats to offer comfort, support, and durability to the players. 

The essential elements consist of:

  • Leather: Often used in the top section, leather provides exceptional resilience against abrasion and deterioration. Moreover, it offers a tight and comfortable fit.
  • Synthetic Materials: To strike a balance between performance and weight, synthetic materials are frequently used in contemporary cleats. They provide resistance to dampness and elasticity.
  • Rubber: Baseball cleats frequently have rubber on the outsole, which allows for rapid direction changes and grip on grass and dirt surfaces.

Key Difference: Lacrosse Cleats vs. Baseball Cleats

Both lacrosse cleats and baseball cleats are made for the extraordinary of each sport. While sharing some similarities, they also have some key differences. 

Let’s know and understand the key differences between these shoes in order to know how appropriate lacrosse cleats are for baseball. 

Stud Configurations

Lacrosse cleats normally feature a mixture of conical and bladed studs that function for multidirectional traction. 

The cleats are created for uneven grass and turf surfaces. These cleats enable players to shift directions and execute quick cuts while holding onto the baseball. 

Baseball cleats, on the contrary, are made from metal or rubber cleats organized in a straight line. Running, sprinting, and making quick shifts are made possible by this definitely crafted design. The configuration also maximizes better grip in grass and dirt.

Sole Design

Lacrosse soles generally provide more flexibility and facilitate fast movement and direction change. It also works best for dodging the opponents. While especially known for its quick responsiveness. 

On the other hand, baseball cleat soles are made out of leather. The rigid formation of the sole makes the lower part stiffer. 

Running is one of the major components of baseball. These stiffened cleats help the player to stay stable on their feet when sprinting to bases and fielding balls. 

Ankle Support

The construction of lacrosse cleats focuses on the prevention of ankle injury. Since, in lacrosse, the chance of getting injuries rates high, the cleats minimize the injury. 

In the case of baseball, it prioritizes protection when sliding. Plus they also offer ankle support. Baseball cleats have somewhat different ankle support since baseball players need to protect their ankles and feet when sliding into bases.

Lacrosse Cleats in Baseball: Can It Be an Alternative? 

The compatibility of lacrosse cleats in baseball depends on several major factors. The factors especially include the surface the game is played on, the personal choice, and the level of the play. 

Here, I am describing a few factors in detail: 

People are playing lacrosse

Comfort and Fit 

Some baseball players may find lacrosse cleats more comfortable than the ones they usually wear. While the other might skip the change and stick to their regular pairs. 

In each case, comfort and personal preference matter the most. Comfortable shoes will also help secure a better performance. Because no matter how skilled you are, if you buy or choose the wrong pair of cleats, it will deduct your proficiency. 

Traction of Various Surfaces 

The main issue with using lacrosse cleats in baseball is the variation in stud arrangements.

Baseball cleats are made for dirt and grass, whereas lacrosse cleats are built for grass and turf.

On a dirt baseball field, wearing lacrosse cleats may cause less grip, which makes it difficult to run, turn, or make quick cuts—all crucial baseball skills.

Reduction of Injury 

Lacrosse Cleats are made best for preventing ankle injury. It provides high protection to the ankle and acts to safeguard players from injury.

However, many baseball players might find these cleats unnecessary due to the nature of their sport and decide not to pick them up. While others, with an ankle injury history will find it beneficial. 

Regardless of the sport type, every player needs proper pieces of equipment and attire that will prevent them from causing harm. Lacrosse cleats could work best in that matter. 

Rules and Regulations 

In many organized national and international baseball leagues, there are often rules specified for the game. 

Before choosing lacrosse cleats for the play, consult with the league rules and make sure it is not out of their rule. In any case, if they disapprove of lacrosse cleats then you should use the cleats better for baseball. 

Some of the Best Lacrosse Cleats

At the beginning of this essay, I mentioned that there are different varieties of lacrosse cleats. 

I am leaving a list of some of the latest cleats of 2023: 

Under Armour Men’s Lacrosse ShoeNew Balance Men’s Lacrosse ShoeAdidas Men’s Adizero Football ShoeNiber Turf Cleats Reebok Men’s Lacrosse Shoe
1. Premium textile and synthetic materials.

2. Use a synthetic sole to provide more stability.

3. Lightweight woven top with TPU-coated threads.
1. Composed entirely of synthetic materials.

2. Outsole and rubber sole for added traction.

3. The cleats’ surface is free of sew-overlays.
1. Made with imported materials.

2. The synthetic sole and the outsole.

3. Low-top from the arch grip shaft.
1. Rubber-soled.

2. Lightweight and breathable.

3. Molded design and non-slip rubber outsole.

4. Asymmetric lacing mechanism.

5. Mesh inside The vest.
1. synthetic sole and 100% synthetic leather construction

2. An adjustable TPU ankle protector


In conclusion, it’s up to you if you want to switch your regular baseball cleats with the lacrosse ones. If you find it more comfortable and beneficial, you can obviously wear it in your play. 

Both of these cleats come with individual features that serve different purposes. First, make up your mind and detect what you need best for your game. Then select your shoe accordingly. 

Regardless of some dissimilarities, you can always choose lacrosse cleats as you wish. But also ensure you are not violating the rules if playing in a league.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Wear Baseball Cleats For Lacrosse?

Because baseball and lacrosse cleats differ in sole design and stud layout, it is not advised even if it is technically conceivable. Sport-specific cleats are the finest option for both safety and maximum performance.

What Distinguishes Baseball Cleats From Lacrosse Cleats?

Baseball cleats contain linear studs for dirt and grass fields, whereas lacrosse cleats have multidirectional studs that work well on grass and turf. This is the main difference between the two types of cleats. Their ankle support and sole flexibility are also different.

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