Do Baseball Players Wear Jockstraps Cups

Do Baseball Players Wear Jockstraps and Cups? (Yes and Here’s Why)

 Let’s just say it’s been a long and hard battle for guys to protect their private parts. (Always meant as a joke). 

However, do baseball players wear jockstraps? Generally, Every baseball player must wear a protective cup at all times. Baseball requires jostling and running. So players need to wear protective cups with compression shorts or jockstraps. Not all baseball players use jockstraps. In fact, some players, particularly those with sensitive skin, prefer compression shorts.

So, you may wonder whether always wearing a jockstrap during games is necessary. You will get the whole discussion today.

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Throwing, catching, hitting, and running all place significant physical demands on baseball players. As a result of being very physical, the game hurts muscles. This can also happen when balls moving fast toward players hit them.

Many baseball players wear athletic supporters during games, known as jockstraps. A jockstrap is a piece of athletic underwear. It’s designed to provide support and protection to the male genitalia.

For safety reasons, most of the baseball players use protective shields. This cup shields the most vulnerable part of the player’s body, helping to avoid injury.

What Is a Jockstrap?

Jockstraps were invented over 140 years ago to assist Boston. Later on, it was used for bicycle couriers in supporting their you-know-what’s on the city’s lumpy cobblestone roadways. From then, the jockstrap became a popular protective undergarment for sports.

A jockstrap supports and protects the male genitalia during sports. It consists of an elastic waistband and a front pouch holding a protective cup. Male players in contact sports, including baseball, football, and martial arts, use jockstraps.

The elastic waistband of a jockstrap is worn around the waist, providing a secure fit. A jockstrap is made of a light, airy material like mesh or a flexible material like modal. It is the best choice for drying and staying cool.

To keep the genitalia in place while moving, the front pouch is there for that purpose. The pouch may have an opening for ease of use. You can insert the protective cup into a pocket within the pouch. The cup acts as a shield, absorbing and distributing the force of impacts. Thus, it reduces the risk of injury to the testicles and surrounding areas.

Jockstraps are designed to provide a combination of support, comfort, and protection. It is worth noting that jockstraps are worn by men, as they are designed to accommodate male anatomy.

The Role of Protective Gear in Baseball 

Wearing a jockstrap with a cup is common among male athletes in various sports. Let us give you an idea of how impactful protective gear Jockstrap is.

Safety First

Because baseball is a hard sport, players can get hurt in the groin area. Accidents can happen from fast pitches and swinging bats to sliding into bases. Protective gear aims to cut the risk of injury and keep players safe during gameplay

Jockstraps: The Anatomy of Protection

Jockstraps are athletic supporters designed to provide support and shield the male genitalia. They consist of an elastic waistband and a pouch that holds a protective cup. The cup, made of hard plastic or metal, acts as a barrier against impacts or collisions. 

Preventing Trauma

The protective cup in a jockstrap helps distribute and absorb the force of impact. It acts as a cushioning layer, safeguarding the testicles and surrounding areas.

Benefits of Wearing Jockstraps In Baseball

Jockstraps protect you more than you think. Let’s give you some major points here.

Jockstraps can prevent injuries

The main purpose of a jockstrap is to provide support and protection to the male genitalia. Baseball involves high-speed pitches, swinging bats, sliding into bases, and other movements. All these can cause impact or injury to the groin area. Wearing a jockstrap with a protective cup helps reduce the risk of injury. It provides a layer of cushioning and support.

Provide Necessary Body Support for Baseball Players

Baseball players use jockstraps to have proper support as they play. They aid with stabilization on the field and lessen the risk of injury. Everyone from weekend warriors to professional athletes may enjoy wearing them. You should choose a jockstrap that fits you well and provides the necessary support.

Wearing a jockstrap may assist you in maintaining a more upright position. You need this support when engaging in physical activity. They help keep the knee and hip joints in the right place. Additionally, they distribute pressure across their legs. Thus jockstraps help keep players away from getting hurt during games.


Wearing a jockstrap can help players feel more comfortable during the game. The snug fit of a jockstrap keeps everything in place. It minimizes excessive movement of the genitalia. So, players don’t get distracted or feel uncomfortable during the game.

There isn’t much material on the back, which helps keep you cool and dry. It makes it easier for sweat to escape. Socks are a good choice for underwear that lets air flow. The absence of side fabric also frees up your legs for more motion.


The sense of protection and support brings confidence in the players on the field. They can focus on their performance without worrying about potential injuries or discomfort.

Do Professional Baseball Players Wear Jockstraps?

Baseball catchers

Yes, professional baseball players wear jockstraps for protection and support. Jockstraps are standard gear for athletes, including baseball players. 

They have an elastic waistband, straps to keep the cup in place, and a protective cup to safeguard the groin from injuries.

Because baseball involves fastballs and collisions, wearing a jockstrap with a cup is a preventive measure to reduce the chances of testicular harm. 

That’s why professional baseball players regularly wear jockstraps during games.

Do MLB Players Wear Jockstraps?

Yes, MLB players do wear jockstraps. Jockstraps, along with protective cups, are essential pieces of equipment that baseball players use to protect their groin area during games. 

It provides support and helps prevent any potential injuries that may occur due to impact or sudden movements. 

Since baseball involves running, sliding, and quick changes in direction, wearing a jockstrap provides added protection and ensures the safety of the players. 

Therefore, it is common (and somewhat mandatory) for MLB players to wear jockstraps as part of their protective gear.

Do Baseball Players Wear Cups?

Yes, baseball players wear cups for protection. Wearing a cup is a common practice among baseball players, especially catchers, who are at a higher risk of getting hit by a ball in the groin area. Cups provide essential protection and help prevent serious injuries. 

In addition to catchers, other infielders and outfielders also wear cups as a precautionary measure. 

The cup is typically worn inside a jockstrap or compression shorts to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. 

However, all players don’t require cups, but it’s always recommended for players of all levels to reduce the risk of testicular injury from blunt trauma.

Do High School Baseball Players Wear Cups?

Yes, high school baseball players typically wear cups for added protection during games. Wearing a cup provides an extra layer of safety and helps to minimize the risk of testicular injury from impacts or blunt trauma. It is common practice for both young and professional players to wear cups as part of their overall protective gear.

How to Wear a Protective Cup? (6 Simple Steps)

It’s crucial to wear a jockstrap for support and safety reasons. How to properly don a jockstrap, detailed:

Step 1: Put on the Jockstrap

Start by holding the jockstrap with both hands. Place the waistband at your waist level. The waistband should be centered on your body, with the front pouch facing forward.

Step 2: Insert One Leg Through the Leg Strap

Lift one leg and insert it through the leg strap on the same side. The leg strap should fit snugly around your upper thigh, below the groin area. Repeat this step for the other leg. Ensure that both leg straps are positioned.

Step 3: Adjust the Waistband

Once both legs are through the leg straps, adjust the waistband to fit securely around your waist. The waistband should sit on your hips, providing a snug but not overly tight fit. Make sure it is level and centered.

Step 4: Position the Pouch

Adjust the front pouch to position and support your genital area. The pouch should hold your genitals securely, preventing excessive movement during physical activity. Ensure that everything is situated within the pouch.

Step 5: Insert the Protective Cup (if applicable)

If your jockstrap includes a protective cup, insert it into the pocket or sleeve within the front pouch. The cup should cover and protect the testicles and surrounding areas. Make sure it is positioned and sits securely within the pouch.

Step 6: Check for Comfort and Fit

Once everything is in place, move around. Perform some light movements to ensure the jockstrap feels secure and comfortable. It should provide adequate support without causing any discomfort, pinching, or chafing.

You should always follow the manufacturer’s manual. Also, you should check your jockstrap often for signs of wear and tear. Change it if necessary to keep getting the best support and safety.

Tips for Wearing Jockstraps

It would be nice to have some professional tips for the jockstraps, right? While you look for jockstraps, keep these tips in mind:

Ensure a Proper Fit

Jockstraps should be tight. But not constricting, and they should allow for plenty of air circulation. You should refer to the sizing chart based on your waist measurement as a basic guideline. After that, it’s time to focus on cup size. It’s important to prevent sagginess while allowing enough ventilation for the boys. Tightening up too much might be a downer.

Clean similar colors together in cold water and dry on a low-heat setting

Do you want to prevent your jockstraps from wearing out prematurely? The same way momma always told ya: To extend the life of your jocks, wash them in cold water and dry them on a low heat setting. That’s how easy it is.

Maintenance of Jockstraps

Jockstraps, you need to take care of like any other item of clothing to ensure they last and perform well. This essay’s topic is how to clean and maintain your jockstrap properly.

  • You should pre-treat any marks or spots on your jockstrap before washing it.
  • Fabric softeners and bleach are bad for the garment’s elastic fibers, so don’t use them.
  • The elastic fibers might lose their elasticity and support if you use a dryer or another heat source on them.
  • Jockstraps should be kept in a cool, dry area when not in use.
  • Depending on how often they are used and how well they hold up, jockstraps should be thrown out after six months to a year.

Alternatives to Jockstraps

There are alternatives to jockstraps that provide support and protection during physical activities. Some common alternatives include:

Compression Shorts

Some baseball players opt for compression shorts that provide built-in support. These shorts have a snug fit and often include a pouch or panel for added protection. They may not offer the same level of impact resistance as jockstraps with cups. Still, they provide some degree of support and comfort.

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Sliding Shorts

Designed for sliding, these shorts feature extra padding in the hip and thigh areas. They do not provide direct groin protection like jockstraps. Yet they offer cushioning and reduce friction during sliding maneuvers.

Hybrid Options

Certain manufacturers have developed hybrid products. These items combine the features of jockstraps and compression shorts. The creative designs of these items include a pocket or sleeve in the compression shorts. It can hold a protected cup. providing the benefits of both types of gear.

Athletic Supporters without Cups

Some athletes prefer wearing athletic supporters without cups. Particularly in sports where the risk of direct impact to the groin is low. These supporters consist of an elastic waistband and a pouch but do not include a protective cup. They provide support and keep everything in place during physical activity.


In baseball, where safety and performance go hand in hand, the use of protective gear is crucial. Jockstraps are a staple for players to shield themselves from potential groin injuries. 

The combination of comfort and confidence of jockstraps makes them popular among players. Yet, alternative options such as compression shorts and sliding shorts offer viable alternatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Don’t Players Use Cups?

Sometimes baseball players don’t wear cups because they need to have a full range of motion. They’d be sluggish on the field because metal cups would restrict their mobility.

Do Female Baseball Players Wear Jockstraps?

No, jockstraps are designed for male anatomy. They are not suitable or necessary for female baseball players. Female athletes may opt for other forms of protective gear or compression shorts. Accessories that are designed for their needs.

Are Jockstraps Good for Your Health?

Jockstraps can help athletes with delicate skin or health issues like varicoceles. This gear supports them and reduces pressure while they work out. There isn’t much solid proof to back any major health benefits.

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