Do lacrosse players wear cups

Do Lacrosse Players Wear Cups? (Yes, Here’s Why)

While playing lacrosse, players often get injured because of the use of hardballs and sticks. That’s why they wear different protective gear. The protective cups are significant among all those gears. However, do lacrosse players wear cups in all the matches?

Essentially, lacrosse players, who are sincere about their safety, wear cups in most matches. These cups usually protect the private and sensitive areas of the players. 

Wearing loose cups is even mandatory in many leagues. But when it’s not mandatory, players often choose not to wear these cups. They avoid it mostly because they don’t have the right one or need to learn how to wear it properly.

However, if you are new and want to learn them all, we have got your back. Just keep reading, and you’ll learn everything about the lacrosse cups.

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Quick Summary

Lacrosse players often wear protective cups for safety. These cups shield the groin area from potential injuries caused by the fast-paced and physical nature of the sport. Still, some players avoid wearing it, especially because they bought the wrong product and found it uncomfortable

5 Reasons Lacrosse Players Wear Cups

The cup is a significant piece of protection gear for lacrosse players. The main reason why players wear the cups is to protect their private areas. In some leagues, wearing this gear is mandatory. 

However, let’s learn why lacrosse players wear cups in detail:

1. Protection of Private Areas

Lacrosse players generally wear cups to shield their private areas from sudden impacts in the game that can lead to severe injuries. 

It’s an unwritten rule in lacrosse to wear a cup, even if it’s not clearly mentioned in the rulebooks. This protection helps protect their body parts from injuries that could otherwise be quite painful.

2. Preventing Catastrophic Injuries

When players refuse to wear cups, they become much more vulnerable to serious catastrophic injuries. These injuries can be simple bruises but sometimes they can cause severe issues. Wearing a cup is a simple way to reduce the likelihood of such injuries and keep players on the field.

3. Preventing Position-based Injuries

Some positions in lacrosse, like goalies, are at a higher risk of getting hit by the ball in sensitive areas. Just the nature of their position put them into riskier situations. Goalies especially benefit from the added protection of a cup.

4. Mandatory in Some Leagues

In certain lacrosse leagues, it’s mandatory for all players to wear a cup. This requirement starts in youth leagues and continues through modified and high school levels. This rule ensures that all players, especially younger ones, are protected from potential harm.

5. Comfort with Proper Fit

While some players may initially find cups uncomfortable, choosing the right-sized cup and jockstrap ensures that it comfortably fits around the groin area and between the thighs. This proper fit helps with the quick movements and agility required in lacrosse. It lets them focus on their performance without discomfort.

Lacrosse players wear cups primarily for protection and safety. It’s an unspoken rule in the sport and mandatory in many leagues to prevent injuries. By wearing a properly fitted cup, players can play comfortably and confidently, knowing that they are reducing the risk of potentially serious injuries.

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Do the Average Lacrosse Players Wear Cups?

In lacrosse, wearing a protective cup is a common practice among players of all different levels. Although not mandatory in all the leagues, it’s highly recommended for safety and injury prevention. 

Some players often avoid it because of personal preferences or comfort, but it’s generally seen as a wise precaution to minimize the risk of harm. Indeed, most lacrosse players choose these protective cups in their games to safeguard themselves. 

In some leagues, it is mandatory to wear this cup while playing. Also, coaches and seniors often encourage players to use this gear so that they can be tension-free in the game. The use of a lacrosse cup mostly depends on players’ personal preferences if it’s not mandatory in their leagues. But in most cases, they do wear it.

How To Choose An Athletic Cup: 5 Simple Ways

For sure, selecting the appropriate athletic cup is essential for safeguarding your groin area in sports. If this gear is uncomfortable, you may not like to use it. You need to pay proper attention while buying the right lacrosse cups. 

Here are 5 tips you should follow in this case:

1. Determine Your Size

Athletic cups for Lacrosse or other sports come in various sizes. Make sure to choose the size that matches your waist comfortably. You can either use the brand’s sizing chart or measure your waist to find the suitable cup size.

Here is the general Lacrosse protective cup sizing chart:

SizeAge RangeWaist/Hip Measurement (in inches)
X-SMALLUnder 7Less than 20″
SMALL9 & Younger20″ – 24″
MEDIUM10 to 1424″ – 28″
LARGE15 & Younger28″ – 32″
X-LARGE15 & Older32″ and above
The table shows the lacrosse protective cup sizing chart.

You can simply measure your waist size and match it with your age to find the right cups. Besides, if you plan to buy it from a shop, you can try it to see if it’s the right one for you.

2. Choose the Right Shape and Design

Cups come in different shapes and designs. All offer the same protection when they fit well and cover your genitals properly. You should select a design that feels comfortable and offers the best protection for you.

3. Check for Movement

After selecting a cup, move around to check how well it stays in place. The cup and jockstrap should not move too much and should remain snug against your groin area while supporting your testicles.

4. Consider the Material

Athletic cups are made from various materials, and some of them offer better protection than others. You should look for cups made from lightweight materials that can provide excellent protection for your testicles. Many athletic cups include gel padding to prevent discomfort. You can try them too.

5. Avoid Cheap Options

It’s best to steer clear of inexpensive groin cups, as they are often poorly designed and made from low-quality materials. They may not fit properly and could compromise your protection. You should definitely invest in a quality athletic cup as it’s a matter of safety.

So, selecting the right athletic cup is important for groin protection in Lacrosse. Following the mentioned tips, you probably find the right one easily. Here, you should go for a branded one as most popular brands have promising quality.

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How To Wear A Cup? (Easy Steps)

Besides, choosing the right cups and wearing them in the appropriate way is essential. But many young players don’t know exactly how they can wear it. Sometimes, they feel shy about asking seniors to teach them how to wear it.

However, if you don’t have any idea how to wear a lacrosse cup, follow these steps to ensure it’s done right:

  • Start with a jockstrap: Put on a jockstrap that fits snugly around your waist and legs. It’s a special undergarment to keep the cup in place.
  • Insert the cup: Put the cup in the front pocket of the jockstrap. Make sure it covers your whole private area properly.
  • Adjust it properly: Now, adjust the cup so that it sits comfortably and in the middle. It should stay close to your body without moving.
  • Check mobility: Move around to ensure the cup and jockstrap don’t hinder your movements while playing. The cup should stay secure and offer support for your testicles.

Wearing a lacrosse protective cup is mandatory in many leagues. So, you should learn how to wear it properly in any case, you need to wear it in an emergency. 

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, you have found your answer to whether lacrosse players wear cups or not. Also, you have to learn how to choose and wear this cup properly.

Remember, wearing this cup is necessary for safety purposes. That’s why you should never compromise with this fact, especially when choosing the right one. Besides, if you can’t wear it properly, it can cause discomfort.

In the beginning, you might not feel comfortable even if you wear it properly. Just practice wearing it for a few days and soon, you’ll get it done.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Different Types of Lacrosse Cups Available?

Yes, there are different types and styles of lacrosse cups to choose from. You can find traditional cups, youth cups, hybrid cups, gen cups, soft cups, etc. on the market. Here, all the cups are the same to provide protection but they have different designs and appearances. 

Can a lacrosse cup be uncomfortable to wear?

Yes, sometimes, a lacrosse cup is uncomfortable to use. It usually happens when the player chooses the wrong cup or wears it in the wrong way. That’s why choosing the right size and type is essential to improve comfort and protection.

Are there any alternatives to wearing a Cup in lacrosse?

Initially, cups are the most common choice for groin protection. Still, some players can use compression shorts or padded shorts for added comfort and protection. But these alternatives can’t provide complete protection like the Lacrosse cups.

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