How Long Does A Lacrosse Game Last

How Long Does A Lacrosse Game Last? (By League) 

When you’re stepping into the exciting world of lacrosse, one question that might naturally pop into your mind is, “How long does a lacrosse game last?” Well, it’s a common curiosity as you get ready to dive into the action. 

Lacrosse games are known for their electrifying pace and thrilling moments. However, every game comes with a fixed time. The duration of lacrosse games isn’t the same for everyone. It can vary based on the levels, the specific rules in effect, and whether it’s a men’s or women’s match. 

Let’s explore the factors influencing the duration of a lacrosse game and find out how long a lacrosse game lasts. 

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Understanding Lacrosse Game Length and Time Rules

A standard lacrosse game typically lasts for 60 to 90 minutes, depending on various factors. So, let’s unravel the mysteries of lacrosse game length and the rules that govern this dynamic sport. 

How long are lacrosse quarters?

In a lacrosse game, the length of the quarters varies depending on the level of play. Here’s a breakdown of the quarter length at different levels:

Level Number of QuartersQuarter Length
Professional Lacrosse415 minutes
Premier Lacrosse League (PLL)412 minutes
National Lacrosse League (NLL)415 minutes
Major Lacrosse League (MLL)415 minutes
College Lacrosse415 minutes
High School Lacrosse412 minutes
Youth Lacrosse48 minutes
Women’s League415 minutes
Lacrosse Quarter Duration By League Type

How Long Is Lacrosse Halftime?

Halftime in lacrosse is like that little breather you take in the middle of a game. It happens after the second quarter. But don’t get too comfortable; it’s only about 10 minutes long

During this time, teams stay in their designated areas and aren’t allowed to get coaching or strategies from the sidelines. It’s a quick break to catch your breath and maybe have a sip of water before diving back into the action.

How Long Are Lacrosse Timeouts?

In lacrosse, timeouts are a crucial aspect of lacrosse, providing a moment for coaches and players to regroup, strategize, and take a breather. 

They can help change the momentum of the game, make tactical adjustments, and offer some respite for the players. It’s like a quick team huddle. 

Let’s take a closer look at how timeouts work in different lacrosse leagues:

LeagueNumber of TimeoutsTimeout Duration
High School Two per half 2 minutes
NCAA Or National Collegiate Athletic AssociationTwo per half2 minutes
PLL Or Professional Lacrosse LeagueThree Per game 1 minute
NLL Or National Lacrosse LeagueOne Per Half45 seconds
Lacrosse Timeout Duration by League Type

Overtime Rules in Lacrosse Games

Now, what happens when a game ends in a tie? That’s when overtime kicks in. In lacrosse, if the score is tied at the end of regulation, the game goes into an overtime period. 

For instance:

  • In PLL, overtime periods may last an extra 12 minutes. 
  • In NLL, it may extend for 15 minutes, including a two-minute stoppage. 
  • In high school and collegiate lacrosse, overtime periods might be four minutes long. 

When Do Clock-Stopping Moments Occur? 

In lacrosse, clock-stopping moments in lacrosse occur during specific situations to maintain fairness, ensure player safety, and add dramatic tension to the game. 

These moments include:

  • When a team scores, the game clock stops momentarily. 
  • When a player commits a foul and is sent to the penalty box, the clock stops. 
  • If a player gets injured, referees may halt the game. The clock remains paused until the injured player is ready to continue or is substituted. 
  • During timeouts, the clock stops for a specific duration that varies based on the league’s rules. 
  • When the ball goes out of bounds or a player steps out of bounds, the game clock stops until the ball is put back in play. 

Length of Lacrosse Games at Different Levels

Now that we’ve explored the concept of lacrosse game length and its various rules, let’s break down the specific duration of games at different levels of play. From professional leagues to youth competitions, the length of lacrosse games can vary significantly. 

To help you grasp this, here’s a straightforward table summarizing the game length: 

LevelGame Length
Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) 48 minutes 
National Lacrosse League (NLL)60 minutes
Major Lacrosse League (MLL) 60 minutes
Collegiate Lacrosse60 minutes
High School Lacrosse48 minutes
Women’s Lacrosse League60 minutes
Youth Lacrosse32 minutes 
Lacrosse game time length

Now, let’s dive into the details.

How Long Do Professional Lacrosse Games Last?

Professional lacrosse games are where the best players showcase their skills. Two major leagues in the professional arena are:

  • Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) 
  • National Lacrosse League (NLL)

Premier Lacrosse League (PLL)

PLL games are 48 minutes long, divided into four 12-minute quarters. However, if a game is tied at the end of regulation, additional overtime periods can be played. 

For instance, if a PLL game goes into overtime, the total time can extend to 60 minutes. This added period keeps fans on the edge of their seats as teams battle to secure a victory. 

National Lacrosse League (NLL)

NLL games, on the other hand, are slightly longer, with a total game time of 60 minutes. Like the PLL, NLL games are also divided into four quarters, but each quarter lasts 15 minutes

But, if an NLL game needs 15 minutes of overtime, the total game time could extend to 75 minutes. This extended period offers additional opportunities for teams to clinch a win. 

How Long Do College Lacrosse Games Last?

College lacrosse games consist of four quarters, each lasting 15 minutes. They also have two-minute breaks between quarters and a 10-minute halftime

Now, when it comes to overtime, things get interesting. In the event of a tie at the end of regulation, collegiate lacrosse games can extend to overtime. Each overtime period lasts four minutes, and the first team to score during one of these overtime periods secures the victory.  

So, in college lacrosse, the game could be 60 minutes in regular time. If they need one overtime, it’s 64 minutes, and if it’s a double-overtime thriller, you’re looking at 68 minutes. That’s how it can go for 60 to 90 minutes. 

How Long Does the High School Lacrosse League Last?

In high school lacrosse, games are usually divided into 4 quarters, typically lasting 12 minutes each. That’s 48 minutes in regular time. But if your high school opts for 15-minute quarters, time will extend to 60 minutes. 

Plus, adding 4 minutes to each overtime would potentially extend the game to 75 to 90 minutes.

How Long Do Women’s Lacrosse League Last?

Women’s lacrosse games follow a different format. In women’s college lacrosse, the game consists of two halves, each lasting 30 minutes, for a total of 60 minutes. If the game ends in a tie, overtime comes into play. 

In women’s lacrosse, overtime periods are 6 minutes long, split into two halves of 3 minutes each. On the other hand, in women’s high school lacrosse, the game is a bit shorter. It’s played in two halves, each lasting 25 minutes summing up to a 50-minute game

Women’s lacrosse typically lasts 60 to 90 minutes, including breaks. 

How  Long Does Youth Lacrosse League Last?

Youth lacrosse has 4 quarters, each lasting 8 minutes. In between, there are 2-minute breaks after the second and fourth quarters and 10-minute halftime to catch their breath. 

Now, if you’re wondering about timeouts, they’ve got 4 minutes in total to strategize during the game. Overtime periods, if needed, are typically 4 minutes each. 

So, in youth lacrosse, the game could run around 32 to 50 minutes in total, depending on quarter length and whether they go into overtime. It’s a bit shorter than the grown-up versions but just as thrilling for the young players. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the duration of a lacrosse game varies based on factors like the level of play or overtime periods. 

Whether it’s the high-speed action of professional leagues, or the excitement of college games, or the youth’s growing enthusiasm, each level brings its own time length.

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