How To Clean Basketball Shoes

How to Clean Basketball Shoes Like a Pro?

You’ve certainly pondered, at some point, how to clean basketball shoes, whether you’re a sneakerhead or just a lover of the sport.

Today, we’ll walk you through the most effective ways to restore the original condition of your favorite pair of basketball shoes.

This is crucial since dirt that accumulates on your athletic footwear could reduce their grip, causing you to slide over the court and perhaps injure yourself.

Outsole Patterns That Are The Simplest to Clean

It’s a pain to have to keep cleaning your shoes over and over again. These techniques will only be effective if the soles of your shoes are sufficiently sticky, which unfortunately isn’t always the case.

We wanted you to keep these two things in mind so you always have solid traction, whether you’re playing on an indoor or outdoor court.

  • Get some basketball shoes with an outsole made of a strong rubber composition. They can withstand the heat of a hot day on the court without melting or fusing. You should limit the use of soft rubber-grooved shoes to indoor basketball courts. The only way to keep their grip for longer is to do this.
  • The outsole’s traction pattern is crucial. Dust will soon gather in the tight spaces between the designs, making cleaning them a hassle. Invest in a pair of shoes with deep grooves and plenty of room in them. That makes it simple to clean and preserve the hold.

You will require:

  • Mild soap
  • Dish soap 
  • Baking Soda 
  • Leather conditioner 
  • White Vinegar
  • Large bowl
  • Soft clean cloth
  • Towel
  • Toothbrush or Soft-bristled Brush
  • Shoe Brush 
  • Suede Brush 
  • Old Newspaper 

How to Clean Basketball Shoes: Easy & Effective Method?

Cleaning shoes on a regular basis can keep them smelling and looking fresh. A little catch: not all shoes are constructed from the same material. 

Do not be concerned, as we will cover all the materials in our discussion. 

Step 1

First, clean the stones and other dirt from the bottoms of your shoes.

Use a clean, soft-bristled, and dry shoe brush to clean the outside sole, midsole, and upper sole of your shoes. 

There isn’t a brush for your shoes? Sure, no sweat. A spare toothbrush in good condition would do.

Step 2

Make a soft cleaning mixture of warm water and mild soap. You can add a touch of baking soda to it. It will help you to clean the white laces. 

If you want to use dish soap or laundry detergent for making the cleaning solution, apply a small amount of it into warm water. 

Use care and dilute dish soap well with water before washing dishes. Using dish soap with a high concentration might discolor or remove the material’s natural oils.

Step 3 

Take off your shoelaces and dip them into the gentle cleaner. Rub your hands together to loosen the knots in the laces, then rinse and pat dry.

Also, to clean your shoes, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and add some shoe cleaning to a basin of warm water.

Step 4 

Use a toothbrush, towel, or brush with soft bristles to apply the gentle cleaning solution. 

Spend some time cleaning the outsole and the midsole so that they are spotless. Use a gentle towel to dry it.

To clean the insoles, take them out of the shoes and soak them in the solution, then let them dry completely before replacing them.

Step 5 

Clean the uppers with a gentle solution with a soft-bristled brush, toothbrush, or moist cloth. Use a soft bristle brush so as not to tear the fabric.

When you’ve achieved the desired effect, dry the surface with a microfiber towel or other soft cloth to remove as much of the soapy liquid and grime as possible. 

If required, try again. Drying your shoes without rubbing them may help preserve their fabric and prevent the spread of any leftover dirt.

Step 6 

Let the shoe air-dry in a cool, dry place. Before putting shoes back on for another exercise or activity, make sure they are thoroughly dry. 

It usually takes a minimum of 8 hours for shoes to dry completely after being washed.

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Distinctive Care Required for Variable Materials

If you want your basketball shoes to look their best, follow these guidelines for cleaning. 

However, keep in mind that certain materials and textiles may need more special care. 

Here’s some information on how to clean different basketball shoe materials.

1. Leather Basketball Shoes 

It’s crucial to keep your leather shoes clean since they stain readily. 

If the discoloration persists after applying the dry brush and gentle dish soap, try using an eraser designed for home cleaning or leather conditioner. 

It’s important to take care while cleaning the shoes so as not to scratch the leather.

2. Suede Basketball Shoes 

Cleaning suede is a herculean task. If your suede shoes have scuffs, smudges, dirt, or stains, it’s time to clean them. Get the task done with the help of these expert tips and unique equipment recommendations.

Remove dust and dirt from the suede using a suede brush or cloth, working with the grain of the material rather than against it.

Any scuffs or scratches on the upper may be cleaned up with a pencil eraser or suede rubber.

Moreover, to remove stubborn spots, use white vinegar on a cloth and scrape the stain from the fabric in opposite directions to remove it.

3. Knitted Basketball Shoes 

Make a gentle, soapy water solution using non-chemical soap for washing knit or mesh basketball shoes. 

Avoid using bleach or other abrasive cleaners, as they may cause irreparable damage to the surface.

Shoe brushes and clean toothbrushes work well for applying the solution and rubbing it in along the knit’s direction. Soap residue may be removed with a damp towel; repeat as required. 

Don’t dry them in the dryer since the high heat might warp the soles.

4. Canvas Basketball Shoes 

Although canvas is seldom utilized for basketball shoe construction, it was employed to create the legendary Converse All-Stars of the 1980s.

Unlike suede, cotton canvas requires essentially the same cleaning method as leather and synthetics, making it a more convenient option.

However, due to the canvas’s slow drying time, we advise using less water than usual for cleaning.

Cleaning White Basketball Shoes

A paste made from a combination of water and baking soda may be used to clean white and other light-colored shoes.

Give the paste ten minutes to do its thing, then wash it off with cold water.

Use a little detergent and water to remove any crusted dirt or dust from your white basketball sneakers. If you want your shoes to look their best after washing, give them a good rinse.

If you need to clean them, use aggressive detergents or scrubbing agents, but be cautious not to harm the leather top. 

Before dirt and stains set into the leather of your shoes, polish them away with a soft cloth.

Cleaning White Mesh Basketball Sneakers

Use a toothpaste wipe to sanitize your white mesh shoes. Use a moist towel for a light scrub. 

The shoes are clean of dirt and debris. Shoes should be completely dry before being worn again.

You should routinely clean your white mesh shoes to maintain their finest appearance.

Can Bleach Be Used to Clean White Basketball Shoes?

Bleach should be used to clean white shoes, and you should let your white basketball shoes soak in the solution for a couple of hours. 

After soaking, only rinsing and air-drying the footwear overnight are required. Bleach is a strong chemical, so handle it with caution.

Wash the shoes as you normally would, being careful not to ruin the material. Use extreme care with bleach since it may cause significant damage if handled incorrectly.

How To Clean Basketball Shoes: Additional Proven Ways

Clean basketball shoes

There are a few different approaches to cleaning outsoles made of rubber or transparent material. 

Basketball shoe dust may be easily removed with the use of a damp cloth, water, grip gel, toothbrush, adhesive cleaning mat, Vaseline, hair spray, or any other similar substance. 

All of the preceding techniques are excellent for getting back to where you were previously. 

However, make sure your shoes have a non-slip outsole. Those with less room between the rubber loops collect more dirt and filth than others.

Try these solutions if you find that the outsole of your shoes often becomes slick. Learn about the many methods for cleaning basketball shoes, and choose the one that suits you the most.

1. Clean the Floors

It’s the tried-and-true method for keeping the traction on basketball sneakers. Cleaning an indoor basketball pitch by mopping its wooden or acrylic surface is a reliable approach.

All the dust that is in people’s shoes can be swept up with a standard mop. 

Indoor courts are often far more sanitary than their outdoor counterparts. 

However, if you play on a court that isn’t cleaned every day, you’ll soon run into the issue of your shoes sliding about because of the slick surface. 

There may be no visual evidence of dust, yet it is always there. You should keep the court clean so that no one slips on the floor.

2. Apply Sticky Mat

The non-slip sticky mat may also be used as a quick and easy method for cleaning dirty basketball sneakers. Leave your basketball shoes on the floor mat and give them a good rubbing. 

In a basketball game, when there isn’t much time for players to take off their shoes and wipe the outsoles thoroughly, this will be a lifesaver. The dust may easily be removed by using the sticky mat. 

3. Utilize Fluids Like Water, Saliva, and Sweat

In numerous games, you may have seen players rubbing their hands on the bottom of their shoes. You got it correctly. 

To prevent their shoes from slipping, they wipe the outside with a sweaty hand, which also helps to loosen any dust that may be embedded there. 

You might also use a moist cloth to swiftly clean the dirt and debris from the sole.

A similar effect may be achieved with only a little water. Several athletes have been seen rubbing their outsoles with their saliva-covered palms. It may not seem pretty, but it cleans up well after itself.

You may use these methods to remove dirt and debris from your shoes swiftly.

What Next?

So, now you know all about how to clean basketball shoes. 

If the above-mentioned basketball shoe cleaning instructions don’t improve their appearance, you may need to get a new pair. 
For instance, athletic footwear needs to be changed every 300–500 kilometers.

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