How To Put A Basketball Net On A Hoop

How to Put a Basketball Net on a Hoop – Guidelines for You!

Are you a keen shooter who consistently gets only the net?

Then your regular nylon net could start to wear out sooner than you’d want. 

However, the net on your outdoor hoop, even if it’s of the more robust rope kind like those used in the NBA and NCAA, will wear out eventually.

I personally have experienced such situations as playing basketball without a net. 

To be honest, I missed the swish sound so badly!

The extra feeling of the game was missing, and I don’t want you to go through the same situation. 

So, I am here to catch you up on how to put a basketball net on a hoop. 

Let me tell you, It’s not rocket science. 

There are hooks in the hoop, and you have to place the net on those hooks technically. Even if there’s no hook, I will show you how to put the net on the hoop without a hook.

There are more. Let’s start now! 

Preparing Basketball Hoop

Before I jump into the process of installing the basketball net, let’s find out how much net you would need to buy. 

How High is It, Including the Base and the Rim?

Find the level ground, and then deduct the height of the rim you want your hoop to have. Remembering this number will make converting it into centimeters or inches for calculating netting needs much more superficial.

Take readings around the outside of the hoop, as well as in the center area where the net will rest. 

When looking for a new net, keep these dimensions in mind: Both the 48-inch and 52-inch diameter hoops should be accommodated by the 45-inch net, while the 54-inch net is designed for the wider hoop.

Consider making any necessary modifications (such as cutting) to the hardware before beginning the installation.

To determine what size hoop you need, measure the distance from the floor to the top of the rim. 

Find or create a frame to meet this size, and then attach the hoops using the included screws.

Invest in or Construct a Hoop-Sized Frame

Take a measurement from the floor to the peak of the net to determine the appropriate frame height. Get or construct a case that will hold your hoop securely and measure at least this height.

If you want visitors to enter your home without knocking over items or getting entangled in netting, you’ll need to ensure adequate headroom above the entrance. 

To secure it after installation, you’ll need to pick either some screws or zip ties.

A Basketball Game, Complete With A Scoreboard

A basketball hoop, whether it be for indoor or outdoor use, is the most convenient method for hanging a net. 

You may make the game more challenging by investing in a scoreboard to keep track of your team’s statistics.

Step-by-step Guide For All!

It’s important to know how to rest your basketball net in order to keep the hoop and court in top shape. Wear and strain, as well as the elements, may damage the net to the point where it must be replaced.

Tools You’ll Need While Installing a Basketball Net

  • Ladder 
  • Scissor if using a polyester or nylon net, and to tighten a chain net’s rim coils, you’ll need a plier. 
  • If there are no hooks, only holes in your basketball, apply a rope for mounting the loops.
  • If installing the basketball net without a hoop, you would need a helper, as it’s tricky to pull the rope on the holes with the loops across the rim. 

Simplified Steps on How to Put a Basketball Net on a Hoop


If your hoop is adjustable, you should probably put it as close to the ground as it will go. 

Please make sure it’s securely fastened after you’ve lowered it. 

If it extends down enough, you may not even need a ladder, although having one around is always helpful. Place the base of your ladder just beneath the front edge of the rim.

Put the net down on a level surface once you’ve removed it from its box. Place the net so that the bigger loops face outward and the smaller loops face inside to create a circle.


Remove the old net’s loops from the rim’s hooks. And put the net down on a level surface once you’ve removed it from its box. Place the net so that the bigger loops face outward and the smaller loops front inside to create a circle.

One of the long loops should be utilized for lifting up the net and holding it vertically. This will make things easier overall.


The new net has to be set up right now. 

The hooks get the bigger part of the net. Get a hold of a loop and thread it onto the rim’s hook. 

Spread the hook’s tail end over the coil by dragging the loop down. Apply the same method to the remaining iterations. 


After the loops have been attached, the net bottom may be pulled. This process eliminates any creases and firmly attaches the loops’ endpoints to the rim coils. 


Clean up your workspace, put away the ladder, and get ready to demonstrate your skills.

How to Install the Basketball Net Without Hook?

How To Install The Basketball Net Without Hook?

A new net is needed if you want to do some target practice. 

Don’t worry; these instructions will show you how to set up the basketball net on a hoop that doesn’t have any hooks, for instance, just holes. 


Place the ladder beneath the hoop at a working height, making sure both feet are firmly placed on the ground to prevent any shakiness. 

Have your assistant keep the ladder from falling over.


Get up higher where it’s more secure, and you can unwind more easily. 

To remove the old net, have your assistant offer you the scissors, and then cut all of the loops from its rim holes before taking out the remaining portions. 


When the basket is emptied, have your assistant bring you a fresh net. The part of the net with the bigger diameter will go on top of the hoop, while the part with the smaller diameter will go to the bottom. 

You may attach the new net to the ring in one of three ways:

  1. Knot method 

To achieve this, insert a loop into the inside of the hoop and then draw it down through the rim. Turn the loop inside out to provide room for a cross-over pull. 

  1. Thread method 

A rope is passed around the hoop such that both ends pass through the hole at once. Getting the net loops inside and out of the hoop holes may need some assistance. 

  1. Cut-and-tie method 

Remove the knots from the longer portion of the net and thread it through the openings. Make sure the net is securely tied at both ends. Since the tape solution loses its stickiness rapidly in the elements, I suggest not using it to secure our net to the rim. 

Installing A Chain Basketball Net On A Hoop 

Generally, basketball nets are made of polyester and nylon, and players in professional leagues such as the NBA opt for polyester nets. 

However, regarding outdoor play, chain nets are unbeatable. 

They are designed to work with any set of wheels and last far longer than their competitors. You don’t need to be a pro to set up a basketball chain net. 

Just follow these simple instructions, and you’ll be ready to play in minutes. 


There are 12 loops on a chain net that goes around a hoop that’s 18 inches (46 cm) in diameter. The hooks of the rim will be used to secure the larger diameter of the net. 


Slide the o-ring onto the hook and lower the ladder under the rim. Repeat this technique with the remaining loops until they are all attached to the hoop’s hooks. To keep the loops from coming undone, secure the rim coils with a plier. 


Test the stability of the net with a few practice strokes. 

Common Issues

  1. The use of the ladder 

To replace a basketball net, you’ll need to climb a tall ladder. 

However, often, some of us face that there is no ladder at home at the time of installing the net. So, you must be sure of having a ladder ready when needed. 

Furthermore, you must use the ladder with extreme caution and never, ever stand on its highest rung. If you can, have someone else hold the ladder as you climb up.

  1. Tough to pull out the old net 

You might find pulling out the old net’s loops from the rim’s hook tight. 

Take the help of scissors to make the work easier. 

Remove the remaining sections of the net from the rim hooks by cutting each loop carefully.

  1. Confused about which net side should be attached to the rim 

To begin securing the net to the rim, have your assistant pass you the net. If you don’t know where to fasten the net. 

Check it out online. The tip with the larger loops should be used to secure the strap to the wheel’s edge.

Frequently Asked Questions

In a basketball rim, what amount of net hooks are there?

A standard basketball rim has six hooks for the net. These metal supports keep the net in place while the game is in progress.

Can You Trust a Chain Basketball Net?

Using a chain basketball net is a safe option. There are, however, certain safety measures you should follow before utilizing them: Before starting a game, check to see that the net is correctly set up and tightened.

How Big is the NBA’s net?

In the NBA, baskets are protected by a net. A huge, rectangular frame is placed on the ground to catch the ball mid-shot. 
The Spalding On-Court NBA Net ensures that the ball never leaves the court and makes for a secure court environment.
The propylene tips provide durability to the already sturdy polyester construction. The net is available in 30 distinct NBA stadiums, making it widely available. 
It is also widely available at local sports shops and on the internet.

What’s the best spot for a basketball hoop?

Whether you choose to set up your hoop in your backyard or driveway, you’ll need a good amount of space to play in so that you can make jump shots from the center and both sides.
You shouldn’t set it somewhere so cramped that you can only make easy, mid-range shots. I wouldn’t recommend doing it.

How high is an NBA net?

The standard height for basketball goals in fitness centers, parks, and playgrounds around the globe is 10 feet (3 meters). Younger children’s leagues may use lower rims, but everyone from high schoolers to pros uses the standard 10-foot rim.

Final Thoughts

Having a basketball net attached to the hoop is necessary for being able to take pleasure in playing the game. Choose a net that is both durable and visually appealing for your basketball hoop. 

Hopefully, you found this guide on how to put a basketball net on a hoop helpful. Just make sure you purchase the right size hoop to attach the net, and you follow the methods accordingly.

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