Is A Softball Heavier Than A Baseball Explore The Differences

Is a Softball Heavier Than a Baseball?- Explore the Differences

Is a softball heavier than a baseball? Apparently, a softball might seem bigger in size than a baseball. This automatically declares that the former one must be heavier

However, these two kinds of balls do not carry much difference. If you are a sports enthusiast, this is very normal to wonder about the weight differences between these two. 

In this article, we will have an in-depth discussion on this very question. We will talk about the respective details of each type of ball.

The matter itself could look trivial. But having a proper idea about the differences is necessary. It can impact the game, the player, also the gaming strategy in many ways.

You are more likely to appreciate the game outcome when you know how a slight ounce of change can impact the entire sport. Now, without any delay, let’s jump into the discussion. 

Know The Basics: Baseball And Softball

Let’s kick off with the basics of softball and baseball.



Softball was first invented in 1887 in Chicago by George Hancock. It is a worldwide popular game best played for recreation. It’s a bat and ball rooted game and demands very small space compared to the other kind of games.

As we just mentioned, it needs a smaller field. Also, this game could be played with a team consisting of seven to nine players. 

Softball players use a larger ball to hit the ball and score. It is a fast-paced game. Typically the ball in this game is thrown with less velocity and a larger amount of circumference. 

Interested to learn more? Find out how you can improve your softball skills.



Baseball is America’s one of the top most played games. To play this game, you will need a larger field and nine players consisting of each team.

In New York in 1839, a man named Abner Doubleday invented baseball. He named this game Baseball and also created the diamond indicator’s position. 

Abner Doubleday established the basic baseball rules. Over the years since 1839, though there have been many significant changes in the game. But the basic rules are still the same. 

If you are someone who has never tried any of these games in your life before, here is the basic equipment you will need while playing these games. Though both of them need some basic things like gloves, gear, and a bat, their size varies according to the needs of the game. 

For example, softball bats are typically shorter in size and baseball bats are comparatively larger. To add more, gloves come in different shapes and designs too. Softballs need the type of gloves that appear softer and are larger in size. 

Lastly, both players of the games wear safety gear like helmets and shin guards to protect themselves from injury. If you are a starter, make sure you have the necessary equipment before you begin with your gameplay. 

Weight Comparison: Which One Weighs More? 

Let’s get started with learning the weights of each ball.

Softball Weights

The weight of your softball will vary depending on a few factors. For instance, high school or college students use softball that weighs between 6 to 7 ounces. 

Slow-pitched games always use a softball that weighs 8 to 16 ounces. So it’s really not possible to determine the exact value since it depends on many variables.

On the contrary, in fast-pitch softball, the official standard weight of softball is around 6.25 ounces( Approximately 177 gms). These softballs have a circumference of around 11 to 12 inches. 

Baseball Weights

Unlike softball, the official standard weight of baseball is the same around the world for each type of league. MLB declared standard baseball weighs 5 ounces which are approximately 142 grams

In the case of circumference, it is around 9 inches in most baseball games. It is essential for the integrity and consistency of baseball that all leagues use the same weight since this enables pitchers to throw precisely and hitters to judge their swings with accuracy.

You can find out the differences between softball bats and baseball bats here as well.

What Causes The Weight Difference For Softball? 

The weight of a softball can vary due to the discussed reasons above. But in the case of baseball, it remains the same no matter which league or tournament player you are. From children to elderly people, from beginners to professionals, baseball weighs the same officially announced weight for every type of game. 

While there are variations of weights of each type of softball. These utterly depend on many factors such as league rules or organizational rules. 

  • Youth Leagues: The Youth League participants are usually children. To guarantee their safety and easy accessibility to the game, the league may use a softball weighing a little less than the standard weight. 
  • International Play: Depending on the international governing body, they may bring slight changes in the weight due to their varied circumstances. So in this regard, you are most likely to notice weight differences.
  • Co-ed Leagues: This league wants to ensure every single player from different genders can play the game comfortably. The softball weight changes according to the necessity of each kind of team consisting of different levels of players. 
  • Specialty Leagues: Some specialty leagues and tournaments can offer lighter softballs to help accommodate the older players. As it helps to deduct or reduce the extra effort of an older player and create a smoother mobility for them. 

Factors that Influence Weight 

Let’s delve into the factors that influence the weight of both softball and baseball. We are mentioning two major factors here:

1. Material Used in Making

The materials that the manufacturing companies use in making softball and baseball impact their weight. Generally, manufacturers use cork, rubber, or Polyurethane to create a core for softball. Later on, synthetic materials are used for the cover. 

On the contrary, when making a baseball, it is often constructed with a soft rubber core or solid cork covered in synthetic leather. 

Throughout the years, the advancement of technology has brought many changes to the manufacturing system. It has allowed the ball to alter weight while adjusting with durability. 

2. Size and Circumference 

As we already know, the weight of a baseball is fixed. Here, the softball weight changes depending on varying factors.

The larger the size of a softball, the heavier it tends to be. The softball’s increased circumference and volume necessitate the use of extra materials during production, which raises the object’s total weight.

In contrast, because of their lower circumference, most of the baseballs are lighter and smaller. Since they are smaller in stature, hitters can make better contact with the ball and pitchers can throw with more accuracy. 

Comparison Between Softball and Baseball

Let’s have a side-by-side comparison between these two objects and check what influences the weight, performance, and overall gameplay:

Softball Baseball
Circumference 11 to 12 inches9 inches
Pitching Stylefastpitch and slowpitchOverhand pitching
Bat Barrelsbroader and shorterthinner and longer
WeightVaries5 ounces
Player Numbers7-9 Players9 Players in each team
Comparison Between Softball and Baseball

How Performance and Gameplay Are Affected by Weight?

The weight of the ball in both sports has a profound impact on gameplay and player performance:

Pitching and Hitting: The ball’s weight influences the pace and spin of pitches, which in turn impacts the tactics used by pitchers and hitters. 

In softball, contrasted to fastpitch, where a lighter ball permits quicker throws, slowpitch demands a different throwing style due to the heavier ball.

Fielding: Softball players have to adjust to a heavier, bigger ball that might be harder to catch and throw fast. Baseball fielders have to be exact in their fielding and throwing since the ball they handle is lighter and smaller.

Bat Power and Speed: A batter’s swing can be influenced by the ball’s weight. Baseball hitters rely on accuracy and bat speed because of the smaller, lighter ball, whereas softball players may benefit from the larger, heavier ball in terms of power hitting. Player Specialization: Because baseball and softball have different ball weights and playing styles, players in these sports frequently focus on particular positions and abilities.

Final Words

Both baseball and softball are popular games known to the entire world. Though played less or more according to different countries – these fall under America’s top most played games. Specially high-schoolers enjoy playing baseball. 

Even though baseball has its own officially declared weight and size. Softball plays the complete opposite role. The weight changes due to league and organizational rules. Due to the materials it is made of. And also, because of its size and circumference. 

The entire discussion focuses on the importance of the weight of softball and baseball as they impact the overall performance of the game in many different ways. I hope it helped you clear up your confusion relating to this topic.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Official Weight of a Standard Softball?

The official weight of a standard softball depends on various factors. But usually, it weighs between 6.25 to 7 ounces.

What is the Official Weight of a Standard Baseball?

The official standard weight of a baseball is between 5 to 5.25 ounces. Unlike softball, the weight remains the same no matter if played in a league or a tournament. 

What Are the Common Materials Used in Making a Softball?

Materials such as synthetic leather, cork, rubbers, and polyurethane are normally used in making a softball.

How Many Players Can Play in Each Team While Playing Softball?

A full team may consist of up to ten players. But a minimum of 7 players are needed to form each team in softball.

Which Two Factors Influence the Weight of a Softball?

The size of the ball and the circumference are the two major factors that influence the weight of a softball.

Is Softball Heavier than Baseball?

Softball and baseball do not have much weight difference between them. But because of different reasons, softball can be a little heavier than baseball. 

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