What To Wear For Beach Volleyball

What to Wear for Beach Volleyball? (Keep in Mind)

One of my friends invited us to the beach volleyball program.

Even though I am not a regular in volleyball, I was totally in a tangle thinking about what to wear for beach volleyball. 

He asked me and the entire group. For some of us, it was a completely new thing. We couldn’t make up our minds about what to wear.

Finally, we asked that friend and he explained the attire both males and females should wear in beach volleyball. 

I’m kind of into beach volleyball. So, I had an interest as well. I went that extra mile to learn about beach volleyball wear from professionals and interested players as well.

Of course, you are reading this because you are also tangled in the same thought. 

So, what should you wear? Let me help you with that. 

Is There Any Specific Sports Wear for Volleyball?

Before you learn about what to wear while playing beach volleyball, you should have some idea about real-match sportswear.

As we all know, there is specific sports attire designed for volleyball players. 

It simply includes:

  • lightweight and breathable jerseys or tank tops 
  • comfortable shorts or spandex bottoms

Players also wear supportive athletic shoes with good traction to aid in quick movements on the court. 

Besides, knee pads are often worn to protect the knees during dives and slides.

This specialized sportswear ensures agility, comfort, and safety for volleyball players during matches and practices.

And when you are on the beach to play this sport, you can have a different dress. There is no hard surface on the beach that can hurt you.

Also, you should match the dress to the environment to make it comfortable and trendy.

Any Dress Code for Beach Volleyball?

Any Dress Code for Beach Volleyball

When it’s a professional volleyball tournament, there’s a dress code. 

The players usually wear lightweight, moisture-wicking uniforms. These dresses are designed for extra agility and comfort.

Eventually, there will be differences in indoor and beach volleyball outfits as well. 

In beach volleyball, the dress code has fewer restrictions.

However, at the beginning of beach volleyball history, the players used to wear more formal clothes.

That means they wear full-sleeved clothes with full pants. In beach volleyball, they used to follow the same rules and wear full-sleeve tops with full or quarter pants.

But over time, the regulation has been loosening, and players have started to prioritize comfort over formality. 

They started wearing more comfortable clothes, like loose-fitting tank tops and half-pants.

In beach volleyball, male players started to wear only swim pants or loose half-pants. Some of them also wear sleeveless T-shirts.

On the other hand, female players started to prioritize swimsuits and bikinis. They often wear suits with full-body coverage, especially to protect their skin from the sun.

Types of Wear in Beach Volleyball

For sure, male and female players have different dresses to wear in beach volleyball.

Here, they have full freedom to choose a comfortable dress, but it’s their duty to choose a dress that won’t make it hard to play for other players.

Here is a table that will enclose different types of wearables for both male and female players in beach volleyball.

BikiniTwo-piece swimsuit for womenProvides maximum freedom of movement
SwimsuitOne-piece swimsuit for womenOffers comfort and mobility
Board ShortsKnee-length shorts for menEnsures ease of movement and sand protection
Swim TrunksShort, lightweight shorts for menAllows agility and comfort in the sandy environment
Rash GuardA tight-fitting shirt for sun protectionShields skin from UV rays and reduces chafing
Beach Cover-UpLoose, lightweight dress or shirtOffers coverage and sun protection during breaks
Sand SocksNeoprene socks to protect feet from hot sandPrevents burns and abrasions on feet

Different Types of Clothing in Different Weathers

The factor that affects the most when choosing a specific attire for beach volleyball is the weather. 

Players need to choose dresses that let them feel comfortable in specific weather conditions.

Here are the types of dresses beach volleyball players choose to wear in different weather conditions.

Warm Weather conditions

When the weather is warm, both male and female players choose comfortably lighter clothes. 

The following clothing types are most popular in this weather condition:

Board ShortsLoose-fitting and quick-drying shorts for men offer comfort and mobility.
Bikinis or Sports BrasProvide freedom of movement and minimize tan lines for female players.
Volleyball ShortsTight-fitting and moisture-wicking shorts for females
Visor or HatShields faces from the sun while keeping hair off the face.
Tank TopsSleeveless tops allow better airflow and movement of the arms. It is good for both males and females.
SunglassesProtect eyes from sun glare and sand and are essential for both.
SunscreenIt is essential to prevent sunburn during prolonged exposure.
Sand SocksProtect feet from hot sand and provide grip.

Cool Weather

In cool weather conditions, male and female players usually wear the same type of clothing. Their attire can include the following wearables:

Wear Why
Long-Sleeve RashguardOffers warmth and protection from the wind.
Leggings, Joggers, or Athletic PantsAn extra layer for colder conditions.
Light JacketExtra layer for colder conditions.
Hoodie or SweaterAdds warmth during cooler temperatures
Ear Warmers or HeadbandsProtect ears without compromising visibility

Rainy Weather

Like the previous one, male and female players also wear similar dresses in rainy weather conditions.

Wear Why
Waterproof JacketShields from the rain while allowing movement.
Rain PantsKeep your lower body dry and comfortable.
Waterproof ShoesPrevent wet feet for better traction.

What to Consider Before Selecting a Sports Wear for Volleyball?

What To Consider Before Selecting A Sports Wear For Volleyball

Now, the question is what to consider to choosing the right dress and wearable for playing beach volleyball.

Remember that you need to ensure comfort and flexibility for free movement in order to play the sport properly. 

For that, you need to be extra careful while choosing the right clothes.

Here are the facts to consider before we choose the right clothes.

1. Size of the Dress

If you are buying a dress from an online marketplace, be careful of the size chart. 

Remember that an overly tight dress is not suitable to wear in beach volleyball. If you are planning to buy it from a shop, make sure to try it first before you pick one.

2. Material and Fabric

For beach volleyball, it is essential to choose lightweight, moisture-wicking, and breathable fabrics. 

These types of clothes help to keep players cool and dry in the heat.

Also, it is better to avoid heavy or non-breathable materials. They can lead to discomfort.

3. Fit and Mobility

For this sport, loose-fitted clothes are more appropriate as they allow us a full range of motion. 

In this case, one should avoid overly tight or restrictive garments that might hinder movement during dives, jumps, and swings.

4. Weather Condition

As I have already mentioned earlier, it is very essential to consider weather conditions.

You should select clothing that offers sufficient protection from the sun, wind, or cooler temperatures. 

Sun protection is crucial, so look for UPF-rated clothing.

5. Support and Coverage

Ensure that your clothing provides the necessary support and coverage. 

Female athletes should prefer sports suits with adequate support, while males might want fitted shorts to prevent wardrobe malfunctions.

6. Durability

As we all know, beach volleyball is full of contact with sand and potential rough play. That’s why it is better to choose durable clothing that can withstand wear and tear.

7. Grip and Traction

Shoes are important. 

You should select footwear that provides grip and stability on the sandy surface. Sand socks can also be helpful for protecting feet.

8. Style and Aesthetics

Even though performance is key, you should definitely be aware of your personalized style and trends.

You should always choose clothing that makes you feel good and represents your style.

9. Regulations and Guidelines

If you are going to play in organized leagues or tournaments, be aware of any specific dress codes or uniform requirements set by the event organizers.

Sometimes, they set a formal dress code. You can’t disrespect their rules if you are one of them.

Besides, you should be careful of your budget, the brand, and the size. 

It’s also essential to prioritize protective elements like sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses to buy before you reach the beach.

What Should You Wear for Volleyball?

What Should You Wear For Volleyball

When gearing up for beach volleyball, your attire plays an important role in ensuring both your comfort and performance. 

This sport demands agility, quick movements, and the ability to respond to the nature of the sandy court. 

That’s why what you wear should strike a balance between functionality and personal style.

We had a proper idea of what to wear. And here is a list of wearables that I got good for this sport.

Swimsuits and Bikinis

Swimsuits are the foundation of beach volleyball attire for female players. Women often choose between bikinis or one-piece swimsuits.

Generally, bikinis offer maximum freedom of movement and let players execute dives, jumps, and spikes without hindrance.

One-piece swimsuits provide a bit more coverage. They can be a comfortable choice.

But in this case, you should choose a swimsuit that fits snugly and doesn’t create drag in the water or sand. 

Beach volleyball tank tops can also be a good choice.

Board Shorts and Swim Trunks

For men, board shorts and swim trunks are the most suitable choices. 

These knee-length or shorter shorts offer a good compromise between mobility and coverage.

The loose-fitting nature of board shorts lets players have flexible movements. 

It is essential for sprinting along the sandy court and diving for the ball.

Rash Guards

Rash guards are tight-fitting and lightweight shirts. They provide protection against the sun and reduce the risk of chafing. 

It is suitable for both males and females.

They’re especially helpful in preventing friction burns that can result from sandy dives and quick movements.

Rash guards also offer an added layer of UV protection. They shield your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. 

So, you can choose this type of clothing if you want a more covering one.


While shoes are generally not worn in beach volleyball, many players try sand socks. 

These neoprene socks protect your feet from the hot sand and prevent burns and abrasions.

However, some players prefer to go barefoot for better traction in the sand. It’s a matter of personal preference and comfort.

Learn more about if basketball shoes good for vollyball


In addition to the primary attire, accessories like sunglasses, visors, and hats are essential for beach volleyball.

Sunglasses with UV protection shield your eyes from the glaring sun and offer improved visibility. But you shouldn’t choose darker glass, for sure.

A visor or hat provides shade for your face and keeps your hair off your forehead, preventing discomfort during the game.

So these are the best wearables for beach volleyball. While choosing the right one, we need to prioritize the weather conditions and our personal preferences too.

Types of Shoes to Wear in Beach Volleyball

Types Of Shoes to Wear in Beach Volleyball

Generally, most players don’t like to wear any shoes when it’s beach volleyball. 

Barefoot on the sand gives the feel of being in nature in a great way.

Still, it is sometimes essential to wear shoes, especially when the sand gets hotter because of excessive heat from the sun.

In such a case, you can try the following types of shoes:

1. Volleyball Sandals

On the market, you can find volleyball sandals that have webbing upper parts to prevent sand entry. 

This type of footwear provides a good grip on sandy courts. 

Also, they are lightweight and comfortable at the same time.

2. Water Shoes

Generally, water shoes are made of quick-drying material, and you can utilize them if you have them at home. 

They come with numerous drainage holes to release water and sand, and they protect feet from sharp objects on the beach.

3. Old Sneakers

You can also wear your old sneakers while playing beach volleyball. 

They should be a comfortable and familiar fit. These sneakers usually provide cushioning and support.

What Extra Wearables Do You Need?

Aside from your clothes and shoes, there are a few more things you need to carry while going to beach volleyball. 

Here are the things you should carry.

  • Sand Socks: If you are not planning to wear any shoes, pack some sand socks and wear them if the sand is very hot.
  • Sunglasses: Make sure to carry sunglasses that are not too dark for UV eye protection.
  • Sunscreen: This one is your must-have. Apply sunscreen before you reach the beach to guard against sunburn.
  • Hat/visor: If you think the sunset directly hot your face skin just wear a hat. It will shield the face from the sun and also from your flying hair.
  • Towel: Bring some towels for post-game cleanup.
  • Extra set of clothes: It is always a good idea to carry extras so that you don’t have to be in an awkward situation when your existing dress tears up.
  • Beach bag: To carry everything, you will also need a beach bag as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Clothes I Shouldn’t Wear to Beach Volleyball?

In beach volleyball, you shouldn’t wear heavy clothing, jeans, non-athletic shoes, or restrictive attire that hampers movement and comfort during beach volleyball.

Can Girls Wear Leggings Under a Skirt in Beach Volleyball?

Yes, girls can wear leggings under a skirt in beach volleyball for added coverage and comfort while maintaining mobility and adherence to their preferences.

Is It Necessary to Wear Sand Socks While Playing Beach Volleyball?

Wearing sand socks in beach volleyball is not necessary, but they can offer benefits. Sand socks protect feet from hot sand and potential abrasions and offer some grip. Players can choose sand socks or volleyball sandals based on their personal comfort and preferences.

Wrapping Up

There’s no doubt that proper outfits are essential when it comes to beach volleyball. Even though there is a specific set of rules and dress code, you should be modest and prioritize comfort while choosing the clothes to wear in beach volleyball.

Besides, you should never ignore the necessity of sunglasses and sunscreen for your personal safety. 

Additionally, make sure to carry a water bottle to keep yourself hydrated while playing and running under the bare sun.

Take care of yourself. My best wishes are with you.

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