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What To Wear To Lacrosse Practice – Get the Right Clothing

Ever found yourself in a dilemma about what to wear to lacrosse practice? 

Let’s get one thing straight – altering for lacrosse practice doesn’t need to be rocket science or a fashion show. It’s about finding that perfect blend of comfort, and functionality. 

The key to a successful lacrosse practice lies in the right outfit. It’s not about wearing the trendiest thing. It’s about choosing what makes you feel confident and perform your best on the field. 

From frosty winters to sizzling summers, we’ll guide you on the perfect athletic attire, gear, and equipment to keep you comfy and confident. So gear up for your lacrosse journey and let’s make sure you’re ready to rock the field. 

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What Should You Wear For Lacrosse Practice?

When it comes to dressing right for lacrosse practice, it’s not a one-size-fits-all situation. What you wear can depend on the season. 

For instance, when the sun’s scorching in the summer, both men and women can keep it cool in short-sleeved t-shirts, shorts, shocks, and more. When winter’s chill sets in, don’t worry. Long-sleeved tees, sweatshirts, warm leggings, and a lacrosse jacket will keep you toasty. 

But remember, it’s not just about clothing. Essential equipment like helmets, gloves, mouthguards, shoulder pads, arm pads, and cleats are must-haves for everyone. 

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Season-Wise Wear 

Let’s briefly explore what you need for different reasons to get you ready for lacrosse practice:

Lacrosse Wear For Summer

When the sun is shining bright, and the field sizzles with heat, you want to be comfortable and well-prepared for your summer lacrosse practice. Here’s what you’ll need: 

Short-Sleeve T-shirt 

The cornerstone of your summer outfit is a short-sleeve t-shirt. These are typically lightweight and moisture-wicking, helping you stay cool by allowing sweat to evaporate quickly. 

But here’s the catch: if you want to step up your comfort game, consider wearing a tight-fit t-shirt. It’ll minimize friction and chafing, allowing you to move freely during lacrosse practice. 


Next up, shorts! Whether you are male or female, a good pair of breathable shorts is a must. They’re light, breezy, and designed for movement. Look for ones made with moisture-wicking fabric to help you stay dry and comfortable as you run up and down the field. 



Now, when it comes to your feet, it’s all about avoiding blisters. Grab some moisture-wicking socks, the kind designed to keep your feet dry and happy, reducing the chance of those pesky blisters. 

As for the must-have extras to keep in mind:

  1. Water Bottle

You need to stay well-hydrated while practicing lacrosse. So, bring a water bottle and remember to drink regularly. Remember, it’s a nonnegotiable. 

  1. Facial Spray

Feeling overheated? Give yourself a refreshing spritz of water on your face for a quick cooldown. 

  1. Sun protector

Don’t forget to apply sunscreen, especially to exposed areas. Protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. 

  1. Blister Protection

To avoid discomfort during and after practice, keep blister protection products on hand. 

Lacrosse Wear For Summer

Lacrosse Wear For Winter

When winter arrives, and the temperature drops, it’s time to add layers and stay cozy during your lacrosse practice. Here’s what you need: 

Long-Sleeved T-Shirt 

It’s the first piece of the puzzle for a cozy winter practice. A long-sleeved t-shirt acts as your base layer, keeping your upper body warm and snug. 

Compression Pants (For Male) 

Men, you’ll want to go for compression pants. These are worn underneath your gym or lacrosse shorts to provide extra insulation and keep your leg muscles warm and ready to perform. 

Leggings (For Female)

Ladies, you can go for leggings. These leggings keep your lower body nice and toasty, ensuring you can focus on the game rather than shivering. 


In the frosty season, a reliable lacrosse jacket is your key to staying warm. It keeps you cozy while allowing for movement on the field. This is your ultimate outer layer to keep the cold out. 

But here’s the twist: Make sure the jacket is waterproof to keep you dry in wet conditions. 

Long Socks 

Protect your legs from the cold with long socks. They help t maintain your body heat and prevent any chilly drafts from sneaking in. 

Glove Liners 

Keep your hands warm and agile with glove liners that fit snugly your lacrosse gloves. These liners ensure your fingers stay warm even in the cold. 

Essential for the winters: 

  • Water: Stay hydrated, even in winter. So take regular sips during practice. 
  • Sunscreen: Believe it or not, the winter sun can still be strong. So apply sunscreen to exposed areas to safeguard your skin. 
  • Heat packs: take a heat pack to have an extra source of warmth. They’re like tiny heaters that keep you warm during those cold practices. 

Basic Equipment Checklist 

Let’s explore the essential lacrosse equipment you should have based on your gender. 

4 Common Lacrosse Equipment 

Before we get into the specifics for men and women, there are some typical pieces of lacrosse equipment that everyone should have: 

  1. Mouthguard 

No matter your gender, protecting your teeth and mouth is a top priority in lacrosse practice. A well-fitted mouthguard is a must to prevent injuries and maintain oral health. 

  1. Gloves 

A good pair of lacrosse gloves provides hand protection and grip on the stick for males and females both. They are designed to protect the fingers and hands during aggressive play.

  1. Cleats

The right footwear is essential on the lacrosse field. Cleats provide traction and stability, helping you make those quick moves and sprints. 

  1. Lacrosse Stick 

A lacrosse stick is your essential tool for catching, passing, and shooting the ball, consisting of a head with a mesh pocket and a shaft. It plays a central role in the game for both men and women. 

Now, let’s move on to the equipment that is specific to each gender:

For Men

Here’s what men should have:


Male players require a helmet that offers head protection. A lacrosse helmet shields the head from direct impact, reducing the risk of concussions and other head injuries. Make sure it fits snugly and is properly certified to meet safety standards. 


This includes shoulder pads, arm guards, and elbow pads. Men’s lacrosse can get pretty physical, so these pads are like your armor for the upper body. They take the hits and keep you going strong. 

Protective Cup 

Safety extends to the lower body. A protective cup is worn to safeguard your sensitive areas. 

For Women

Now let’s explore what women should consider:


Protective eyewear is a must for women’s lacrosse practice. Googles are there to shield your eyes and reduce the risk of injuries from stray sticks and balls. They’re like your visual guardian on the field. 


In women’s lacrosse practice, headgear is optional but recommended for added protection. It’s designed to the risk of head and facial injuries. 

What You Should Not Wear In Lacrosse Practice? 

When it comes to lacrosse, there are some things you should avoid wearing to ensure safety and performance: 

  1. Jewelry 

Leave the bling at home. Rings, necklaces, and earrings can pose safety risks to you and others during play. Imagine your ring getting stuck on something, or your necklace becoming a snagging hazard – it’s not a pretty picture. 

  1. Non-Approved Cleats

Not all cleats are created equal. Invest in lacrosse-specific cleats for better traction and safety. 

  1. Baggy Clothes 

Loose or baggy clothing can get in the way, increasing your chances of getting hit by a ball or an opponent’s stick. So stick to well-fitted attire for a safe game. 

  1. Regular Glasses 

While eyeglasses are essential for vision correction, they’re not suitable for lacrosse. They’re not designed to withstand impacts and can shatter or cause injury. 

  1. Anything Restrictive

Lacrosse is a sport that requires mobility. Avoid clothing that restricts your movement, like tight jeans or non-athletic gear. 


So, dressing right for lacrosse practice is about finding the balance between comfort and overall performance. It’s not about being a fashion expert but rather selecting what allows you to move freely and confidently on the field. 

Keep it simple, stay protected, and focus on the game. Remember, it’s not about fashion; it’s about performing your best on the field. So, stay comfortable, and safe and give it your all in your next lacrosse practice. 
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