why baseball is better than lacrosse

Lacrosse vs Baseball: Which Is Better? (Honest Answer)

Baseball and lacrosse are two beloved sports in their own right in the United States. They both have captivated athletes and fans around the world with their unique styles and exciting gameplay. And that’s the reason people, especially parents, find it difficult to choose a future career for their kids.

So, Lacrosse vs Baseball- which one is better?

Choosing between lacrosse and baseball is subjective, based on personal preferences. Lacrosse is fast-paced and physically demanding, while baseball emphasizes strategy and precision. The decision depends on whether one prefers speed and athleticism or strategic thinking and tradition.

Still, people are in confusion because of the so many rules of baseball and think it is worth going for it over Lacrosse. That’s why we felt the essence of writing a brief discussion on the reasons that make baseball better than Lacrosse. If you are in the same confusion then look no further. Here are all the facts you need to know to get a clear comparison.

Baseball Vs. Lacrosse– Which Is Better?

When it comes to comparing lacrosse and baseball, determining a clear winner depends on personal preference and what aspects of the sports you value most. Both lacrosse and baseball offer unique experiences and skill sets that make them special in their own ways. 

Lacrosse, known as “The Fastest Game on Two Feet,” is an exhilarating sport that combines elements of basketball, soccer, and hockey. Played with a stick and a small rubber ball, lacrosse requires speed, agility, hand-eye coordination, and strategic thinking. Lacrosse players must possess strong stick skills, quick reflexes, and the ability to navigate a fast-paced field. Baseball, on the other hand, is often referred to as “America’s Pastime” and has a rich history deeply ingrained in American culture. 

This sport showcases teamwork, individual skill, and strategy. Baseball players must have a strong throwing arm, excellent hand-eye coordination, and the ability to analyze the game situation in real time. The sport celebrates the excitement of hits, pitches, and the strategic mind games that take place between a pitcher and batter. 

Both lacrosse and baseball offer tremendous opportunities for personal growth, teamwork, and sportsmanship. However, there are some key differences between the two. Lacrosse tends to be more physically demanding due to its fast pace and contact nature. Players must wear protective gear, including helmets and shoulder pads, to ensure their safety.

Baseball, on the other hand, is less physically demanding and focuses more on individual skills and precision. Furthermore, lacrosse is often played at the high school and college level, with a growing fan base in recent years. Baseball, on the other hand, has a much larger professional league presence and is deeply ingrained in American sports culture.

However, if you want to pick the absolute winner- I’d pick Baseball! The next section backs my preference for choosing baseball over Lacrosse.

Before heading towards the reasons, isn’t it better to learn about the basic differences between Baseball and Lacrosse? Definitely, it is. Indeed, a short discussion on the comparison will help you understand the reason why baseball is better.

Please check out the table to have a quick idea on Baseball Vs. Lacrosse.

Primary SkillsHitting, throwing, fieldingStick handling, passing, shooting
Team SizeTypically 9 playersTypically 10 players
Field/Court DimensionsBaseball diamond, outfieldA rectangular field with goals
Game Duration9 innings (variable time)4 quarters (typically 60-80 minutes)
Physical ContactLimited contact situationsFrequent contact situations
EquipmentBat, ball, glove, protective gearStick, ball, helmet, protective gear
ScoringRuns earned runs, RBIs, etc.Goals, assists, points
Popular RegionsUnited States, Latin America, JapanUnited States, Canada
Professional LeaguesMLB (Major League Baseball), MiLBNLL (National Lacrosse League)
PopularityConsidered America’s pastimeGrowing popularity worldwide
Comparison between Baseball and Lacrosse

The common question is Why Baseball is better than Lacrosse to play? Definitely, Baseball is better than Lacrosse in many different contexts including demand, popularity over the glove, and the salary of players, risk factors. Eventually, for the fans, baseball is often considered to be more exciting than Lacrosse.

9 Reasons Why Baseball Is Better Than Lacrosse

As we all know, the rich tradition, strategic depth, and widespread appeal of baseball make it a superior experience. With its deep-rooted connection to American culture, it has become an iconic part of society, captivating generations with its history and strategic nuances.

On the other hand, lacrosse is growing in popularity and lacks the same cultural impact and accessibility. Baseball’s intricate strategies, a bigger fan base, and unique spectator experience set it apart from lacrosse. Eventually, it is considered a better choice for those seeking an unparalleled sporting experience.

However, there is a specific set of valid reasons why you should choose Baseball over Lacrosse. Check the following points to learn about the reasons.

Why Baseball Is Better Than Lacrosse

1. Baseball is More Demanding 

Baseball is no doubt more demanding than lacrosse in the context of intricate skill sets and mental challenges. Initially, baseball requires precise hand-eye coordination for hitting and fielding, along with strategic decision-making. Pitchers in baseball need to possess a diverse repertoire of pitches and master control and accuracy. Fielders, on the other hand, need quick reflexes and spatial awareness to track fly balls timely.

Unlike Baseball, lacrosse demands agility, speed, and stick-handling finesse. As a result, it is often considered to be less intricate in terms of specialized skills. Baseball’s long season and grueling schedule also test the endurance and resilience of the players.

For all these reasons, Baseball is considered to be a more demanding game than Lacrosse. As a consequence, baseball players enjoy more facilities and demands than the players of Lacrosse.

2. Baseball Is More Popular in the USA

I’m sure that you are aware of the popularity of Baseball in the USA and you have no doubt that this game is more popular than Lacrosse. Initially, baseball’s popularity in the USA surpassed lacrosse because of several factors. Firstly, baseball has a rich history deeply ingrained in American culture, and it is called “America’s pastime.” 

Secondly, baseball’s accessibility is higher, with a widespread presence in schools, leagues, and communities across the country. But lacrosse has comparatively a more limited reach. It predominantly concentrates on certain regions only. Additionally, baseball’s slower pace and strategic elements make it more accessible to casual viewers, while lacrosse’s fast-paced nature may be more challenging to follow. 

3. Baseball Is More Popular Around the World

Not just in the USA, Baseball is now more popular around the world. The popularity of this game is even more in Canada, Japan, and Korea. In some European countries, it is even growing more popular. In comparison to that, the popularity of Lacrosse is not even matchable. 

So, if you are not from the USA and think about whether it is possible to carry on outside the USA, you no longer need to be worried about it. The popularity of Baseball will never doom even outside the USA. But we still have a bigger doubt about the growing popularity of Lacrosse.

4. Baseball Players are Paid More

Generally, the yearly salary of a baseball player (on average) is $4.3 million whereas it is only $64168 for a Lacrosse player. You must understand how big the difference is. However, it’s all because of the demand and popularity of baseball which is more than Lacrosse. 

As you know, the revenue generated by Major League Baseball (MLB) and other baseball Leagues is a few times higher than that of professional lacrosse leagues. MLB has a long history and a large fan base, and it gets numerous broadcasting deals. As a result, the financial resources available to the baseball teams are enough to offer comparatively higher salaries to their players.

Also, as I’ve said before, the market demand for baseball is pretty much larger than that for lacrosse. Baseball enjoys widespread popularity both domestically and internationally. It also gets larger ticket sales, merchandise sales, and sponsorships, in comparison to what Lacrosse gets. And the consequence leads the baseball team to have more revenue and pay more to the players.

5. Playing Baseball Is Cheaper

You might be surprised that playing Baseball requires less equipment than playing lacrosse. In baseball, a player only needs a ball, a bat, gloves for fielding, and protective gear such as a helmet and shin guards for the batter and catcher. 

On the other hand, lacrosse involves more equipment. Players typically require a stick, a helmet, gloves, shoulder pads, elbow pads, and a mouthguard. Additionally, goalies need additional protective gear such as a chest protector and leg pads. 

The playing field in lacrosse also requires specific markings and a goal. Besides, the equipment you’ll need to play lacrosse is more extensive. That’s why playing baseball is cheaper than playing Lacrosse, especially for beginners.

6. Baseball Offers More Scope for Beginners

Baseball offers more scope for beginners compared to lacrosse. There are powerful points to prove it. As we know, baseball has a larger infrastructure and established youth development programs in many communities. Little League Baseball provides a structured pathway for young players to get involved and progress in the sport. 

In many schools, teachers encourage the kids to join the Little League. That’s why it offers more scope even to the kids. Also, there are lots of organized leagues, coaching, and training opportunities available all over the United States. Those organizations even make it easier for beginners to access resources and develop their skills. 

Besides, baseball has an easier learning curve than that of Lacrosse. The basic skills in baseball, like throwing, catching, and hitting a ball, can be learned relatively quickly. That’s why beginners find it easier to try or practice.

7. Baseball Has No Time Limit

Usually, a baseball match is running for nine innings. There is no specific time limit for it like Football and Lacrosse. During the duration of these 9 innings, both teams get chances to bat, and it often takes approximately 3 hours to finish the game. There you will have more time to enjoy this exciting game per match. There are records that a single Baseball match runs with 25 or more innings according to the rule of Extra Innings.

On the contrary, Lacrosse has a hard and fast rule in time management. While some people love this concept, when your excitement reaches the deepest part of the match, you must love to enjoy it even more.

But one complete lacrosse game would go on for around 80 minutes which may not satisfy your mind full of excitement. Even the spectators who pay for the baseball match can enjoy their time in the stadium which is worth the money.

8. Playing Baseball Is Easier 

For sure, playing baseball is easier than playing lacrosse. There are a few solid reasons behind it. As we all know, the basic skills of baseball are throwing, catching, and hitting a ball. These skills are comparatively easier to learn, even for the kinds.

However, in the context of lacrosse, the players, both kids, and adults, need to master stick handling, catching, and accurate passing. Besides, baseball’s slower pace lets players have more time to react and make decisions, unlike the system of lacrosse’s fast-paced nature. So, baseball is less physically demanding than Lacrosse.

9. Playing Baseball Is Safer

Even when it is about the risk factor, Baseball is safer. Lacrosse has a higher risk of injury as it involves fast running, dodging, and different risky movements. But baseball involves less direct contact between players. So,  the risk of collisions and injuries associated with physical contact is not higher than that of Lacrosse.

Besides, the balls used in Lacrosse are harder than baseball. The materials of the lacrosse balls like thick and compressed rubber make them hard to the touch. So, a player hit by the ball accidentally feels more pain than a player hit by the baseball at the same speed.

Also, baseball players usually have more time to react and make controlled movements because of the baseball’s slower pace. As a result, they have more opportunities to minimize the risk of sudden or abrupt actions that can result in injuries. Additionally, baseball’s simpler equipment, like no requirement for shoulder pads or helmets, simply lowers the risk of different types of injuries commonly caused by wearing heavy clothing which is often seen in lacrosse.

So, these are the reasons why baseball is better than Lacrosse whether you are choosing it for a career or even just for enjoying the game. Except for the above factors, Baseball has a deeper social and cultural impact as well as familiarity. So, choosing baseball is definitely a good decision.

Bottom Line

There are many countries where the name Lacrosse is totally unfamiliar where Baseball is not. The popularity of baseball around the world is ten times more than that of Lacrosse. Besides, from whatever context you are thinking, it will be difficult, and in most cases, impossible for Lacrosse to beat baseball. Now the choice is all depending on you. Best wishes to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the net yearly salary of an average Baseball and Lacrosse player?

A: The net yearly salary of an average baseball player is $4.3 million and it is approximately $64168 for a Lacrosse player. For sure, a baseball player can make more money than a Lacrosse player.

Is playing Baseball easier than playing Lacrosse?

Yes, playing baseball is easier than playing Lacrosse. It’s because of the slow-paced nature of baseball and the fast-paced nature of Lacrosse. It means baseball players have more time to act than lacrosse players. Also, the strategies of baseball are easier than that of Lacrosse.

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