Why is basketball better than football

Changing the Game: Why is Basketball Better Than Football?

According to a study, there are over 240 million registered football players in the world!

Sounds big enough? It is.

However, Basketball has a wider range of 450 million players worldwide.

The question of why basketball is better than football has always been hotly debated.

It’s easy to see why, given how closely these two sports have developed from the early 1900s to the current day.

Success in the marketplace is the best barometer of general acclaim.

How many high school students play a team sport like basketball or football?

According to the data, you may be surprised to learn that basketball is more “popular” than football.

So, let’s dive into more details about what the facts make basketball superior to football. 

What Makes Football Distinct From Basketball?

Let’s look at the basic differences between football and basketball at a glance

Field Size64 – 75 meters100 – 110 meters
Team11 Players in a team5 Players in a team
Score1 Goal (if scored)2 points/3 points (if scored)
Time 90 minutes48 minutes
BreaksHalf TimePlenty

There are several fundamental differences between football and basketball. 

Let us know in detail. 

Playing Field/Court

Football is played on a large, rectangular field that ranges in width from 64 to 75 meters and in length from 100 to 110 meters. 

The court used for basketball is more condensed and rectangular, and its normal dimensions are around 28 meters in length and 15 meters in width.

Size of the Team

In comparison, football teams have a team of eleven on the court at any one time. On the other hand, basketball teams are limited to five players on the field at any given time.


Specialized cleats and protective gear, like shin guards, are required for football. 

The primary tool is, of course, a ball. Basketball uniforms consist mainly of jerseys, shorts, and sneakers.


To score a goal in football, the ball must be kicked into the opposing team’s net. For every purpose you achieve, you get one point. 

In basketball, points are earned by shooting the ball through the net. 

  • two points are awarded for a field goal
  • three points are awarded for a shot from beyond the three-point line

Manual Actions

Goalkeepers are the only players permitted to use their hands within the penalty area, despite other players employing their legs to maneuver and throw the ball. 

Everything from dribbling to passing to shooting in basketball is done with the hands.

Continuous Play as Opposed to Stoppages

Football is known for its constant activity since the clock seldom stops unless there are penalties or injuries. 

On the other hand, basketball contains several occurrences that halt play, like penalties, timeouts, and the clock pausing after each basket.

Direct interaction with another player

As part of the game, football players face physical challenges such as confronting, shoulder-to-shoulder interaction, and rivalry for the ball. 

Although there is occasional physical contact in basketball, the rules are tightly maintained, and fouls are given for illegal contact.

Time Allotted for Play

The total playing time of a football game is 90 minutes, divided evenly into two 45-minute halves. 

On the contrary, each quarter of a basketball game lasts 12 minutes, for a total of 48 minutes.

Basketball vs. Football: Which One Is Better?

Ultimately, the “better” sport is subjective and depends on individual preferences. Some may prefer the high-flying excitement of basketball, while others enjoy the tactical brilliance of football. 

I share a passion for both sports with many other people. When I was a kid in the ’70s and ’80s, I was really into both sports. Julius Erving, Walter Payton, Larry Bird, and Dick Butkus were the men I looked up to when I was a youngster. 

Both sports have their own rich histories, passionate communities, and unparalleled moments of athleticism. 

It’s best to appreciate the unique qualities of each and celebrate the diverse world of sports.

While I recognize that many would argue otherwise, here are the reasons behind preferring basketball over football:

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About Basketball

Basketball is known for its fast-paced nature, continuous action, and high-scoring games. It emphasizes agility, coordination, and shooting skills. 

The sport provides an intense and exciting atmosphere. With its iconic slam dunks and three-pointers, it captivates audiences worldwide.

About Football

Football, also known as soccer in some regions, boasts a massive global following. It showcases strategic gameplay, teamwork, and individual brilliance. 

Football combines physicality, skill, and mental prowess, creating thrilling matches that a single goal can decide. 

The World Cup and other prestigious tournaments demonstrate the sport’s ability to unite nations and ignite passionate fandom.

  1. Playable in any setting

As long as there is a basket and a ball, you can play basketball everywhere. 

During my time working at a car dealership, we always had a movable goal set up in the showroom. 

We used to park the vehicles in the driveway at night and play pick-up games. You may improve your skills as a shooter and dribbler in basketball by practicing these skills on your own. 

Football is played best on a broad, grassy field with an even surface.

  1. Different Talent and Ingenuity

Basketball places a greater premium on individual talent and innovation than football, despite both needing strategic planning and coordinated team effort. 

It’s easier to show off your skills as a ball handler, shooter, and performer in the sport of basketball. 

More room for improvisation and distinctive style in the game means more opportunities for thrilling plays. 

Basketball provides a stage for athletes to showcase their talents, from spectacular dunks to jaw-dropping crossovers.

  1. Less Exhausting 

Top athletes in any sport are expected to push their bodies to the maximum, but soccer presents unique challenges. 

A player is more exhausted after a single football game. In a basketball game, players get multiple breaks (timeouts, substitutions and reviews). 

A soccer game is almost twice as long (90 min compared to 48 min for basketball) with no breaks apart from halftime. Also, soccer players need to make multiple long sprints along with many short sprints. It can lead to more exhaustion compared to a basketball player who needs to make only short sprints.

Even if a basketball player plays the entire game, which would be a sight to see, he takes brief rests during timeouts and plays reviews. 

There are no timeouts in soccer, although the action stops briefly after a foul is called. (And now there are play reviews, too, though not yet in all games or leagues).

In football, there are multiple occasions during a game. Players are forced to run at least half the length of the field (50 meters or more, twice the length of the basketball court).

The sports scheduling themselves is yet another telltale; during the NBA playoffs, and sometimes during the regular season, teams are often given only one day to rest in between games. Even in the World Cup, football teams are given no less than two days’ rest, and when a team gets the minimum, coaches are almost guaranteed to bitch about it. 

Playing once a week is most common during the regular season, with two games per week being a stretch.

After a hardly contested NBA game, players taking TV interviews are typically seen talking normally, sweaty but composed. 

After a hard football match, the players can barely utter answers, their chests heaving up and down.

  1. Less probability of injury 

According to research, football has a higher injury rate than basketball has per 100 participants. Injuries are less common in basketball than in football. 

Statistics demonstrate that, for every 100,000 football players, about 60 suffer concussions during games and practices. 

According to the statistics, 22% of male basketball players every year have an injury requiring time off

Ankle and foot injuries made up over 42% of all injuries, far more than the proportion of people who had injuries to their hips, thighs or knees (9%).

  1. Health Benefits of Basketball 

Playing basketball offers numerous health benefits, both physical and mental making this sport better than football. 

Heart health and fitness

Being a fast-paced sport, basketball involves running, jumping, and constant movement. Regular participation in basketball improves cardiovascular endurance, strengthens the heart, and enhances overall cardiovascular health.

Strength and muscular endurance

Basketball involves various physical movements, such as dribbling, shooting, passing, and defending. All of them require strength and muscular endurance. 

Continuous playing of basketball can improve muscle tone, enhance stability, and increase stamina.

Bone health

The high-impact nature of basketball, including jumping and quick direction changes, promotes bone density and helps strengthen bones. 

This can be specifically good for preventing health conditions such as osteoporosis and decreasing the fracture risks.

  1. Coordination skills

Basketball requires smooth coordination of hand and eye, footwork, and agility. Regularly playing basketball can improve these skills, enhancing balance, spatial awareness, and overall coordination.

  1. Weight management

Basketball is a physically demanding sport that burns calories and aids in weight management. The constant movement and intensity of the game contribute to increased energy expenditure, helping to maintain a healthy body weight.

  1. Mental health and cognitive benefits

Engaging in basketball can have positive effects on mental well-being. The social aspect of playing with teammates promotes social interaction and camaraderie, reducing stress and enhancing mood. 

Additionally, basketball requires strategic thinking, decision-making, and quick reflexes, which can improve cognitive abilities and mental agility.

  1. Agility and flexibility

Basketball involves a variety of movements, including jumping, pivoting, and changing direction rapidly. Regular participation can enhance agility, flexibility, and overall body control.

  1. Teamwork and social skills

Basketball is typically played as a team sport, fostering teamwork, cooperation, and communication skills. Working together with teammates to achieve common goals improves social interactions and develops valuable life skills. 

Wrap Up

There are plenty of additional reasons why is basketball better than football. Still, the ones mentioned above give you a good idea of why the game is better overall and why it’s easier to play to players all over the globe. It is one of the most entertaining and action-packed games out there, and the advantages of playing are fantastic for just about everybody.

Frequently Asked Questions

Compared To Football Players, Do Basketball Players Have A Wider Range Of Skills?

It’s tough to compare the adaptability of basketball and football players because of the distinct skill sets required for each sport. Basketball players require skills like passing, shooting, and dripping, while football players need to master their assigned positions. However, because of the nature of the game, basketball players often get to display a more diverse set of abilities.

Which Is More Challenging, Basketball Or Football?

It is difficult to say which sport is harder overall, as football and basketball require different skills and physical attributes. Some may find football more physically demanding due to the constant running and tackling, while others may find basketball more challenging due to the need for quick reflexes and agility.

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