are neckband headphones good for running

Are Neckband Headphones Good For Running?

Studies have shown that those who listen to music while working out report faster response times and higher levels of motivation. After all, it’s crucial to keep the beats going if you want to make progress. 

A quality set of headphones designed for physical activity is required for this. In spite of the fact that physical activity and sweating may be a difficulty for many different sorts of electronics, there are a lot of amazing audio alternatives like neckbands designed to be able to resist sweat, dirt, and even your roughest sessions.

Aside from their obvious usefulness for runners, neckband headphones have a lot going for them, making them worth your consideration even if you don’t run.

In recent years, neckband headphones have seen a meteoric rise in popularity.

 It is quite possible that you will come across people wearing them no matter whether you are in a commute tube, working out at a gym, or jogging on an unpaved track. The fact that these types of headphones are simple to transport, inexpensive, and challenging to misplace is mainly responsible for their meteoric rise in popularity.

Let’s find out: are neckband headphones good for running? 

What are Neckband Headphones?

These are commonly referred to as ‘behind the neck’ headphones because they consist of earphones and a collar attached to them. The collar is typically where the microphone is to speak. 

In more recent times, when people got bored of the corded earbuds and their continual coming off whilst walking and also required to keep the microphone near to the mouth when speaking, they emerged as a savior and helped solve all of those problems.

Placed around the neck, the neckband earphones can be connected through Bluetooth to any device, such as a phone, tablet, smart TV or laptop. People are really getting into neckband earphones because of how comfortable, fashionable, and uniquely designed they are. 

People no longer have to waste time untangling the wires of their wired earbuds since the complete current design of the neckband allows it to rest comfortably behind the neck. The distinctive placement of this earphone ensures that it will remain in place regardless of how the user moves. 

Features of Neckband Headphones 

The neckband earbuds feature limited noise isolation, making them ideal for runners since they can still hear traffic and other sounds around them. When compared to earphones, they are pretty simple to use and manage.

Earphones worn as a neckband often have a built-in microphone, which enables more natural two-way conversation and a more immersive listening experience. Because of its rigid neckband and ability to fit comfortably within the ears make it an ideal partner for runners.

Due to its excellent battery lifespan of up to seven to eight hours, neckband earphones require less charging. Snuggly short cables relieve you from detangling with the cable. 

Featuring a sweat-proof body, neckbands are perfect to use for running, gym, jogging, and workout. Managing volume, music, and call settings is now easier than ever with its easy-touch-control feature in collaboration with the smartphone. 

Types of Neckband Earphones 

The neckband earphones come in two categories: 


These headphones have earpieces placed on top of the ears, just as the name says. Their neckband is designed first to create a loop that goes over the ears and then joins around the neck. 

Because of this adjustment, putting on these headphones is now much more straightforward than it was before. In addition, there is a wired version of the headphones available to purchase if you choose not to use wireless technology.


These headphones, in opposition to on-ear earphones, feature a rigid neckband, and the earbuds are connected to the arms of the neckband by means of thin wires. They also come equipped with inbuilt microphones, making them appropriate for use in communication.

When you are using them, you can put the earbuds straight into your ears. And, while not using them, they either remain together or dangle from the neckband. So when you are seeking neckband earphones, you might consider giving this type a try.

Are Neckband Headphones Good For Running?

Wires on headphones and earbuds were a significant source of user frustration. Thus, the advent of wireless alternatives was quite welcome. Life got much easier and more convenient for everyone as a result of the uncomplicated Bluetooth technology enabling people’s smartphones to be rapidly connected to their other gadgets. 

Again, as we said earlier, the main purpose of technological advances was to make people’s everyday lives better. When working out and exercising, neckband earphones are a relief solution to wired difficulties. The high-quality sound and user-friendliness of these innovative and cutting-edge electronic devices can be relied upon.

Connectivity Without Wires

As they are wireless eliminates the need for untangling them each time they are put to use, which is a significant boon. Because the neckband earphone may connect to a smartphone or other media player using either NFC or Bluetooth, you will be able to take calls and enjoy music from any place, any time.  

 Listen to your favorite tune without worrying about tangling the cord or pulling the headphones out of the ears. Athletes and others who exercise regularly are able to utilize them since using them will not prevent them from exercising or hinder their activities. Since there are no wires dangling around your neck or chest, they won’t get in the way when you’re running or at the gym.

Convenient to control 

After using regular headphones, you realize that you were looking for the controlling wire of the headphones, but you couldn’t remember what each button did. When using the Bluetooth neckband earbuds, this is seldom an issue. You could find yourself utilizing the controls close to the neck, and they are swift to use, allowing you to stop the music, play it again, fast-forward it, and answer phone calls. 

Specific models of neckband headphones even come equipped with a vibration feature that alerts users of incoming phone calls and text messages. The user can choose to respond to the call or not with the simple click of a button, eliminating the need for them to pick up the cell phone physically.

Anti-Noise Technology

It’s a common misconception that all noise reduction methods are created equal. In contrast, headphones with active noise suppression do a better job of blocking out ambient sounds than their passively noise-canceling counterparts.

Why? The advancement of technology is to thank. 

The only thing that headphones with passive noise cancellation really do is suppress the ambient noise using the weight of the ear cups. Therefore, they have no barrier against the noisy environment since they lack the necessary technologies.

In comparison, active suppression of noise creates an inverse frequency that is both phase-matching and completely opposed to the outside noise frequency. Regardless of how solid or loud the noise from the outside is, active noise-canceling techniques will be able to handle the problem. 

Sound Experience of the Highest Quality

The body of the Bluetooth neckband earphones includes a microphone, and both the microphone and the location at which it receives sound are of high quality. As a result, the microphone is able to audibly and clearly catch up with the individual’s speech. 

 Additionally, you do not have to tug on the Bluetooth earphone cord to get the mouthpiece closer to your lips to hear what is being spoken. In addition, almost all of these earbuds endure active noise elimination, which is helpful for listening to music. The audio quality of these headphones is typically excellent.

 Noise suppression involves complex technology often integrated into the headphone’s main body. Because of this, the portion of the earphone that is meant to be placed within the ear canal is compact and lightweight. In other words, it combines two features—wireless headphones and noise reduction—that were previously hard to get in plug-in headphones.

Full of useful Features 

Both the small size and portability of in-ear headphones and the wide range of extra capabilities on many modern versions might be desirable. Still, they don’t always play along with one another. 

Since more electronics must be crammed into a smaller container, the device inevitably becomes bulkier to carry about. The headphones’ circuitry is hidden in the neckband, so you may enjoy their enhanced functionality without experiencing any pain.


The neckband earphone comes constructed to last and offers consumers the confidence they need to utilize it. The longevity of an item is often one of the most important determining factors. Nobody expects the earpiece to break down soon or cease functioning all of a sudden when using it.

In comparison to other common earphones, it is highly unlikely to damage the earphones by accidentally unwinding the cord Due to the shorter cable length. They don’t get bumped about or dropped as much as regular headphones. Thus, they last longer. These may protect the headset from harm and guarantee that it will last for a long time.

Innovative Style

This earphone stands out mainly due to how it is worn. The first thing you would probably notice about Bluetooth neckband headphones is how fashionable they look. When compared to other types of standard earbuds, they may be carried behind one’s neck, which is not only highly stylish but also very convenient.

 There are no long cords that connect wires together. In addition, they are designed to fit pretty gently on the neck and head of any individual and may be worn with almost any type of clothing. These earphones are a step up in terms of style from their competitors because of the athletic design and elegant vibe they exude. 

Phone Systems With Improved Functionality

A common scenario for those who depend on Bluetooth wireless connections involves taking some time off from listening to music or a podcast but forgetting to unpair or switch off their headphones. A crucial call comes in, and you don’t answer it.

You can stop missing calls forever by always being available with some neckband earphone models. Even if the earbuds aren’t in the ears at the moment, the compact, water-resistant cordless neckband headphone will inform you via a tiny buzz whenever calls come in due to its vibration notification function.


Neckband headphones, in contrast to bigger on-ear or over-ear headphones, do not exert any pressure on the head itself. As a result, they are simpler and more convenient to use for extended periods of time without causing any discomfort. Because they do not have earcups, these earphones enable your ears to remain relaxed while you are using them.

Wearing headphones with a strong neckband is a wonderful option while you’re about to carry it for extended periods of time.

Because of this, they are fantastic for wearing when running or jogging for a long distance or while working in an office. These headphones have a simple design that rests on your shoulders, and the earbuds may either be inserted into the ears or placed over them.

Perfect Fit 

Some neckband headphones come with a clip to fasten them to one’s collar or shirt. This will keep them from falling out of your ears. These kinds of headphones are also more suited for physically active activities like running or attending the gymnasium since they are lighter and won’t swing from side to side on the shoulders as much as other types of earphones do.

Final Thought 

So, now you know- “Are neckband headphones good for running”. However, not only runners; neckband headphones are a reliable option to choose for an audiophile or someone who enjoys listening to music while traveling. Therefore, regardless of the activities that you want to engage in besides simply enjoying music, you should have neckband headphones.  

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