How To Hide A Spy Camera

How to Hide a Spy Camera (Make It Tricky)

Looking for a clever way to conceal your surveillance equipment? In this article, you will learn how to hide a spy camera inside and outdoors.

While it’s important to note that using hidden or spy cameras can raise serious legal and ethical concerns, there may be legitimate reasons to use hidden cameras within your home.

It’s essential to understand the laws in your jurisdiction and obtain consent where necessary, particularly if you plan to record in shared or private spaces where individuals might expect privacy.

Must Facts to Know Before

If you’re considering placing a hidden camera for legal and ethical reasons, such as monitoring a babysitter or keeping an eye on your property, here are some facts to consider:

  1. Choose the Right Camera: Look for small cameras specifically designed to be discreet. Some cameras are built into everyday objects like alarm clocks, picture frames, or smoke detectors.
  2. Find an Appropriate Location: Consider places that provide a good view but are also natural hiding spots, like shelves, bookcases, or other decorative items.
  3. Use Everyday Objects: Consider hiding the camera inside an everyday object like a plant, stuffed toy, or decorative item. There are also pre-made hidden cameras available in objects like clocks or speakers.
  4. Avoid obstruction: Make sure the camera lens has a clear view. If hidden too well, the camera might not capture usable footage.
  5. Consider Lighting: Think about the lighting in the room and how it might affect the camera’s visibility and the quality of the recording.
  6. Think About Wires: If the camera is not battery-operated, you’ll need to think about hiding or disguising the power cord.
  7. Test the view: After placing the camera, test it to ensure it captures the desired area without obstructions.
  8. Follow Legal Guidelines: Ensure you comply with all local laws regarding consent, especially if you’re recording audio or placing cameras in areas where individuals might have a reasonable expectation of privacy.
  9. Notify Where Appropriate: In some cases, transparency is the best policy. For example, notifying a babysitter that cameras are in use (without specifying the location) may be legal and practical.

Creativity Works Well: How To Hide A Spy Camera Indoor 

How To Hide A Spy Camera Indoor 

Locating suitable indoor hiding spots for your cameras requires ingenuity. Avoiding areas notorious for surveillance cameras is essential when trying to conceal a camera.

Avoid prominent spots like a bookcase, cabinet, mirror, or kitchen counter when deciding where to put your security camera. Here are five places in your home where you may conceal a spy camera for protection.

Indoor Plants 

Have you placed a few terracotta pots filled with plants in various rooms around your home to spruce it up?

Great! For all those green thumbs out there, hiding a surveillance system just got a whole lot simpler. Your leaf pals are the ideal place to conceal those hard-to-hide surveillance equipment.

How? Read on!

  • Place the device right into the soil of your flower pot.
  • Make sure the camera is out of sight by adjusting the lower leaves.
  • Check that your camera’s lens can see out from amongst the foliage. Be sure that at least 80% of the remainder of its body is hidden from view.
  • Put the planter in front of an electrical socket if you have a hardwired security camera to conceal the cord. However, a cable sprouting from the soil is considered as a lack of concealment. On the other hand, if you use a wireless surveillance camera, you can place the planter anywhere you want to continue keeping a watchful eye on it.

The convenience of this approach is its main selling point. In addition, a plant in a container looks great in almost every area in the home. If you want to hide a surveillance gadget, your plant’s leaves should be at least a foot in diameter.

Stuffed Toys 

Conceal a hidden camera under a plush animal in the kid’s bedroom to keep tabs on the babysitter or caregiver. It may have a creepy ring to it, but it serves its purpose.

  • To begin, locate an old, unremarkable plush animal, such as a worn-out teddy bear.
  • Now, using a set of scissors, carefully open the rear of it.
  • You’ll need to empty the toy’s stuffing so the camera can fit inside. In addition, take off one of its eyes.
  • Set the camera up inside the doll so that the lens faces out through the opening for the doll’s eye.
  • Restitch the ripped spot. But remember to carve out a space for the camera’s USB port to stand out and charge it in the future.
  • Finally, put the toy somewhere where your baby can’t reach it and knock it over, like a shelf.

This can seem like something out of a scary-toy movie. Moreover, it could be hard work to do this. However, if you want to keep tabs on the nanny and the kid, this is the most discreet way to do so.


Is there a bookcase in your living room? Then, it can be a perfect spot to conceal a camera since criminals probably won’t bother looking through your library. Even if your books are priceless, thieves will likely move on to easier pickings.

Here’s how to give it a shot:

  • Your camera should be kept on the highest available bookshelf.
  • To get the best shot, position your camera between or atop the books if it is compact.
  • If the camera isn’t completely white or another bright color, you can even set it up in front of your bookshelf.
  • However, wouldn’t that be too blatant? But if you have a small or wireless camera, you won’t have that problem. You’ll be able to see everything that’s happening in your living room, and the camera will be out of sight.

The books on the top shelf are boring, so who will look there?

Tissue Box 

Use this ingenious method to conceal your surveillance camera and go into stealth mode:

  • Obtain a tissue box that is both tall and dark in color.
  • Make a tiny hole (or holes) in it for the camera’s lens.
  • The camera must be positioned within the tissue container.
  • Finally, throw a few tissues in there just in case anyone reaches for it.
  • The wonderful thing about this method is that it can be used in any space, from a bedroom to a living room to a bathroom. A tissue box will fit in there discreetly.

Blending in with Your Environment

Camouflage is an ancient technique employed by human beings as well as animals. You may use the same techniques to hide a camera without anyone suspecting anything.

  • To begin, check around your space for clusters of items that are of the same kind and put in the same general region at the same time. This might refer to the assortment of trinkets in your living area or the plethora of makeup at your vanity.
  • Next, insert your camera into the space between them. Use items of a similar color and size to help them blend in. For example, if the camera is black, you may attempt to slip it behind some black packaging cosmetics. This will ensure that the camera doesn’t become a focal point.
  • If your security camera is hardwired, the cord should be concealed as much as possible.

With this strategy, you need not worry unless the intruders have time to admire your home’s interior design.

Power Outlets 

Power outlet surveillance cameras will allow you to keep an eye on things without drawing attention to yourself. This is the ideal covert camera solution if you have confined quarters. 

There are several ways to put a spy camera on an electrical outlet.

  • One way is to purchase a spy camera that is designed to be plugged into an outlet, such as a hidden camera outlet adapter. 
  • Another way is to purchase a spy camera that can be hidden inside an outlet cover. 
  • Some spy cameras can also be connected to an existing electrical outlet via a USB cord, which allows the camera to be hidden behind or inside the outlet.

Camouflage Spy Cameras Outdoor 

Camouflage Spy Cameras Outdoor 

The outside portions of your home should likewise be monitored for any unusual activities. Security cameras placed outside may record vital evidence, such as license plates, against suspects.

If you want trustworthy results, you should set up a spy camera with night vision. 

Use of natural foliage and foliage-based camouflage

Hide outdoor surveillance cameras in the foliage of trees, shrubs, or even a fictitious plant in a hanging pot. It remains undetected as you can conceal the camera’s body with the foliage. To avoid blurring your image, clear the lens of any debris.

With The Help Of A Fake Rock 

Fake rocks are available with a hollow core, making it possible to conceal a surveillance camera. Covering security cameras within the house might be more challenging, but objects like ornamental pebbles can serve as effective disguises. If you want the imitation rock to mix in with the rest of your decor, do so.

Using A Birdhouse 

These days, you can hide a surveillance camera inside a birdhouse, and it will only take up a little room. These days, you can get birdhouse feeders that act as a protective cover for specific digital cameras.

A birdhouse is a great choice to conceal surveillance equipment and make it seem like ordinary yard art. Since cables may alert intruders, a battery-operated security camera is recommended for this method.

Use mailboxes as cover for hidden cameras

Placing a camera in a mailbox is a foolproof technique to conceal it in the yard. In this manner, you may install the camera system undetected.

Place the hidden camera against a window

Putting a surveillance camera in a visible location, such as behind a glass door, may deter would-be intruders. Thieves may reconsider breaking into your house if they know they’ll be observed.

Think About This Before You Hide Your Surveillance Camera

Think about this before you hide your surveillance camera

  • Wait until it’s safe to proceed. If the vision from a covert surveillance system is obstructed, it is ineffective. Make sure the cameras can see everything in the area.
  • If you choose to use a wireless concealed security camera, keep track of when it needs to be charged. A solar panel is an even better option since it provides constant electricity.
  • If you’re using Wi-Fi surveillance cameras, be sure they’re just a short distance from the router. Powerful Wi-Fi is essential for the efficient functioning of these cameras. With a reliable connection, your camera will upload the recorded video onto the cloud, so you won’t lose any footage and can get instant notifications on your phone.
  • Keep the privacy of others in mind. Do not trespass on the confidentiality of others by installing a spy camera outside the home. Please don’t put it up anywhere that would be visible from the neighbor’s property.

Tips on Hiding a Spy Camera 

  • The front door is the most common entry point when breaking. Therefore, installing hidden surveillance cameras in this spot should be a top priority.
  • A wire-free concealed camera, which uses no cords, is the ideal option for covering a surveillance camera. And it will be a time-saver for you.
  • If you put it behind the window, you will lose some night vision and motion detection capability from your security camera.
  • To address these concerns, you may install outdoor thermal illuminators or visible-light filters for night vision and purchase a security cam featuring software-based movement detection for immediate alerts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you conceal the DVR or NVR attached to your covert camera?

Inconspicuous locations for a spy camera DVR or NVR include the ceiling, the walls, a closet, a bookshelf, a probable crawlspace, etc. A DVR/NVR storage area is also available for your usage. When hiding your NVR or DVR outdoors, keep in mind that most of these devices aren’t waterproof. So you have to be cautious about the water pouring on them. 

To what extent do hidden surveillance cameras cover

The length of time you can record with wireless cameras is proportional to the quantity of data being captured and the camera’s battery life. Some have a 3-year standby battery life and can record for 20–30 hours (to local storage or the cloud). The amount of time recorded decreases in proportion to the number of active features (two-way audio, detecting movement, etc.). If you use a solar-powered camera with a cord, you can keep filming for much longer.

Can you hide a spy camera in electricity meters?

It would require a very sophisticated operation because meter manufacturers are tightly controlled, and intercepting one to modify it would require the sort of guile probably confined to state actors. 

Final Thoughts

You can use any of the methods discussed above in this guide to how to hide a spy camera. Since everyone has distinct housing requirements, there is no ideal site. Just opt for the technique that suits your situation best. 

Remember, while hiding a camera is technically possible, the legal and ethical implications are significant.

It’s strongly advisable to consult with a legal professional to understand the laws in your jurisdiction before installing hidden cameras in your home or any other location.

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