How To Repair A Smart Watch

How to Repair a Smart Watch: Solutions to Your Niggles!

The smartwatch has become a part of my daily life, just like the smartphone. 

However, this Apple Watch Series 8 was one of my expensive purchases. I try to be careful. Recently, I decided to learn smartwatch maintenance and repair at home. 

And guess what? I found many resources available online. There were tutorials, videos, books, and classes. I bought around 3 books on watch repair. 

I believe a lot of you are also super sensitive about your precious smartwatches. It would save you some time if I share a few tips with you. 

So, here I am to share with you how to repair a smartwatch from my learning experience.

Remember, some repairs may require specialized tools or expertise. If you feel the slightest confusion, consult a professional without a second thought.

Additionally, some watches may be covered under warranty or have specific maintenance requirements. So, it is always best to consult the manufacturer’s website or manual for detailed instructions.

Is Smartwatch Actually Repairable?

Repair costs for Smartwatches are comparable to those for other electronic devices. Your technician would determine it by the extent of the damage. It can be fixed if the harm isn’t too severe. 

The Smartwatch’s glass, for instance, is replaceable in the event of unintentional damage.

Even if you break the sensor, it’s still fixable. If your Smartwatch suddenly stops operating, try replacing the battery.

On the other hand, if the Smartwatch’s whole casing has been broken, including the internal sensors, then the solution will be determined by the number of damaged components. 

In addition, if your smartwatch suffers significant damage, you should consider whether or not it is more cost-effective to replace it.

So, yes, Smartwatches can be mended, but it all comes down to how badly they’ve been broken in the first place.

Do-It-Yourself Smartwatch Repairs: Is That Even Possible?

Smartwatches are a remarkable technological achievement. They have a plethora of minute parts that all need to function together. Therefore, if you intend to fix your watch after dropping it or if it becomes damaged in any other manner, you have to consider several points.

Like if you have worked on anything high-tech before, or do you have any knowledge of the components that make up electrical devices? Also, you must know how to repair the gadget. 

If you’ve answered yes to all these questions, replacing the broken component shouldn’t be a problem since you’ve done it before and know exactly what to buy. 

You do not, however, need to waste the effort on the smartwatch if it still comes under warranty. You only need to go to the new service facility and request coverage under the warranty.

It’s also fine not to have enough knowledge of smartwatch components or to replace damaged items. 

You should have a basic understanding of the parts of the smartwatch. If you don’t place the components back in their right place or, by any chance, damage them, it may cost you more. 

So, proceed cautiously and should not attempt repairing unless well-knowledged. 

How to Repair a Smartwatch: 4 Major Solutions

Is Smartwatch Actually Repairable

To begin repairing a smartwatch, the first step is to diagnose the issue, which entails going through a number of procedures. However, a large number of smartwatch manufacturers are making the procedure simpler. 

Suppose you just got your first-ever smartwatch and have presumably been using it for some time now. But lately, you’ve been experiencing some little annoyances that detract from your overall enjoyment of it. 

If you ignore these typical problems, even if they are simple to resolve, you may end up quite frustrated with your gadget.

I’m going to give you solutions for four major problems below.

  • If the smartwatch is broken,
  • If the screen is cracked
  • If the smartwatch gets wet,
  • If the smartwatch doesn’t turn on

1. Repairing Broken Smartwatch

If your smartwatch is malfunctioning, follow the step-by-step advice on how to deal with a broken smartwatch:

Troubleshooting the issue 

The most accurate comparison to make is that smartwatches are a more compact version of smartphones. Because of this, they could be prone to a wide variety of problems.

Your malfunctioning smartwatch should first undergo diagnostic testing in order to identify the source of the issue. Fixes aren’t always as complicated as they first seem to be. 

The following is a list of typical problems that may arise with your smartwatch:

Battery Problem 

The batteries in smartwatches often go out rapidly. If your smartphone and smartwatch are connected in any way, the battery life of either device might be adversely affected. This is because your wristwatch will depend on the far more capacious memory found in your smartphone to function correctly.


  • Turn off redundant features like GPS tracking and minimize programs not currently used on your device. 
  • Reducing the screen’s brightness is a simple way to save power and extend the life of your device’s battery. 
  • For an OLED screen with “always-on” functionality, choose a face with a lot of dark areas. It may come as a surprise, but more complex and colorful timepieces use far more energy than plain ones.

Touch-screen issues

Even on devices that are claimed to be water-resistant, some users of smartwatches have reported touchscreen issues after dumping the gadget. According to reports from other users, similar issues appeared even immediately upon opening the box.


  • Make sure that the display is clean and that there is no dust on it. 
  • Be aware of the ambient temperature while wearing the watch. When the temperature of the device is either too hot or too cold, the touchscreen may behave erratically at times. Warming your fingers will often improve your performance on screens with touchscreens.
  • If the issue begins after installing any new app, try restarting the watch after uninstalling it to see if it resolves the problem.

Sketchy Voice Controlling Issue

Timepiece that ignores your commands. Even your most recent significant other was an improvement. It will sometimes mishear a word, and in other cases, it will fail to understand anything. 

Problems with the wristwatch’s voice control feature are consistently cited as one of the most prominent sources of customer dissatisfaction across all smartwatch brands. This may be a very irritating experience.


  • Try out various speech tones and loudness, and reduce the noise in the background as much as possible. 
  • If it fails, you will have to control the watch in most instances manually. 
  • On most modern watches, you’ll be able to program quick message responses such as “saw your message, and I’ll get back to you soon” that you may touch to send. Making the process simpler allows you to rapidly respond to SMS without using voice control.

Issues with Data Syncing 

At times, your smartwatch may not transmit data to your phone reliably. All of the progress made in applications has been erased, and the watch is not displaying any of the data.


  • Check that the companion app for your smartwatch has the most recent version installed. After upgrading the application, the issue should fix itself in almost all cases. 
  • In a few instances, it also appears to help restart both devices.
  • You should link your smartphone with your smartwatch and back up all of the data. Without a backup, you risk losing all of your information. 
  • If data loss has already occurred, though, a data recovery expert may be able to salvage what you need.

Missing Important Notifications

Another problem you may have is that your smart watch’s alerts are being missed. 


  • Explore using the accompanying app on the smartphone to check for any available software upgrades on the timepiece.
  • Resetting your smartwatch is a second, more comprehensive method, but one that requires more effort. Navigate to the settings menu and look for a fresh setup or format option. After you’ve finished, you should set it back up and make it function normally.

App Crashing 

Another problem that troubles many smartwatches is the frequent crashing of their applications. This is due mainly to incompatibilities between the two. 


  • Removing the applications and then reinstalling them. First, though, be sure there are no new updates. 
  • If so, updating the program in question should be your first port of call.

2. How To Repair A Cracked Smartwatch Screen 

Before I begin, it is essential to bring to your attention that shattered smartwatch displays are generally challenging to repair. DIY solutions exist, but they are often less effective than having the problem fixed professionally and may even cause your warranty to be null and invalid.

The following are some options for you to consider putting into practice if you are bold enough to give it a shot:

Using Super Glue or Nail Polish 

Using transparent nail polish or adhesive to repair a broken smartwatch screen can help resolve the problem. The crack may be easily fixed by first applying a dab of glue or polish and then waiting for it to cure completely. 

This procedure needs to be foolproof, but it may temporarily solve the issue and stop the screen from becoming any wider.

Using A Vacuum Sealer 

A household vacuum sealer can repair the damaged screen on your smartwatch. It’s as easy as laying the watch display down on a piece of parchment paper and using a vacuum sealer to remove all of the air from beneath the glass. 

This will result in creating a temporary seal, which will stop the fracture from growing further.

Using A UV-Cure Adhesive 

Utilizing a UV cure glue is yet another time-saving and straightforward method that can be used to repair a damaged smartwatch screen. The design of these adhesives is intended to solidify in the presence of ultraviolet light. 

Simply apply a little quantity onto the crack and afterward flash ultraviolet light over it till the glue dries.

These alternatives may help you get by until you can get a new screen for your smartwatch. However, they are just a band-aid at best. 

The fissure will continue to widen, and the adhesive’s seal might finally fail. You will need to bring your equipment to a specialized repair shop to achieve a more long-lasting solution.

3. How Can You Remove Water From a Smartwatch? 

How To Repair A Cracked Smartwatch Screen 

Moisture and fogging beneath the display are consequences of water getting into the wristwatch. Also, you might be highly aggravated to see the hazy dial on the wristwatch. 

To get the best value out of your watch, avoid wasting time dealing with a cloudy face by following these easy steps:

Using Silica Gel

When you buy a new electronic device or wristwatch, you’ll notice that the packing includes silica gel, a permeable component, and an effective moisture absorbent.

The gel’s ability to take in and give out moisture suggests that molecules of water are bound to the silica gel’s outermost layer.

Put your smartwatch into a jar that contains silica gel, and leave it there for at least a couple of days to let the gel absorb any excess moisture. The gel’s dehumidifying properties will make it possible for any moisture that may be present in your watch to evaporate.

Ripe Rice 

Some sources claim that quick or raw rice is better at soaking up the moisture from the smartwatch than cooked rice. 

Various electronic devices, such as smartphones and smartwatches, have been preserved by professionals using rice because of their moisture resistance.

Take the watch apart at the crown and submerge it in a bowl of ripe rice. Your watch will be clear of any haziness once it has been left alone for one or two nights.

It will work properly after eliminating the water. Following a specific period, take your watch out of the rice container and check the face for signs of moisture.

Remove Fog with Heat

Take advantage of the sun on warmer days. The moisture on your watch face will dissipate as a result.

First, take apart your smartwatch by removing the outer casing, the gears, and any extra components. Then store the parts in their original containers in direct sunlight. A couple of hours is usually enough time for water to flow out.

Restoring the watch to functional order is as simple as putting it back together and replacing the cover. 

Use A Blow Dryer 

Using a hairdryer to eliminate the moisture from your wristwatch is a brilliant idea.

If you want heat to dry your wet smartwatch, do so cautiously. Otherwise, you may end up with more problems than simply figuring out how to get the water out.

Moreover, some smartwatches feature a Water Lock function. This feature implements the timepiece’s speakers to eliminate entering water into the watch. It occurs when the vibrations from the speakers draw out the water.

4. How To Repair A Smartwatch That Won’t Turn On?

You’d think activating a smartwatch would be simple. Some users may find it problematic. There might be a number of causes for your smartwatch to be unresponsive. 

If a smartwatch doesn’t power on, consider these solutions:

  • The most apparent solution is to see whether the battery is dead. Without a charge, a smartwatch will not function. Please wait while your watch charges. 
  • Having the proper charger is essential. Problems might arise while utilizing counterfeit chargers. 
  • Please wait a minimum of one hour before wearing your watch again. Ensure it is genuinely charging by keeping an eye on the charging indication.
  • If the gadget still doesn’t power on after being charged, the problem might lie with its battery or the charging device.

Can You Swap Out the Smartwatch Batteries?

The battery in your smartwatch may need to be replaced if it has reached its maximum life. The owner may swap out the batteries in specific models of smartwatches. 

In extreme cases, there may be no suitable alternatives. That varies significantly on the make of the smartwatch. If you insist on battery replacements yourself, do it cautiously. A damaged battery presents a potential threat.

Final Thought 

So, here I tried to help you Guys on how to repair a smartwatch. However, as smartwatches tend to evolve and they are such sensitive devices, repairing them has been a bit challenging. 

But, at the same time, their rising popularity pushes the manufacturers to improve the user-friendliness of smartwatches. You are freed from rushing to a repair center for even the smallest problems.

If you find signs of wear and tear in the gadget, utilize my comprehensive instructions to get it back in working order.

If you want to fix a smartwatch strap, check out this article.

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