How To Store Lawn Mower in Garage

How to Store Lawn Mower in Garage (Do and Don’t)

My friend recently bought a new electric lawn mower that is pretty much bigger than the one he used before. 

He was totally in a confused situation about where to store the new mower. We tried to find out how to utilize any space for the mower. We figured out it could be the garage. 

We had quite a day to figure out how to solve this. Later on, we decided to make the efforts effectively.

It took a few weeks, but I think it’s totally worth the time. We know how to store any spacious piece of machinery in a limited area. 

We decided to share the tips and tricks we learned from our experience about storing the mower in the garage.

Should I Store My Lawn Mower in a Garage?

Basically, storing your lawn mower in a garage is a prudent choice. The shades and boundaries of the garages can protect the mower from harsh weather conditions, like rain and UV exposure.

Additionally, sheltering it indoors reduces the risk of theft and increases it’s lifespan. Eventually, pets and kids can’t go near the mower if it’s in your garage.

But you need to ensure proper storage while storing it in the garage. It is essential to clean the mower before storing it, disconnect the spark plug, and avoid contact with flammable materials.

5 Benefits of Storing Lawn Mower in a Garage

Now, you must be looking for some reasons why you should store the mower in the garage. As long as my dad started to do that, I noticed a few beneficial sides.

Here is the list of reasons you should keep the mower in a corner of your garage when it is not in use.

1. Weather Protection

The shade of our garage simply shields the mower from rain, snow, and extreme temperatures. Thus it helps prevent rust, corrosion, and damage to sensitive components.

2. UV Protection

Sunlight can fade and weaken materials over time. As we started keeping the mower indoors, it started to stop getting rust and the blade got extended sharpness as they were not exposed to the harmful UV rays anymore.

3. Extended Lifespan

By reducing exposure to harsh elements, the garage simply helps preserve the mower’s mechanical and structural integrity. At the same time, it extends the mower’s overall lifespan.

4. Security

A neighbor often claimed that someone stole his mower and my dad asked him to store it in the garage. Since then, he hasn’t lost the machine as the boundary of the garage ensures extra security.

5. Reduced Maintenance

As the mower gets less exposure to outdoor conditions, it doesn’t require frequent cleaning, maintenance, and repairs like before. As a result, it saves time and effort for sure.

Where Should I Store My Lawn Mower in the Garage?

Where Should I Store My Lawn Mower in the Garage

Now, the question is exactly where you should store the mower in the garage. Even if you have a small garage, there are a few tricks to store the mower in it and at the same time maximize space.

Here are some efficient spaces and ideas, you can utilize to store the mower in the garage to maximize space.

1. Corner Space

You can place the lawn mower in a corner to utilize underutilized space. It also prevents the mower from obstructing pathways or other items in the garage. Eventually bringing out the mower will be easier in this way.

2. Under an Overhang

If your garage has a built-in shelf or overhang, you have a great option. You can simply place the mower underneath it and it will have protection from potential leaks or drips that might occur from vehicles or stored items above.

3. Shelving Unit

You can also utilize a sturdy shelving unit that is specially built for storing the mower. The shelf can keep it off the ground and organized. It will also ensure the shelves are strong enough to support the mower’s weight.

4. Sloped Platform

Building or placing a sloped platform is another great idea that will provide easy access for rolling the mower in and out of storage. The slope will even prevent the mower’s undercarriage from scraping on the ground.

5. Ceiling Hanger

Ceiling-mounted storage systems might require some money but you won’t regret having one. You can utilize vertical space effectively with the system.

Hanging the mower from the ceiling using specially designed hangers keeps the floor clear and makes retrieval simple.

6. Wall Brackets

If you manage to set wall-mounted brackets, that will be a very convenient idea. It will secure the mower vertically against the wall. This option is space-efficient and keeps the mower visible for routine maintenance checks.

7. Workbench Integration

Do you have a workbench in your garage? If yes, you should consider utilizing the space beneath it for the mower. It will keep the mower protected while maintaining a dual-purpose area for repairs or maintenance.

8. Lockable Storage Nook

Installing a lockable storage nook within your garage will provide an added layer of security and protection against unauthorized use or tampering.

9. Near the Door

If your garage has multiple doors, you can position the mower near one of the doors that you use most frequently so that you can bring it out easily.

However, among all these options, my dad usually stores his mower under the overhang. But when we didn’t have an overhang in the garage, he used to store it in a corner.

10 Things to Avoid While Storing a Lawn Mower in the Garage

Things to Avoid While Storing a Lawn Mower in the Garage

Storing the lawnmower in the garage is safe and secure. But you need to ensure an extra layer of protection in this case. Also, there are some mistakes most users make that you should avoid at any cost.

Here are certain things you should avoid:

1. Don’t Choose a Wet Place

Avoid storing the mower in a damp or humid area. Remember that moisture can cause rust and corrosion on different parts of the mower. The place should have proper ventilation to prevent condensation.

2. Don’t Place It in Direct Sunlight

You shouldn’t position the mower in direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure to the sun can fade and degrade plastic parts and paint. As a result, the lifespan of the mower can be decreased.

3. Don’t Store It Near Flammable Materials

At any cost, you should keep the mower away from any flammable substances, such as gasoline, oil, or chemicals, to prevent fire hazards. An accidental move of the mower can cause unavoidable circumstances and can be life-threatening as well.

4. Don’t Place the Mower On the Pathways

You should avoid placing the mower in a location that simply makes an obstruction on the walkways. Otherwise, it would be difficult for you to get access to different objects in the garage.

5. Secure the Area First

You should never leave the mower in a position where it is a risk of falling or tip over. This type of unsure positioning can cause damage to the mower or create a safety hazard.

6. Don’t Place It In An Inaccessible Space

Don’t place the mower in a location that’s difficult to access or bring out. Otherwise, it could be inconvenient and will discourage you from regular maintenance.

7. Don’t Choose a Place With Children’s Access

If you have children and pets at home, you should avoid storing the mower in a location where they can easily access it. Especially when it’s not securely stored and the kids can find it, they might attempt to start it and make a disaster.

8. Never Leave Fuel in the Mower

It is always recommended to run the mower until it’s out of fuel before storage. Storing a mower with fuel for an extended period can lead to fuel deterioration and carburetor issues.

9. Avoid Covering the Mower

If you are storing a mower outside, covering it is essential. Even though covering the mower can protect it from dust, you should avoid it when you are keeping it inside the garage. Otherwise, moisture can gather inside it and cause potential damage.

10. Don’t Cause Overload on the Shelf

When you use shelves, hooks, or racks, make sure they’re rated to support the weight of the mower. Overloading storage solutions can lead to accidents.

Besides, you shouldn’t place heavy things on the mower even when you’re not using it and storing it in the garage. Additionally, you should take out the blade if you are not planning to use it sooner.

Essential Tips to Store a Lawn Mower in Garage

I’m sure the following information will help you store the lawnmower in your car garage or an empty garage efficiently. Still, you can try some effective tricks that my dad used to do for a long time.

And believe me, some of the tips are time and effort-saving. Let’s check them out.

  • Before storing, don’t forget to clean the mower thoroughly to remove grass clippings, dirt, and debris.
  • Use a fuel stabilizer to prevent fuel from deteriorating and causing starting issues.
  • It’s even better to store mowers after using all the fuel.
  • Always keep the spark plug wire disconnected to prevent accidental starts while the mower is in storage.
  • A clean air filter promotes efficient engine operation and that’s why you should keep the filter clean before storing it.
  • Check the mower’s blades for sharpness and damage every time you are using them after getting them from the storage.
  • If your mower has pneumatic tires, you should check their pressure and condition.
  • Apply lubricant on the moving parts, like the wheel axles and control levers, to prevent rust and ensure smooth operation.
  • If possible, store the mower off the ground to prevent moisture absorption and rust.
  • Even though using a cover is not necessary, you can use a breathable cover to protect the mower from dust and debris.
  • If your mower has a vertical storage option, use it.
  • Check your mower’s manual for manufacturer-recommended storage procedures, especially if you’re storing it for an extended period.

Also, you should place all the necessary gear near the mower so that you can find them all in one place.

5 Alternatives to a Garage to Store a Lawn Mower

Alternatives to a Garage to Store a Lawn Mower

If you don’t have a garage to store your mower, don’t worry. There are some specific spaces that you can utilize to store your mower securely. Let’s check them out.

1. Mini Shed

If you have a mini shade adjacent to the wall, you can use it instead of a garage. A mini shade simply ensures sufficient protection and keeps the mower clean and free of debris.

In the shade, you can place the mower in a corner or against the wall to maximize space. Make sure not to block the entrance for easy access.

2. Exterior Storage Cabinet

Let’s say you don’t have a garage or a mini shade. 

You can build an exterior storage cabinet. It is easy and you can find a DIY cabinet kit at the market to make the cabinet on your own.

You should set up the cabinet in an area with minimal exposure to direct sunlight and rain. Also, try to keep the cabinet clean and dry before placing the mower inside.

Also, you should keep the cabinet locked to prevent theft. Also, position the mower inside the cabinet securely.

3. Deck Box

You can also utilize a dec box if you have one. Make sure to choose a deck box that’s large enough to accommodate your lawn mower.

Also, clean the deck box and ensure it’s dry before placing the mower inside. If your mower has a battery, make sure to remove it and store it in a cool, dry place on the deck.

4. Canopy or Awning

Using a canopy is also very convenient in this case. You need to erect the canopy or awning in a location that provides overhead protection.

Just ensure the ground is flat and stable to prevent the mower from tipping. Also, secure the canopy to the ground using appropriate anchors to prevent it from getting blown away. And then, you can place the mower properly.

5. Outdoor Tool Storage Shed

Do you have an outdoor tool storage shade? If yes, that’s what you need. Even when our garage was in renovation, my dad used the shade to store his mower.

In this case, you just have to place the shed in a convenient area that’s easily accessible. Also, remove the mower battery and store it inside the shade.

But make sure to avoid placing your tools on the mower which can cause potential harm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Store My Lawnmower Empty Or Full of Fuel?

It is recommended to store the lawn mower after using all the fuel. And if there is fuel left, you should use a fuel stabilizer to prevent fuel from deteriorating.

Is It Safe To Hang A Mower On The Garage Wall?

If your garage wall is stable and the lawn mower is not so big, it is definitely safe to hang it on the wall. Eventually, it would be space-saving too. But make sure to use a secure hook for hanging the mower.

Is It Okay To Leave The Mower Outside?

Even though you can leave the mower outside, it is not recommended. Direct sunlight, rain, and dust can simply decrease the lifespan of the mower. 

Wrapping Up

The garage is one of the most convenient places to store a lawn mower. But you need to learn how to store it properly. Otherwise, preventing accidents would be difficult.

However, in your garage, you should choose a secure place where the mower won’t have direct sun exposure but enough airflow. Also, make sure to clean the mower and keep it dry while storing it in the garage.

Hopefully, you have got my point. And even if you don’t have a garage, you know where to store the mower. So, best of luck.

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