How to Use an Electric Lawn Mower

How to Use an Electric Lawn Mower: Learn in Easy Steps

My dad always used to mow the lawn using a manual rotary mower. But at his retirement party, his colleagues gifted him an electric lawn mower. Even though he was very excited, he had no idea how to use an electric lawn mower.

So, I took him to one of my friends who has been using an electric mower and has experience using many different types of electric mowers too. Surprisingly, my dad and I both found this machine very efficient and effortless.

Well, you must be here because you want to learn how to use this type of mower, right?

I know many of you find it difficult in the beginning, but if you manage to get a proper guide, believe me, you are saved.

For a proper guide, you can continue reading this article and thank me later.

What Is an Electric Lawn Mower?

An electric lawn mower is a modern alternative to traditional gasoline-powered mowers. This type of lawn grass-cutting machine is designed to enhance both environmental sustainability and user convenience.

They can be operated solely on electricity, and they are mostly powered either by a rechargeable battery or a direct connection to an electrical outlet.

Recently, electric mowers have been overly popular because of their eco-friendliness and minimal maintenance requirements.

These machines need no spark plugs, oil, or air filter changes as well. They operate almost quietly and cause no noise pollution. You can start an electric mower effortlessly with a button push.

Besides, most electric mowers are easy to store because of their compact vertical design. Still, battery-powered models have limited runtime, and that’s why we never recommend them for a large lawn.

On the contrary, corded mowers are constrained by cord length. So, you will need additional cord extensions to use them in a large area.

Besides these two challenging factors, electric mowers are definitely the best creation of technology especially for lawn owners.

Types of Electric Lawn Mowers

Types of Electric Lawn Mowers

Generally, an electric mower can be of different types. Except for a few types, all have almost the same way to be operated. However, if you still have not bought an electric mower, you should have a proper idea of the types.

Electric Push Lawn Mower

Electric push mowers are the most common type of electric lawn mower. They are designed to be walked behind and are powered by electricity.

You will find this type of mower in various sizes and cutting widths. They are at the same time, well-suited for small to medium-sized lawns.

They provide an efficient and quieter mowing experience compared to their gas-powered counterparts. Eventually, they are easy to maneuver and maintain.

Electric Riding Lawn Mower

For larger lawns, electric riding mowers offer a convenient solution. These mowers let you sit and ride while mowing. Thus, it reduces the physical effort required.

These types of mowers are available in two main categories: classic lawn tractors and zero-turn mowers.

Electric riding mowers are ideal for extensive lawns where pushing a mower might be impractical. They provide enhanced comfort and are equipped with features for efficient grass-cutting and collection.

Robot Lawn Mower

Robot lawnmowers represent a technological advancement in lawn care. These autonomous mowers are designed to operate without human intervention.

This mower comes with sensors and boundary wires so that it can navigate the lawn on its own. But this mower is not suitable for large-sized lawns because of its shorter running time.

Electric Cylinder Mowers

Cylinder mowers have a cylindrical cutting blade that functions like scissors, resulting in a precise and clean cut. These mowers are suitable for maintaining lawns with fine grass types and even terrain.

Rotary Electric Lawnmowers

Rotary mowers use a single rotating blade that cuts grass in a circular motion. They are versatile and suitable for different grass types and terrains.

These mowers are commonly used for larger lawns because of their efficiency in covering larger areas.

Hover Lawnmowers

Hover mowers utilize a rotary cutting system but are designed to hover above the ground using a cushion of air. Their lightweight and maneuverable nature makes them suitable for uneven or sloped terrains.

Except for the riding mower and robot mower, all the types share a lot of similarities. They are even similar in using methods as well.

Preparation Before Using an Electric Mower

Before you start, you need to prepare yourself, the mower, and the lawn as well. A few sorts of precautions can help you avoid mess and unintentional accidents. That’s why make sure to follow the steps below.

Check the Mower User Manual (For the First-time Use)

If it’s the very first time you are going to use an electric mower, you should first familiarize yourself with the user manual that comes with your electric lawn mower.

Remember that different models may have specific features and safety instructions. And the common using process may not be the same as the specific mower-using method.

Inspect the Mower

Before using the machine, you need to properly inspect the mower to ensure there are no visible damages or loose parts. Don’t forget to check the cutting blade for sharpness and make sure it’s properly attached.

Safety Gear

You should always wear appropriate safety gear, including closed-toe shoes, eye protection, and hearing protection, if necessary.

Prepare the Lawn

You should remove any debris, rocks, toys, or other objects from the lawn that could get in the way of the mower or pose a safety hazard. Otherwise, using the mower can be challenging.

If using a corded electric mower, you need to mark the boundaries of your mowing area. It is essential to secure the extension cord to prevent accidental unplugging.

How to Use an Electric Lawn Mower?

Preparation Before Using an Electric Mower

Now, let’s come to the point about how to use an electric mower.

Initially, using an electric mower is easier than using an oil- or gas-powered one. However, the previous section means the preparation process is essential to follow.

However, I am sharing a step-by-step guide on how to use an electric mower. Make sure to follow the process sequentially.

Step 1: Plug The Extension Cord

For corded electric mowers, you need to first plug the extension cord into a power outlet. Make sure the cord is long enough to reach all corners of your lawn without stretching or tangling.

Step 2: Start the Mower

At this point, you need to turn on the mower. Follow the steps for specific types:

Corded Mower: If using a corded mower, simply plug it into the extension cord securely. And then, press any safety buttons or engage the safety levers as required by your mower’s design.

Cordless Mower: For battery-powered mowers, ensure the battery is charged and properly inserted. Some mowers might have a key or button to activate before use.

Step 3: Adjust Cutting Height

Most electric mowers let you adjust the cutting height. Generally, there are some buttons or gear to adjust the height.

You should check the user manual to learn exactly how to adjust the cutting height to your desired level on your mower. Also, remember that different grass types and seasons may require different heights.

Step 3: Starting the Motor

On the mower’s handle, there’s usually a start button or lever. Press or engage it while squeezing the handle grip. This action is often a safety feature to prevent accidental starting.

Step 4: Mow the Lawn

Now, you need to mow the lawn. At this point, you need to follow the below tricks.

  • Start mowing along the perimeter of the lawn to create a border.
  • As you move forward, slightly overlap each pass to ensure complete coverage.
  • For corded mowers, keep the extension cord behind you and mow away from the power source to avoid running over the cord.
  • For cordless mowers, be mindful of the battery life and adjust your speed accordingly to ensure even cutting.
  • You can choose between straight-line mowing or alternating patterns for a more even cut and to prevent compacting the soil.
  • When turning the mower, release the handle grip but keep the motor running. Pivot the mower on its rear wheels to change direction.
  • For safety reasons, avoid mowing steep slopes with electric mowers, as they might not have the same stability as gas-powered mowers.

Step 5: Empty the Grass Bag

If your mower has a grass bag, you need to periodically stop to empty it when it becomes full to prevent clogging. And if it doesn’t have any, you don’t need to stop and the mulch will be all over the lawn that you can collect or just keep aside.

Step 6: Finish Up

Once you’ve completed mowing, release the handle grip to stop the motor.

Finally, unplug the extension cord from the power outlet for corded mowers or remove the battery if it’s a cordless mower.

That’s it. You can mow the lawn in this way. But, you need to ensure some safety tips for sure.

Safety Tips to Follow While Using an Electric Lawn Mower

Even though an electric lawn mower is safe and easy to use, there are always some safety tips that you should follow.

Prioritizing these safety tips is essential while operating these machines to prevent accidents and ensure a smooth mowing experience.

Wear Protective Clothing

You should wear appropriate protective clothing to shield yourself from potential hazards. In this case, you can wear long-sleeved shirts, long pants, sturdy closed-toed shoes, safety goggles, and gloves.

Clear the Lawn

Before mowing, ensure that the lawn is clear of rocks, sticks, and other debris. Clearing the area reduces the risk of damaging the mower or causing injury by preventing objects from being thrown while mowing the lawn.

Avoid Wet Conditions

You should never mow wet grass or when it’s raining. Remember that moisture can make the ground slippery and cause you to lose control of the mower. And it can lead to danger for both you and those around you.

Mow Across Slopes

When mowing on slopes, you should move across the slope rather than up and down. This approach helps prevent the mower from tipping over and enhances stability during operation.

Push, Don’t Pull

You should always push the electric lawn mower forward rather than pulling it towards you. This technique lets you have better control and reduces the risk of tripping.

Keep Children and Pets Away

While mowing, you need to make sure that children and pets are at a safe distance from the mowing area.

Turn Off and Unplug for Adjustments

If you need to make any adjustments or repairs to the mower, always turn it off and unplug it from the power source. It simply prevents accidental start-ups that could lead to injuries.

Besides, you should be careful while mowing and avoid doing it if you are not feeling well.

How To Clean An Electric Mower After Using

How To Clean An Electric Mower After Using

After using the mower, you need to clean it before storing it. And it is essential as a part of your mower maintenance. Before you begin cleaning, you should prioritize safety.

Ensure that the mower is completely turned off and unplugged from the power source. And then, follow the steps below.

  • Take a brush or a small broom and gently sweep away grass clippings, dirt, and debris from the top and sides of the mower.
  • Check the cutting deck for any dried grass or debris that might be stuck underneath.
  • If there is any debris, use a small brush or scraper to dislodge and remove them.
  • Don’t use water to prevent damage and corrosion to the electrical components of the mower.
  • Never use a hose or a pressure washer to clean the mower, as this can lead to irreversible damage.
  • Prepare a mixture of soapy water, dampen a cloth or sponge, and gently wipe down the exterior surfaces of the mower, including the handle and wheels.
  • After cleaning, ensure the mower is thoroughly dried.

And finally, you should choose a dry and spacious place to store your mower. A corner of your garage is good for this machine.

Electric Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips

So, you have learned how to use an electric mower and how you should clean it properly. Still, there are some safety tips that I need to share with you.

  • And I can guarantee that you’ll find these tips helpful and efficient.
  • After each mowing session, take a few minutes to clean your electric mower, and never store it before cleaning it.
  • If your electric mower is battery-powered make sure to inspect the battery regularly.
  • For battery-operated mowers, ensure that you charge the batteries after each use.
  • Regularly check for any loose bolts, screws, or other fasteners on your mower.
  • Adequate ventilation is essential for the mower’s cooling system and you should check and clean all vents to ensure proper airflow.
  • If you’re using a corded electric mower, make sure that the power cord has no damage like nicks, fraying, or exposed wires.
  • Regularly inspect the blades for dullness or damage and if the blades are dull, sharpen them or replace them timely.
  • Apply lubricant to components like wheels, hinges, and other pivoting points to reduce friction and extend their lifespan.

Every electric mower model may have specific maintenance requirements. That’s why you should always consult the owner’s manual for your mower to understand manufacturer recommendations, maintenance intervals, and procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I maintain the mower’s blades?

To maintain the mower blade, you should regularly inspect and sharpen the blades. You should try it at the beginning of the mowing season. Before you start, make sure to disconnect the power source, remove the blades, and use a sharpening tool or take them to a professional.

Can I mow wet grass with my electric mower?

It’s generally not recommended to mow wet grass, as it can clog the mower and create an uneven cut. It’s always better to wait until the grass is dry for optimal results.

What’s the ideal mowing height for my lawn?

The recommended mowing height varies by grass type. On average, a height of 2.5 to 3 inches is good for most lawns. But you can go higher or even lower based on your personal preference, the type of grass, and if they are infected or have a disease.

Wrapping Up

No doubt that an electric mower is the best option for any lawn owner. Whether it’s a huge lawn over acres or a smaller one, there are different types of electric lawnmowers you can choose from.

But it is very essential to use it properly. Ensuring safety measures is even more essential in this case.

However, I hope you have learned how to use an electric lawn mower properly. Please make sure to check the user manual for a better idea. Thank you for your time and best wishes.

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