how strict is british airways about carry on luggage

How Strict Is British Airways About Carry on Luggage?

When it comes to the most generous, trustworthy, and reliable airlines around the world, you can’t make the list without British Airlines in any way. This airline company is famous for its polite staff and world-class service. Still, we often come across the rumor that BA which means British Airways is extremely strict about baggage size and weight. Is it just a rumor or a real fact?

Well, people who never try them ever, often ask how strict is British Airways about carry-on luggage, right? The answer is neutral. That means British Airways is not extremely strict, nor so lenient when it comes to carry-on luggage. Like most other airlines, they have set specific size and weight limits and passengers need to pay when they exceed the limits.

However, if you are planning to fly with British Airways, there are some essential facts about their strictness and rules for the carry-on luggage, I need to share. That’s why I suggest you check the following information to avoid the last-minute fine for your silly mistake with British Airways.

British Airways Wight and Size Limits for Carry-on Luggage 

The first thing you should know in this context is the actual size and weight limits for the carry-on luggage. You should learn this information before choosing the bag you are going to carry. However, you should choose the bags wisely and also pack them in a way that won’t cross both the size and weight limits anyway.

Usually, BA has set the size and weight allowance and the staff checks them very strictly. Sometimes, you can be fined even if your bag is only a few centimeters larger than the limit. However, BA oftentimes changes the size and weight limit and the details I’m sharing here are their set limits in 2023. Please check the below table to find the weight and size requirements for the bags.

Type of the BagSize Limit (in CM)Weight Limit (in KG)
Cabin Baggage56 x 45 x 2523
Checked Baggage90 x 75 x 4323 – 32
Excess Baggage90 x 75 x 4332
Hand Bag40 x 30 x 1523

As you’ve seen, you can carry cabin baggage that is not larger than the dimensions, 56 x 45 x 25 cm. And the weight must be below 23 kg or 51 lb. You can also carry a handbag and that must be smaller than 40 x 30 x 15 cm. The weight limit for the handbag is the same as the cabin bag.

When it is in your Checked luggage, it can’t exceed 90 x 75 x 43 cm. And the weight can vary from 23 to 32 kg. In this case, the weight allowance depends on the route, ticket type, and some other relevant facts. If you have an economy class ticket, you can only carry 1 checked luggage that is lighter than 23 kg.

Passengers with full-fare Economy and premium economy class tickets can carry 2 luggage of the same size. For Business class ticket holders, the airways allow carrying 2 luggage that is lighter than 32 kg. On the other hand, passengers of First Club World Biz Bed Business class can carry 3 bags with the same weight allowance as the Club Europe business class passengers.

Now, let’s talk about the extra baggage. You can certainly be allowed to carry some extra baggage as well. But you need to pay for them. The size dimension is the same for all your extra baggage but the weight limit is 32 kg no matter what type of ticket you have purchased. And you have to pay around £65 per bag.

If you have an infant with you who is under 2 years of age will be granted a special privilege by British Airways. You can bring an additional cabin bag to carry the baby’s essential items for free. The cabin bag has to be a maximum of 23 kg and dimensions of up to 56 x 45 x 25 cm. That means the cabin bag for your baby will have the same size and weight limit allowance as the one you can carry for yourself.

Additional Rules of BA About the Carry-on Bags 

Alongside the size and weight allowance, BA also set a few rules that every passenger needs to follow. I’ve pointed out all the rules right below.

  • You need to ensure that your bags can go through the baggage gauge at the check-in counter. Make sure that the handles, wheels, and other pockets won’t get stuck in the gauge.
  • Remember the weight allowance for each individual bag, and you cannot distribute the total weight across all the bags of different categories.
  • You should pack the bag in a way that you can lift it into the overhead locker without assistance.
  • You have to carry your handbag laptop-sized bag, or personal items with you in the cabin.
  • During busy flights, there is a possibility that you may be asked to check in your cabin bag. That’s why we advise you not to pack any valuable items or essential medication in this bag.
  • It’s important to note that any duty-free bags or purchases made at the airport will also be counted as hand luggage. If you exceed your free baggage allowance, any additional bags will need to be checked into the aircraft’s hold.

So, you should be sincere while packing all your stuff and choosing your bags. Though you will get almost all types of assistance from the polite staff of the BA, still, you should still be careful of the following factors and make sure that you have no chance to exceed the size and weight allowance.

How Strict Is British Airways about Carry-On Luggage?

Now let’s come to the point about how strict the BA is about the passengers’ carry-on luggage. As I’ve said before, BA is just like the other airways and they simply check whether your baggage is within the limited size and weight allowance. But where some airlines consider a few centimeters or kilograms of limit exceed, British Airways, most of the time, never compromise with their regulation.

How Strict Is British Airways about Carry-On Luggage

Besides, they are extremely strict about the prohibited products and there is no way you can pass them when you choose BA. The staff usually check all the products very sincerely and sometimes they ask passengers to open their luggage and handbags to show products that confuse them while scanning. Also, when they measure the baggage dimension, they include all the external attachments of the bags like the handles and the wheels. 

That’s why you should be double careful while measuring your luggage before you leave your home for the airport. One more essential thing that you need to remember is that BA doesn’t let passengers split the total weight across all their bags. That means you can’t ask them to allow your luggage that is 5 kg heavier than the limited weight allowance when your handbag is 5 kg lighter than it should be.

Apparently, in the BA, you need to pass all your baggage through the baggage gauge at check-in. If you have bigger bags, then it may not go through the gauge and it can be a big issue in that case. To solve it, you might need to pay extra fines for the size of the bag. For all these facts, BA is pretty much strict. And if you manage to follow all their rules and regulations you don’t need to worry about their strictness.

Things to Be Careful of Before Flying With British Airways

I’m sure that you’re well aware of the carry-on luggage size and weight allowance requirement by the BA. But that’s not enough if it’s your first journey with British Airways. There are also some undeniable facts you need to remember before you leave your home for the airport.

Passport and Visa

Make sure to double-check the expiration date on your passport and ensure it is valid for at least six months beyond your intended travel dates. Also, verify the visa requirements for your destination. Remember that different countries have variations in their entry regulations. So, check these facts before you leave, and remember that the BA staff can stop you because of the issues regarding these facts.

Avoid  Prohibited Products

British Airways staff are pretty strict when it comes to prohibited products. You should check the regulation list of BA properly and make sure that you are not carrying anything that is strictly prohibited. Also, remember to seal liquids if you need to carry them.

Flight Updates

Don’t forget to stay informed about any changes or updates regarding your flight. British Airways usually provides instant notifications through its website or app and sends texts to ensure the passengers stay up to date with any adjustments to their departure or arrival times.

Check-in Time

You should definitely arrive at the airport at least a few hours before your flight. It will help you avoid any unnecessary stress and circumstances. British Airways also recommends checking in online or using their mobile app to streamline the process to save time.

Security Regulations

Even if you flew with the BA before, you need to familiarize yourself with the current security guidelines. It will help you pass through the airport security checkpoints smoothly. Also, check the rules for carrying electronic devices to prevent any last-minute inconveniences.

Travel Insurance

We always recommend getting travel insurance to protect yourself against unforeseen circumstances. It will simply cover all unwanted issues like trip cancellations, delays, or lost baggage.

Carry Your Card

You should also remember that at many airports like London Heathrow, Gatwick, and North America, you can’t pay for the extra load or bag size in cash. The only way you can pay is through your credit or debit card. Cash is generally not accepted in those airports.

Hopefully, you’ve understood all the facts very well. Undoubtedly, BA is a reliable and trustworthy airline service though they are a little bit strict and that’s all for the passengers’ safety. So, if you are obedient and follow all their rules there is no way you can have a security issue with British Airways.

Wrapping Up

There is no double in the generosity, politeness, and professionalism of British Airways. The staff are always ready to assist the passenger and the security officers work hard to ensure top-most security for them. And for security purposes, the officers are often strict with the rules.  Also, BA is well-known for its disciplinary manners and that’s another reason they never allow passengers to break a single rule.

Hopefully, you’ve understood the reasons for their strictness. But one thing I can ensure is that if you follow all their rules, you will have no option but to enjoy the world-class plane journey with this famous airways. So, I wish you all the best for your next flight with the BA. Thank you for your time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does British Airways always check hand luggage?

Generally, British Airways doesn’t check the handbag as luggage. But if it is a busy day with so many passengers, you might have to let them check it as luggage. That’s why we suggest not carrying your expensive and valuable goods in hand luggage.

Does British Airways allow luggage that is 1 kg overweight?

Unfortunately, no. British Airways doesn’t allow overweight luggage even if it is only 1 kg. In this case, you have to pay the fine for the extra weight. For that, you might have to pay 75 EUR or 100 USD to the airport.

Are British Airways tickets more expensive than other Airways? 

It’s not always that British Airways tickets are more expensive than other airways. But sometimes, it can be. The cost of the tickets depends on factors like destination, travel dates, class of service, etc. In relation to its competitors, BA is not too expensive when you consider the service quality of these world-class Airways.

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