how to attach trekking pole to backpack

How to Attach Trekking Pole to Backpack?

A trekking pole is your must-have no matter how expert you are in hiking. It is a necessity to ensure safety and balance while walking over the uneven surface of rocks on the hills. Though there are different types of foldable trekking poles, still, hikers mostly choose one that is straight and can’t be folded. For this type of pole, the most common problem will be carrying it while it is not in use.

Now, the question is how to attach a trekking pole to a backpack. Well, there are many different ways you can attach your pole to your backpack securely. The process will vary according to the type of your pole and also, your backpack.

You must be reading this because you want to know the facts properly, right? If yes, you are on the right track. Attaching your trekking pole won’t be an issue for you anymore. In today’s discussion, we’ll help you learn how you should attach your trekking pole to your backpack easily. So, make sure not to skip anything and read the article properly.

How to Attach A Trekking Pole: 5 Different Methods to Try

Just as I said a few seconds ago, you can attach the trekking poles to your backpack in many different ways. You have to select the appropriate method according to the size, function, and shape of your trekking pole and backpack. Choosing the right method is very important and that’s the reason, you should check out all the methods properly.

Attach a Folding Trekking Pole to Your backpack

Carrying a foldable trekking pole in various parts of your backpack is convenient and effortless. You can simply place it within an inner compartment or outer pocket of the bag for ease of access. Yet, situations may occur where finding this essential item becomes troublesome, particularly when you are in an urgent circumstance. That’s the exact reason, professionals suggest carrying it by linking it to the outer part of the backpack.

For that, you should attach the pole to any strap or loop of your backpack. You can simply use a carabiner with rope to tightly attach it to the backpack strap or chains. If the trekking pole comes with a carrying bag, you can carry it inside the bag and link it to any part of the backpack as well.

Adjoining the foldable will be even easier than the chest strap of your backpack. Usually, there are hooks with chest straps to link different tools and water bottles. You can simply link the folded pole on the hook to keep it right beside your hand on your way to exploring wild nature.

Use the Side Pockets To Carry the Poles

Most of the strongest and most reliable trekking poles can’t be folded. And then, you will have no other way but to carry the poles the way they are. If your backpack contains side pockets, that will be very useful in this case. Carrying long trekking poles in the side pockets of your backpack is relatively secure, easy, and convenient.

It is even more helpful when your backpack lacks straps and a bottom loop specifically designed to secure trekking poles. But these side pockets won’t help alone without the help of sturdy straps. To take the poles in the side pockets all you need to do is insert the handle of the trekking pole into the side pocket of your backpack and fasten the straps securely.

While fastening the straps, you have to check if the strap covers the pole body properly. Check twice if the pole is linked tightly and it is not moving forward. You can also use a single carabiner to link the pole with another part of the backpack. It will provide more adjacency and protect the pole from falling accidentally.

Attach the Pole Using The Compression Strap of Your Backpack

Most hiking backpacks come with additional compression straps and you can easily utilize them to attach the pole. Usually, there can be a lot of straps at different points of the backpack. You have to choose the right strap to attach the pole. In this case, you should choose a position where you can find another strap in the horizontal or vertical line.

To fix the attachment, you need to first loosen the compression straps. Next, insert the trekking pole through the designated straps carefully. After that, you have to secure the straps around the poles. Also, you should have effectively fastened the straps and they will prevent the poles from accidental dislodgement.

This method is pretty useful, especially when you have a trekking pole that cannot be folded or compressed. But you can’t go for this one if your backpack doesn’t have a compression strap. That’s why you should look for the strap while selecting the right hiking backpack. However, while attaching the pole, you should try to attach the upper part of the pole with the straps and make sure that the head of the pole is tightly attached.

Use the Backpack Loops to Attach the Poles

Generally, hiking backpacks contain several loops so that users can conveniently carry their necessities using the loops. So, carrying your trekking poles and linking them to the loops is a very handy option. But first, you need to make sure that the loops are strong enough to carry the weight of the poles. Also, you should use two different loops for two poles so that the weight of the pair may not create complexities on one specific side.

However, it is easy to attach the trekking poles to the backpack using the loops. First, you need to locate the loops on your backpack. You’ll most probably find them on the sides or front of the pack. Next, collapse your trekking poles to a manageable size and insert one pole through a loop. Follow the same process for the next pole to the next loop. It is important to make sure that the handle is facing downward.

Also, ensure that the poles are secure and won’t easily slip out. You should adjust the tension of the loops if necessary. This method lets you have quick access to your trekking poles while keeping your hands free during your hike. Besides, it helps to keep balance in weight management too.

Attach the Pole to the Top of Your Backpack

If additional liking points like compression straps or attachments are absent from your backpack design. There’s no need to fret! You can try out a straightforward approach that should do the trick just fine. Just lay out your trekking poles atop the backpack before fastening them tightly in place so they don’t shift around while traveling.

You can try this technique no matter what size backpack you have. Still, bear in mind its effectiveness might vary compared to other options available to you. You should double-check that both pole positioning and carry strategy are properly adjusted before setting out with this method. But sometimes, it is not as effective as the previous methods. Here, the security depends on how appropriately you have fastened the poles and how you are carrying the bag. But it is also true that you might have some issues carrying the bag when the top of it has poles.

To position the trekking poles on the upper portion of the backpack, you have to finish putting everything inside the bag. Next, close the top section of the backpack and firmly secure the poles in place. You have to arrange the poles in a way that their handles point downwards. After that, simply unzip the backpack from the opposite side and close it thereafter. Make sure that the poles are tightly linked to the zipper and that it is not moving so frequently.

These are the easiest methods to attach your trekking pole to your hiking backpack. You can also place the trekking poles inside the backpack if the length of the poles is not higher than the backpack. But if you need to carry some fragile objects inside the bags, it is better to attach the poles to any outside part of the bags.

Things to Consider While Carrying Trekking Poles

Though you can now attach your trekking poles properly to your backpack, there are some essential tricks you should follow to securely carry the poles. It is not uncommon that hikers just break the poles or lose them while carrying them on their way. So, before you leave for your adventurous journey, please consider the following tricks.

Carrying Trekking Poles
  • You should choose the right attachment method that provides you with quick and easy access to your trekking poles when needed. Make sure they are securely attached but can be easily detached in an emergency.
  • You should attach the poles firmly so that they won’t easily slip out of the loops on your way. Test the attachment twice by giving the poles a gentle tug.
  • Additionally, you should consider the weight distribution of your backpack when attaching the trekking poles. It is wise to attach the poles in a way that offers an even balance on the backpack.
  • Make sure the attachment doesn’t cause any discomfort or interference with your movements. The poles should not hinder your ability to wear or remove the backpack comfortably.
  • If you are going on a train, you should keep the poles inside your backpack so that they don’t hurt another passenger with your movement.
  • If it’s a plane journey, you have to carry them in the baggies as the security may not allow you to carry the pole by hand.

While buying a pole, it is essential to prioritize the strength and durability of the pole instead of its function. Even though a trekking pole can’t be folded, you should buy it if it seems reliable and durable. Also, you should be extra careful while carrying them because your hiking adventure can lead you to a dangerous situation if you don’t have the poles when you need them. So, be careful and think twice while choosing the appropriate method of attaching the pole to your backpack.

Wrapping Up

As we’ve seen, you can attach your trekking poles to your backpack in five different ways. Now, you are the one to choose the right method. For that, you should examine your backpack first and check which part of it is more secure to attach the poles to. Also, keep in mind that weight distribution and comfort in the movement are essential while hiking.

Let’s end the discussion here. Wish you all the best for your next adventure. Let us know how you are going to carry your trekking pole and how it works. Thank you for your time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I fit trekking poles inside a Solomon bag?

If your trekking poles are foldable or they are not very much longer in length, you can fit them inside your Solomon bag. But if the poles are longer than the bag, you can attach them to the bag with the help of external loops, compression straps, or attachment points.

Can I take trekking poles through airport security?

Yes, you can take trekking poles through airport security and there is no strict regulation on it. But you have to take them inside your holding baggage only. The airport may not let you carry them inside the plane with you.

Can I attach trekking poles to any type of backpack?

Yes, you can attach your trekking poles to any type of backpack. But you have to follow different methods for that. Not all backpacks have dedicated loops or straps for trekking poles. Some backpacks may have alternative attachment options, like carabiners or bungee cords. That’s why it’s essential to ensure that the attachment method is secure and won’t cause discomfort or imbalance.

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