How To Fold A Beach Chair

How to Fold a Beach Chair (Step by Step Guide)

It’s not summer unless I’ve spent at least a day or more at the beach. 

The atmosphere is perfect, with the waves crashing, the breeze carrying the scent of salt, and the sand beneath my toes. 

But frequent beachgoers can relate to the struggle with the beach chair. I always used to think folding a beach chair was not a big deal. 

When I have been to Maui, I found them so comfy and convenient to sit in. Though simple to unfold, folding these chairs might be a bit of a hassle.

So, how to fold a beach chair? 

Thankfully, with others’ help and reviews, I got to know that these chairs are quite easy to disassemble. All I have to do is apply pressure to the back or front metal bar under the seat. 

Once it’s collapsed, you can carry it to transport. If it comes with backpack straps or rubber handles, the task is even easier for you. 

You’ll get to know the simple steps to fold the chair here. Keep reading. 

What Makes a Comfortable Beach Chair?

Many people will be visiting beaches this summer. Now is the time to stock up on beach chairs. 

While today’s youth may be content to sit or lie on the beach or on a towel, the majority of us adults would like a more cushioned surface.

My family and I are huge beachgoers. So, we’ve experimented with many different kinds of sand chairs. 

Though you can count the camping chairs as beach chairs, they could be more stable when you place them on the sand. 

When my main goal is comfort or portability, I prefer the backpack beach chairs. They come with carrying straps, the same as your backpacks do, especially when my hands are blocked with other stuff on my trek. 

In my experience, foldable beach chairs are the most solid and long-lasting option. 

Even when my children pile onto my lap, the folding beach chair makes me feel completely at ease. 

It includes strong armrests along with a solid frame. 

You will find attached pouches on the sides of certain seats. So, you may also keep bottled beverages, sunglasses, suntan oil, and various other small goods. Furthermore, a drink holder and a folding table may also be included.

Types of Beach Chairs and Their Features

Types of Beach Chairs and Their Features

High-quality beach chairs are an essential part of any beach experience. 

Enjoy the utmost leisure under the sun with these easily transportable furniture items. 

They help maintain a relaxed and comfortable posture by giving your body some additional bolstering. 

If you want to kick back and relax in luxury on your next trip to the beach, these amenities will help you do just that.

1. Backup Beach Chair with Portability 

Consider how easily you can transport your beach chair. 

You should look for one that folds and unfolds quickly and simply. 

You should also choose a lightweight chair so that you don’t have to exert too much energy transporting it from the vehicle to the beach.

You should choose seats that fold up easily, have comfortable designs, and weigh no more than 6.5 pounds.

All these features come with backpack beach chairs

2. Sand Chairs 

For maximum relaxation, choosing one that allows for a wide variety of reclining angles is essential. 

Sand chairs are the perfect option for it. If you’re looking for extra relaxation, you may adjust the chair’s recline to the ideal position for you. 

Certain models come complete with an integrated canopy, headrest, and side tray as standard features.

Reclining beach chairs often include an integrated footrest that allows you to relax with the legs elevated and safely away from the sand and surf.

The beach is filled with sand chairs, which are low seats that sit directly on the sand

These are a great choice if you want to relax while watching the waves. 

Because they let you lie practically horizontally, they are helpful for tanning

But if you have bad hips or knees, the chairs’ low height makes them uncomfortable for you. 

Fortunately, the backs of several of these chairs can be adjusted to a variety of heights and inclinations. 

The headrests on several of them are quite welcoming.

3. Foldable Beach Chairs 

If you have back issues, you know how difficult a day at the beach might be if you bring a chair that is too flimsy or too bent in the wrong spots. 

Think about how well it supports your lower back and legs.

Some designs have lumbar support, which conforms to the inward curvature of your spine, making it easier to sit up straight.

Folding beach chairs are the particular type that provides support to your back as wooden beach chairs do. 

A Step-by-Step Guide to Folding a Beach Chair

A Step-by-Step Guide to Folding a Beach Chair

Foldable beach chairs are easy to fold and unfold. 

Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Place The Foot On The Steel Structure

Simply place the foot on the steel structure on the back side of your beach chair while it remains in its standing position. 

This will allow you to recline the chair. If you don’t want anything to fall out of your chair, check the side pouches and pockets beforehand to make sure they’re empty.

Step 2: Use Your Hand 

You should use the hand that is not holding the front of the metal bar to press it down. You can fold up your chair by pushing its backrest forward.

As you start to collapse the chair further, maintain your balance on its back side’s metal support bar. 

Then, gently push the chair’s backrest forward with one hand and allow the seat to collapse fully. 

Step 3: Secure The Buckle (If Any)

If your beach chair comes with a buckle on its top, at this point, you have to secure it. 

On the upper back of the chair, there should be a strap with half of a plastic buckle connected to it. 

Find the plastic clasp that secures the strap as well. You’ll find this buckle near your seat’s bottom.

After that, you’ll want to fasten the buckles to ensure the lumbar support and seat don’t become unattached during travel.

Step 4: Clear Up The Sands

When you’re ready to begin transporting the folded beach chair, you should shake it out to remove any stray sand from it. 

Step 5: Lock The Straps 

Under the seat, you should be able to find two parallel cushioned straps. 

Put one arm beneath each strap and lift them up and over your head like you’re donning a backpack. 

As you get up and walk, you should keep the seat tight to your back.

Some beach chairs come with an attached rubber handle on their backrest top. You can carry your chair holding it. 

But this won’t be the same with a wooden beach chair. 

After following steps 1 and 2, you can carry the wooden chair in your arms. 

You Need To Unfold As Well! Follow These: 

Step 1: Unlock The Buckles

For buckle-patented chairs, you have to fasten the buckle. Re-opening process with undoing the buckle clip and holding the folding chair parts together. 

Turn the buckle inside by pressing the outside fasteners. 

You must rapidly and deftly remove the bottom clasp while the fasteners remain pushed within. 

Then, stow the upper strap in the clasp below the back support, and let the lower strap hang down below the seat support.

If there is no part of buckling up and off, simply proceed to the next step. 

Step 2: Separate The Backrest From The Cushion

In this stage of the process, you will need to place one hand on the backrest top while placing your other hand on the rim of the seat cushion. 

After that, proceed to pull apart these opposing portions until the chair occupies a straight-forward position.

Step 3: The Metal Legs Must Be Double-Checked For Tightness

Make certain that your beach chair is positioned on a level and stable portion of the ground before using it. 

Check that the metal bars have completely extended themselves before you sit down. 

When you’ve finished this, you may kick back in your chair.

8 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Folding a Beach Chair

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Folding a Beach Chair

  1. Backup chairs come with a compartment to store some stuff in it. However, please don’t leave your valuable things unattended while visiting the beachside. 
  2. The secret to folding a chair is to do it while standing behind it.
  3. After folding the seat, always double-check that the towel bar at the rear is flush with the chair’s backside.
  4. Always remember to tuck the top strap beneath the handle and fasten the clasp.
  5. The beach chair buckle is almost the same, and it is designed to be reminiscent of fanny packs.
  6. It’s best to carry your beach chair as you would a beach blanket or bag.
  7. Some beach chairs offer different reclining positions. So, check on what your beach chair features. 
  8. Follow the whole process with patience and care. Anything done in a rush won’t bring good outcomes. 

3 Major Tips for Maintaining and Cleaning Your Beach Chair

Before you connect up your beach chairs in your storage shed, garage, or even your closet, you have to take care of a couple of things first. 

Your beach chairs will retain their like-new appearance season after season if you clean and store them properly after each use.

See these suggestions for keeping your beach chair in good condition:

1. Fabric And Frame Cleaning

First, clean the fabric of any sand or other beach debris. Just give it a little shake or vacuum, and it should be fine. 

After that, clean the cloth and frame with a damp sponge with a mix of water and light soap. Rinse it off with a garden hose and let it air dry.

Proceed to the frame now. 

A simple hosing down and drying with a towel should do the trick for anything made of metal. Wood and plastic, for example, may need a solution of mild soap and water. 

After cleaning, dry the frame with a cloth to prevent corrosion or discoloration. 

Put Some Wood Oil on the Chair’s Arms if It’s Appropriate

Wood oil is an excellent method to keep your beach chair looking brand new for as long as possible. 

Wood oil has dual purposes: 

  • it seals the wood to prevent moisture and grime from getting in 
  • May give the chair an excellent gloss

However, you need to follow a few things while using wood oil:

  • The wood should be dried by testing it with a little bit of water. If the droplet beads up, the wooden chair is ready to be used. You’ll have to wait a few more days to see if it gets soaked.
  • If the humidity level is high, don’t use oil. In such circumstances, oil drying time increases, and complete curing may be impossible.
  • Put on oil when it’s cool: An uneven finish might arise from oil drying too rapidly in direct sunlight.
  • Oil should be reapplied after 48 hours: Once the first oil application has dried, you may add a second.

3. Maintain A Dry Environment For The Beach Chairs

Keeping the beach chairs out of the damp is crucial to preventing rust, mildew, and corrosion. Your closet is the most likely place to find it.

If you have to keep the beach furniture in a damp location, such as the basement, garage, or shed, I recommend placing it inside a plastic storage pack containing some silica gel.


We hope that you found this article helpful in learning how to fold a beach chair. If you follow all the procedures, this lightweight solution will make your trip to the beach much more manageable.

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