How to Protect a Backpack When Checked as Luggage

How to Protect a Backpack When Checked as Luggage?

Many times we have no other choice but to check our backpacks as luggage at an airport. And we all know how harshly the bags are taken care of in the luggage chamber of the planes. So, we often lose our backpacks or simply get them ripped off after we find them at the airport. And it is simple enough to destroy your mood to enjoy your journey.

Now, you must be thinking about how to protect your backpack when checked as luggage. Well, there are several ways you can do things like wrapping it well and using multiple locking systems. Want to know all the hacks in detail?

You must be here to learn the hacks, right? If yes, you are on the right track. Today, our topic will cover everything that you need to know to simply protect your backpack in the airport luggage chamber. But before heading towards the ideas, why don’t we learn about whether the backpacks are secured when checked as luggage or not?

Is It Safe for a Backpack to Be Checked as a Luggage at the Airport?

Certainly, no. Your backpack may not always be safe when it is checked as luggage. There are different ways it can be damaged while it is on a plane with a lot of luggage. As we know, in the chamber of luggage in an airplane, there are more than a hundred pieces of luggage and they can be moving as the plane moves.

So, that luggage can easily hit the backpacks now and then. Ultimately, it can be ripped off or have serious damage. Besides, while placing them inside the chamber and also, while taking them out, the responsible employees are often too harsh. In many airports, they just don’t care about the bags and throw them roughly.

When you check a backpack as luggage, the airport duty workers will handle them as if they are luggage with strong shells. So, in the entire process, your backpack may go through a lot and that is enough to destroy it and even the objects inside it. That’s why you should take some necessary measures to protect them properly.

8 Effective Hacks to Protect Your Backpack When Checked As a Luggage

As you’ve learned, it is not safe to check your backpack as luggage in an airport. In many different ways, it can be damaged. And the worst thing can be the damage to the products inside it. Well, I know a lot of effective tricks that can help you protect your backpack. Please check them right below.

Wrap Your Bag Properly

Wrapping your bag using a plastic wrapper is the best idea though you have to try it after you have done packing everything inside it. Also, this idea can make an extra hassle if airport security asks you to open it. Still, this trick works very effectively.

You will need a plastic wrapper and wrap the entire backpack from all angles. The entire bag should be wrapped with multiple layers so that it can be more sustainable and durable. You can simply take a plastic wrapper and move it around the backpacks several times from all different sides. It is done.

Utilize a rain cover

If you assume that the airport security will ask you to remove the plastic wrapper and it will be an extra hassle for you, try using the rain cover of your backpack. Most hiking and traveling backpacks come with their designated rain cover. And those covers are made of very sustainable materials that can protect your backpack from frequent hits by big luggage.

However, you should use the rain cover and secure the laces tightly. If you somehow have two or more rain covers, it will be more helpful to utilize all of them together. These covers will make a strong shell on the outside of the backpacks and ultimately they will protect it. But make sure to tie the knot in a way that you can untie easily.

Bind All the Straps Tightly

The above two tips will help you cover the outer layer of the background from frequent hits and pressure. And now is the time to learn how to save the products inside the backpacks. The first thing you should try is to bind all the straps of the bag strictly. Make sure that all the compression straps are secured to leave no vacuum placed inside the bag.

It will help the inner part make a compressed area where products can’t move frequently. As a result, they can’t come in percussion and conflict. So, it will reduce the chances of damaging the products inside the backpacks. Also, it will help keep the outer wrap and rain cover in their regular place.

Use Multiple Locking System

An unbreakable locking system is a must-have when you are checking your backpack as luggage. To ensure that, you cannot just rely on one locking system only. You need to try multiple locking systems for top-notch security. Even if the thief can unlock one system, the others will stop him for sure.

In this case, we suggest you secure the backpacks with a TSA-Approved Lock alongside your regular locking system. A password-protected-looking system seems good as well. However, make sure to look at all the zippers, and don’t forget the side pockets as well.

Keep Soft Clothes Inside the Bag to Protect Essential Goods

It is another tip to secure the products inside your backpack. If you have essential products that should have frequent shakes and movement, you need to be extra careful.

In this case, you can simply use some soft cloth that you need to carry with you. Wrap all your products using that soft cloth and place them inside the backpack.

Also, you can make some inner layers of soft clothes to keep those goods safe and protected. This trick is very effective and I’m sure that you are already aware of it. Still, it’s just a reminder. But we suggest not carrying fragile objects even if you are securing them with multiple layers of a soft cloth.

Seal All the Liquids Tightly

In our backpacks, most often, we carry lotions, hair shampoo, oils, and other liquids and cosmetics. While carrying them in your backpack that will take off while in the luggage chamber, you need to be extra cautious. Remember that those cosmetics can have a leak and that can damage all the products inside the backpacks along with the clothes.

To avoid such a disgusting situation, you need to seal all those packets and bottles properly. You can use some reliable adhesive tapes to seal the head of the packs and the bottle. Make sure to give them a good shake so that they can leak if they have any chance left. And if those bottles are still leaking, you should avoid carrying them.

Don’t Carry Fragile Objects in It

This one is not a trick but a safety tip. As you know, the outer layer of a backpack is not like the luggage and they are not so durable. So, if you carry some fragile objects inside it, they can break and ultimately make a mess inside the bag. Eventually, when you take them out, you can injure your hands as well.

That’s why we always suggest carrying all your fragile objects inside the luggage after ensuring a stiff layer of protection. In this case, you can use soft foam or cloth to make a protection layer around them or just take them inside a strong box. But never carry two or more fragile objects in one box. Simply, the best thing is to avoid those objects for sure.

Don’t Carry Electric Devices in It

And lastly, we have another suggestion that forbids you to carry the electric device inside your backpack when you check them as luggage. You must know, that most electric devices are so sensitive and some of them are even more fragile than a ceramic cup. Even with bearable pressure, they can be broken from the inside. 

That’s why, you should always carry your precious device with you in your handbag. Also, you need to be aware that most of the time, airport security officers ask people to show their devices. And that’s another reason, you should carry them in your handbag. Leaving those devices inside your backpack can make extra hassle while bringing them out.

So, these are the 8 most effective tricks and tips to protect your backpack when they are checked as luggage. Remember to ensure all the suggestions from the list and that way, you can have a peaceful air journey without worrying about your backpack that is suffering in the luggage chamber.

Additional Tips When Carrying a Backpack Through Airport Security

When you carry your backpack through airport security, there can be a lot of issues with it. Even if you have protected it and made it [perfectly ready to fight with the luggage in the airplane chamber, there are some more facts you need to consider in this regard. Let’s check them out.

Mark Your Bag

To easily identify your backpack among other luggage, you can mark it with a distinctive tag or luggage strap. It will help you spot it instantly even in a pile of luggage and similar backpacks of other passengers.

Weigh Your Backpack

You must know that the airport and airlines can have strict rules on the weight of your baggage. That’s why it is very important to weigh the backpack after packing it completely. You should do it to ensure that the backpack is not crossing the weight limit before heading to the airport,

Check the Airline’s Rules

Each airline has its own specific rules and regulations when it comes to the size, weight limits, and types of baggage. That’s why before arriving at the airport, you should check the airline’s website or contact their customer service to learn about all their policies. Also, you should check the Transportation Security Administration guidelines to ensure compliance and avoid delays during the security screening process.

Choose the Right Backpack

When selecting a backpack to check as luggage, you should be extra careful and sincere. You need to consider its size, durability, and security features. You should definitely look for sturdy materials and reinforced stitching to withstand the handling process and the pressure inside the luggage chamber.

Besides, it’s always a good idea to have travel insurance that covers lost or damaged luggage. So, make sure to have one before you fly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What items should I avoid packing in my backpack that will be checked as luggage?

You should avoid packing fragile items, valuable jewelry, important documents, and electronic devices in your backpack that are going to be checked as luggage. Instead, you should carry them in your carry-on bag to keep them safe and easily accessible.

Can I lock my backpack when checking it as luggage?

Yes, you can lock your backpack when checking it as luggage. But remember that security officers at the airport may ask you to help them inspect the backpack and ask you to open it up. For that, you should use TSA-approved locks that can be opened by security personnel without damaging the lock.

What Should I do if my backpack is damaged on a flight?

If your backpack is damaged at the airport after the flight, you should immediately report any damage to your backpack to the airline’s customer service or baggage claim office. They will give you a damage report form to fill out and guide you through the process.

Wrapping Up

It is very important to protect your backpack that is going to be checked as luggage. No matter how strongly you’ve protected it, never ever carry anything valuable in it. Also, make sure to use TSA-approved locks and the rain cover to protect your backpack. Hopefully, you will have no issue with it. Best wishes for your next journey.

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