how to stretch running shoes for wide feet

How to Stretch Running Shoes for Wide Feet?

It is very difficult to buy a pair of running shoes that feel comfortable on the first try. As we continue to wear the shoes, they naturally stretch and we find them comfortable. But it doesn’t happen for all the running shoes. Some of them do not easily stretch and we can’t wear them comfortably until they do. Many of us simply avoid wearing those new pairs of shoes as we fail to stretch them. But it is easy to stretch running shoes within a day if you know the right ways.

Now, you must be thinking about how to stretch running shoes for wide feet. Well, you can buy a shoe stretcher or a shoe stretching spray to fix it. And if you don’t want to pay for a tool or anything like that, you can use some DIY hacks for that.

You must be eager to learn about those hacks, right? If yes, don’t worry. I am here today to share those ideas. But first, let me tell you whether it is okay to wear a pair of tight running shoes. Let’s start the discussion.

Is It Okay to Wear Tight Running Shoes?

Before you learn how to stretch your running shoes because of your wide feet, it is essential for you to learn if you should wear tight shoes at all. Sometimes, we don’t think much and just go on with tight shoes. Many of you think a tight shoe can be loosened after using it for a few days. After that, it will be loose and comfortable. Well, if you also believe that, it’s better to learn the consequences of wearing tight shoes.

You must know that tight shoes can cause excessive discomfort and the user may have blisters even after just using them for a few hours. If you wear tight shoes, you can immediately feel hot spots and pressure points on your feet because of the adjacent shoe walls. Your feet usually need enough space to move and flex naturally while running. But tight shoes restrict frequent movement and cause irritation.

Additionally, tight shoes can constrict regular blood flow to your feet. As a result, you will feel numbness, tingling, and even cramps. For sure, sufficient blood circulation is a must-have for your optimal foot health and performance. Also, because of the irritation caused by the suffocation, it can result in a higher risk of injuries. Excessive pressure on your toes can result in ingrown toenails, corns, and calluses. 

Besides, tight shoes can squeeze your feet so much that you can have stress fractures, plantar fasciitis, and Achilles tendonitis. It can also affect the natural alignment and function of your feet. The consequence can be biomechanical imbalances that can affect your gait and cause pain in your knee, hip, or back. That’s why you should avoid wearing tight shoes even if it is only for a few hours. 

How to Stretch Running Shoes for Wide Feet?

Firstly, I will suggest you double the shoe size before you make a purchase. Still, many of us end up buying a shoe that looks good to us and end up finding it tight for our feet and uncomfortable. In such a case, there are several ways you can fix it. Here, I have listed all the effective ways you can try to stretch a tight shoe.

Use a Shoe Stretcher

If you have a pair of wide feet and having tight shoes is a regular problem for you, you better buy a shoe Stretcher. It is a kind of wooden or plastic tool that can stretch the shoe very easily. For sure, it’s not a costly tool. Usually, shoe stretchers are designed to expand the width and length of shoes. These tools come with adjustable knobs or inserts that can be used to widen specific areas. 

To use this tool, you need to buy the right one. You can try a flexible stretcher like the Eachway Shoe Stretcher. Then just insert the shoe stretcher into the shoe. Simply adjust the stretcher knobs or levers to widen the stretcher. It will expand the width of the shoe. If the shoe has specific tight spots, like the toe area, use the stretcher pointing to the target areas. 

You will need to leave the shoe stretcher in place for at least 24 hours so that the material of the shoe can stretch. It will soon be loosened and you can comfortably wear it. But make sure to buy a stretcher that is suitable for the shoe material. And don’t adjust it too tightly so the material can be torn.

Using A Shoe Stretching Sprays

Shoe stretching sprays are another effective product you can use to soften the material of the shoe. This spray makes the shoe material more pliable and easier to stretch. Apply the spray to both the inside and outside of the shoe and spray more to the area where it is much tighter. 

After applying the spray, you have to wear the shoes immediately. It will help stretch them while the material is still damp. However, there are different types of shoe stretching sprays available in the market. Make sure to buy one that is suitable for the material of your shoe. You can use FOOTMATTERS Professional Boot Stretching Spray or a similar one that is suitable for different types of materials.

Try Freezer Method

It is the best way to stretch your shoe without paying for a tool or a spray. To this effective method, collect a plastic bag, water, and a freezer. Now, you have to fill the plastic bag with water and seal the bag tightly. Then, place the bag full of water inside the shoe. Make sure that the bag creates pressure on the area where it is tight. 

Also, you need to ensure that the shoe is balanced and won’t tip over. Now, put the shoe with the bag inside into the freezer and leave it overnight. As the water freezes, it will expand and stretch the shoe material. The next day, remove the shoe from the freezer and let the ice thaw before taking out the bag. When it is completely dry, try on it to check if it has stretched sufficiently.

Use Peeled Potato

It might seem unnatural but a peeled potato can help stretch your running shoes. To try this method, take a large potato. Peel it completely and make sure that there are no rough or uneven edges. Don’t wash it and simply use it right after peeling the skin. However, place the peeled potato inside the shoe. Try to place it in the tightest spot so that the liquid starch can make the area loosen. 

You have to do it as far as it can go inside the shoe. But be careful and don’t damage the shoe. Now, leave the potato in the shoe overnight so that pressure from the potato and its starch can expand the shoe material. After a day, take those potatoes out and wash the show. Wear it after it is dry. However, this method may not work for all materials. It works on canvas-made running shoes.

Use a Hairdryer

You can simply utilize your hairdryer if you don’t want to pay for any tool or spray. In most cases, it works. You need to put on a pair of thick socks to protect your feet from excessive heat. Then wear the shoes you want to stretch. Now, set the hair dryer to medium heat and start blowing hot air onto the tight areas of the shoes. 

Move the dryer back and forth so that the shoe material can have heat in all areas. While heating, try to flex your feet and wiggle your toes to help stretch the material. Continue heating and flexing until the shoes feel more comfortable. Don’t take it off and let it cool down. Finally, take it off and remove the socks, and then text if it is comfortable to wear now.

Replace the Shoe Sole

Finally, you can replace the sole of the shoe if it is so congested. Some shoes may not have a removable sole or may not be structurally compatible with a new sole. But if your shoes have that option, you can change the shoe. In this case, you have to choose a sole that matches the shape and size of the original sole. It should provide additional width or room for your wide feet.

Carefully detach the old sole from the shoe using a sharp knife or sole removal tool. Take your time to avoid damaging the shoe’s upper or any internal components. After that, clean the shoe’s upper side and other parts too.

When it is completely dry, position the replacement sole on the shoe. Use an adhesive shoe repair glue to adjust the sole. Apply pressure evenly and let the adhesive dry. Once the sole is properly attached, try on the shoes and walk around to test the fit.

If none of the following methods work, you need to take the shoe to the cobbler. He can fix it for you so that you can wear it comfortably. If you don’t have prior knowledge, you shouldn’t cut and repair the shoe by yourself. You may end up damaging the shoe. However, it is always the best idea to double-check the shoe size so that you don’t have to stretch it anymore.

Tips to Choose the Right Size of Running Shoes

When it is about buying a new pair of running shoes, nothing can be worse than buying them in the wrong size. Indeed, the trouble, money, and hassle are too much to stretch a pair of shoes. That’s why you should check the show size twice or even more before you pay for it. The following tips will help you choose the running shoes with the appropriate size.

  • First, you have to measure the length and width of your feet. You can use a measuring tape or ruler to determine the size in both inches and centimeters. 
  • Make sure to measure the width of your feet and check the shoe size according to the size. Shoe sizes usually include width measurements. Width is generally exposed by letters, like “D” for medium width, “E” for wide, and “EEE ” for extra wide. 
  • When you are well aware of the foot measurement, you can go for buying the shoe. You should purchase it directly from the shop so that you can check the size in person. Sizes can vary between manufacturers, so it’s important to physically try on shoes to assess the fit. Walk around the store to seek comfort and ensure the shoes don’t feel too tight or restrictive.
  • You should choose shoes with adjustable features like laces, straps, or buckles. These specifications let you customize the fit by loosening or tightening in specific areas to accommodate wide feet.
  • Also, you should choose shoes that have removable soles. Sometimes, we feel uncomfortable after wearing the shoe for a few days because of the sole. If the shoe lets you change it, you can fix the shoe easily.

The best idea is to wear it, walk, or even pretend to run for a few minutes. Also, check how it feels in different areas of your feet. Checking the size physically is always recommended and that is why we never suggest buying shoes from the marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I loosen my running shoes for my wide feet?

You can loosen your running shoes by using a shoe stretcher or a stretching spray. You can also keep it in the freezer and let it be frozen to stretch. Besides, peeled potatoes and your hair dryer can also work well to fix a tight shoe. When nothing works to stretch it, you should take it to a cobbler or just use the warranty card to replace it from the store.

Do the shoe stretch sprays work to loosen running shoes?

Shoe stretcher sprays mostly work on the running shoes to stretch them away. They can loosen the shoe materials like canvas, nylon, synthetic leather, etc. But it may not work if the shoe material is so concentrated.

What helps to reduce tight foot pain from shoes?

You can use a pain-reducing spray or gel to get rid of tight foot pain. If you don’t have such medicine at home, you can use an ice bag in the area where you feel pain the most. It is always suggested to avoid wearing tight shoes that can make you feel painful, irritated, and uncomfortable.

Wrapping Up

Wearing tight shoes can have so many irritating consequences that you will definitely regret it in the end. Besides, your feet are so precious and it is at the same time a very sensitive area that has a connection to your whole body. A conjured shoe can block regular blood circulation and cause severe damage to your feet. So, make sure to stretch well with a tight shoe especially if you have wider feet.

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of how to stretch your running shoes for wide feet very well. Still, if you have any confusion left, please let us know. Thank you in advance.

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