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8 Best Travel Gun Cases in 2023 (Secure Your Firearms)

You are planning to travel with your Ruger on 10/22. It might be for safety reasons; it might be for a little hunting experience. 

However, you are extremely worried. You know about gun violence and the strict laws about traveling with guns. 

A simple solution: a travel gun case. The best travel gun cases in 2023 cover a lot of ground in terms of design and functionality. The designs prevent your weapons from rusting. 

Few cases allow you to carry guns covertly. A few cases feature modular pieces that will enable you to connect a variety of attachments. 

Also, there are tough-to-damage cases specifically for transporting rifles. 

In 2021, US airports found and stopped 5,700 weapons, and 85% of them were loaded. 

Of course, you need to be very careful about the laws. Also, you need to know if your carrying case meets the minimal requirements or not. 

You need to consider two major things, primarily.

  • Types of weapons you are carrying.
  • Purpose and environment to protect them. 

While selecting the right kind of case to buy, you must also consider other factors.

In this collection of gun cases, we evaluated each one depending on overall quality, cost, design, and functionality. 

We examined the longevity of the zippers and locks, the simplicity of use of all of them as a whole, the sustainability level that each provided, and the value each offered for the price. These proved to be the top choices among the tested pistol cases.

8 Best Travel Gun Case Reviews For You

travel gun case

Avid outdoors enthusiasts and frequent travelers are always on the lookout for high-quality gear that can withstand the elements and keep valuable equipment safe and secure

All eight gun cases here have been tested under different environmental conditions. Also, we picked the best travel gun cases based on original user reviews and ratings

1. Plano All-Weather Tactical 

Plano All Weather Tactical

The combination of durability, protection, and convenience makes it an exceptional choice for anyone looking for a high-quality case to protect their valuable equipment. 

We highly recommend this case to anyone who needs a reliable and rugged solution for transporting their gear. 

First and foremost, the Plano All-Weather case is built to last. You can take it anywhere, from the beach to the mountains, without worrying about damage to my gear. 

This case’s dual foam layers are a definite plus. In contrast to other gun casings, this one has the foam covering the top of the eggshell adhered to using adhesive. 

The case base is constructed out of two layers of foam; the lower layer serves as the base, while the top layer comprises the custom-cut foam to accommodate the rifle. This makes getting a nice, snug fit simpler, resulting in enhanced safety for the rifle and the scope.

Another standout feature of the Plano All-Weather case is its size. At 42 inches, it’s large enough to accommodate a variety of gear, from rifles and shotguns to cameras and electronics. 

This makes it a versatile option for anyone who needs to transport valuable equipment, regardless of their hobbies or profession.

Additionally, this case has wonderful locks. The hasp locks hold the case very tightly, making it impossible to get even a screwdriver between the two halves. 


  • Heavy-duty construction and airtight seal 
  • Completely waterproof, dustproof, and crushproof
  • The fastenings are of excellent quality
  • Easy to open and close the case
  • It stays airtight even during changes in air pressure


  •  A fishy smell that comes from the joint but will fade over time. 

2. HQ Issue Hard Tactical

HQ Issue Hard Tactical

Do you prefer affordable tactical gear? Well, for the money, nothing comes close. 

HQ Issue brings you this exclusive gun case to enjoy the fun, freedom, and traditions of the great outdoors—as sturdy as Plano but significantly less in price.

The safety and protection this rifle case provides will come in handy no matter where you’re going to use it—whether you’re going to the range or traveling abroad for the hunting trip of your dreams. 

It is constructed out of high-strength plastic molds. It also comes with pre-assembled with long-lasting foam cushioning. 

The capability of being modified meets your specific configuration here.  

While you’re flying with your Trade Show materials or sales presentation items, this gun case is great for that.

Not too heavy and very protective inside. You can fit a pop-up booth plus lots of flyers, giveaways, whatever. 

This tactical gun bag has wheels for convenient transport and is certified for use by the TSA while traveling with firearms. With this flight-friendly bag, you will no longer have to leave your weapon behind when you board a plane.


  • Travel-friendly case 
  • Easy to transport 
  • Customizable foam pad maintains gun in pristine 
  • Prevents guns and balances interior pressure 
  • Waterproof protection prevents moisture 


  • Very few options for new break apart from inserts.

3. Eylar 48-Inch Protective Roller

Eylar 48-Inch Protective Roller

Need a gun case to transport one of your rifles with an expensive night vision scope and laser rangefinder on it? 

Those who are always on the go are the people Eylar gladly serves. 

The case is adequate, with features like metal reinforcement of the lock tabs and hinge pins that can’t be pushed out. You will be really surprised at the quality of this case. 

It’s the best bang for the buck. The plastics are upgraded materials compared to many we have looked at in our local stores. The quality of this equals more expensive cases. 

The case feels sturdy without being too heavy and has three crushproof, folding drag handles for rolling and carrying comfortably. The inner foam is of good quality, and the precuts in small squares are very well-finished and easy to extract.

You might have doubts that the weatherproofing seal would withstand submerging the case. Let’s clarify that it should handle heavy rain. Its IP67 rubber gasket lining ensures water-tightness for a maximum of one-meter depth.

From an aesthetic standpoint, it’s just stunning.


  • The case is sturdy, and the latches seem strong
  • Easy transporting 
  • Durable with easy-to-carve foam 
  • Waterproof 
  • Solid and well-made exterior 


  • It must be aired out and wiped down to eliminate the chemical smell.

4. Eylar Multiple Guns Hard Case 

Eylar Multiple Guns Hard Case 

Are you spending hours and hours looking for a quality case from a reliable brand? 

It should not be very bulky. Also, you don’t want to bust the bank. 

If you are a city slicker, you would need a gun case that could easily fit inside the backseat or trunk of a sedan inconspicuously. 

You may also need a case manageable enough for a female to carry in one hand while handling a giant rucksack, an extra sea bag or duffel, and a rolling deployment bag.

The Eylar inch Mil-Spec elite protecting rifle hard case keeps your guns safe during travel or storage. It meets the requirements of the military standard. 

There are three crushproof folding drag handlebars for dragging and hand-carrying. Its adjustable equalizing pressure valve lets out any built-up air pressure, allowing for atmospheric adaptation while being transported at high or low altitudes or inside cargo vacuums.

People may have apprehension that expensive brands mean better quality. But you’ll find that the quality of this case is on par or better than the more expensive brands. 


  • Crushproof and waterproof 
  • Effortless and quick transport 
  • Extreme heat and cold-resistant 
  • Super steady case 
  •  Easy-to-use foam cushioning


  • Almost close to Plano. 

5. Eylar 38-Inch Rifle Case 

Eylar 38-Inch Rifle Case 

You should make it a point to avoid getting anything that is either excessively loose or inappropriately snug for your gun and its accessories. 

36-inch and 42-inch rifle cases are the most common sizes for rifles since both sizes accommodate almost all of the available barrel length options.

From this perspective, we suggest the Eylar 38-inch gun case. It’s a superb quality made product that makes securing your firearm at home as well as during travel quick, fast, and easy!

It seals up airtight, the hinges seem sturdy, and it is heavy-duty.

You can arrange items in this case to fit a 16″ upper with optics, 10″ upper with optics vertical grip and flashlight, two complete lowers, and a few other accessories.

The solid case has high-quality foam in tiny blocks, which makes it useful to adjust tightly around the equipment and makes the Eylar 38-inch a perfect case for firearms. 

Thanks to the pull-and-pluck foam, you can effortlessly get a good fit for your rifle, and it’s sturdy enough to cushion some pretty sharp blows. 

This rifle case is everything it needs to be for its price. It’s a sturdy material, the foam is reasonable quality, the latches work and hold it firmly closed, and it looks pretty sharp.


  • Super tough and well-constructed 
  • High-quality foam 
  • It fits almost any rifle 
  • Very durable 
  • It’s heavy-duty


  • The foam is cut slightly smaller than the case; you have to use spray adhesive to hold the top in.

6. Plano Rifle Case 

Plano Rifle Case 

Are you tired of hauling around two tough cases every time you go to the range for plinking and general target shooting? Then this Plano Pro Max Double Scoped Rifle Case is for you. 

It holds the gun securely and doesn’t mess up the scope. It works great for getting your rifles to the woods on an ATV without worrying about the rifles ever touching each other.

Put them in, strap them down to a rack, and forget about it until you get to where you’re going!

The Plano Pro-max is an excellent value for the price you pay. There’s a thin plastic “grate” between the two halves with egg crate foam material. It cushions adequately and keeps the guns from slamming into one another.

Once it’s all in place, it clamps securely shut and stays that way until you open it up. The case has several locking points for anyone interested in a padlock. 

However, there are better cases for much more money out there, but if you need something to get you to and from the range with a couple of rifles, this will do the trick.


  • Lightweight
  • Inexpensive
  • Plenty of Lengths for Long Rifles
  • Sturdy Handle and Hardware


  • Keeping the case in the car boot in a straight line is not possible because of its size 

7. Atripark 10-12 Rifle Gun Safe 

Atripark 10-12 Rifle Gun Safe 

You won’t find a better large safe for rifles and shotguns than the Atripark Gun Gun Safe. It’s loaded with useful features that’ll streamline your day-to-day activities.

This safe has a pair of twin doors, each of which doubles as the mechanism for locking and unlocking the safe. Even though you will be transporting your weaponry, you do not need to purchase an additional lock for this vault.

The design also shields the mechanisms used for locking from harm that may be caused by mechanical stress. You can perfectly place it in the bedroom or garage.

The Atripark Rifles Gun Vault has a first-rate steel structure throughout its entire build. The door is constructed to be 1 inch thick, and it also has anti-pry bars that prevent anybody from tampering with the vault in any way.

This safe is exceptional in terms of protecting firearms from harm. Not really a thick “safe” or a thin metal “cabinet,” but in between. Like a solid heavy-duty locker with a safe-like door.

Good overall weight but is not “heavy.” Solid walls with little, if any, flex. The hinge is smooth, and so is the handle and lock mechanism.

This is an excellent cabinet to protect kids and others from your guns. It will deter the “smash and grab” thief. Overall, this is a good choice if you’re looking for an affordable cabinet of good quality.


  • External battery pack.
  • Does not wobble
  • Removable shelf
  • Solid and heavy-duty
  • Waterproof and fireproof 


  • Not good to stand alone must be mounted to a wall.

8. Traction Armament 42-Battle Bag 

One of the criticisms previously leveled against soft cases was that they could not keep a rifle in place as effectively as a hard carry case does. You do not want your gun to be rattling about within its case. 

But now there are soft cases available like the Traction Armament Double Rifle Bag, with backpack straps allowing you to ensure a structure that the rifle remains secured and fixed. 

You will get durable and tough service from this rifle bag even after years of use. Though it says it is a two-rifle bag, you can carry three in it sometimes if needed and all the goodies required for a range trip. 

Despite the overload, even over 30 pounds of rifles, ammo, and accessories would not pop, stitch, or tear. 

It has plenty of pockets for safety gear, ammo, loaders, and magazines. The straps are good and handle the weight well without cutting into your shoulders.

This is the best rifle bag out there. It won’t thrash around your rifles inside like other bags. You will be impressed with the quality and all the rooms offered to travel back and forth to range.


  • very well made and designed
  • Zippers move smoothly 
  • Removable pad
  • Solid buckles 
  • Lockable and spacious


  • A bit expensive. 

Things You Should Think About Before Purchasing A Gun Case

Things You Should Think About Before Purchasing A Gun Case

The purchase of weapons is an investment, and a gun case’s job is to safeguard that investment for its owner.

The risk of harm you seek to avoid by storing a firearm in a case is mainly associated with transporting the weapon from your home to a firing range and to the location where you will be hunting.

 Scratches, dents, and environmental exposure may all create aesthetic damage to a handgun that has been left unattended, and even worse, they may lead the firearm to malfunction or cause more severe damage.

 This is particularly important to remember when dealing with weapons with optics installed on them.

The following six questions are the most important aspects to consider while conducting an investigation:

Does it guard against moisture and dirt? Safeguarding the environment
How well does it secure the handgun against bumps and falls?Protection from the force of impact
How long will the carrying case remain functional if used frequently?Longevity
How difficult or straightforward is getting inside the enclosures?Ergonomics
Any special value-added features?Extras 
How does it maximize the return on investment you put into it?Value

Final Thoughts

When deciding the best travel gun case to purchase, it is important to remember that you should always use the appropriate equipment for the task at hand. 

The range of scenarios we examined here includes a significant portion of the criteria firearm owners may run across. 

Our objective was to put together a selection of high-quality cases from which customers could pick.

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