Why Is Tommy Bahama So Expensive

Why Is Tommy Bahama So Expensive (5 Reasons)

Tommy Bahama- a casual, high-end clothing line that swiftly became its own lifestyle brand. They now sell not just clothes for men and women but also accessories for the house and the beach and have a successful restaurant and bar chain. 

This name is synonymous with high-quality products, and that standard is maintained in everything they do. With the amazing product line, they have bigger price tags as well.

Yes, they have made quite a reputation. However, the question remains. 

Why is Tommy Bahama so expensive? Because the company’s values include concern for the environment, they provide eco-friendly goods of the highest quality. They put forth significant effort to reduce their negative effects on the environment and the people they interact with.

Do Tommy Bahama’s wares really justify their high prices? What follows is further information about Tommy Bahama.

A Global Lifestyle Brand: Tommy Bahama

Had you planned a trip to the beach but realized you had nothing to wear? 

Looking for quality beach equipment to improve your beach experience?

Everything you need may be found at Tommy Bahama.

Tommy Bahama offers a wide variety of beachwear and accessories, such as Tropicfeel and Anatomie.

Story Behind Tommy Bahama

The Tommy Bahama brand is well-recognized for its fashionable beachwear and home furnishings. Whether you’re only planning a day along the beach or an extended vacation, you’ll find everything there

More than 25 years ago, a couple inspired by the idea that vacation should never stop founded Tommy Bahama. In their made-up island paradise of Tommy Bahama, residents need never go far from the pristine shores. 

They then launched a label catering to island-dwellers by producing and selling stylish apparel, chic home furnishings, and essential beach accessories.

Apparel by Tommy Bahama

Tommy Bahama is most known for its clothing, which includes anything from shirts and shorts to dresses and swimwear for men, women, and children. 

Their swimwear, ideal for the seaside or the lake, is a best-seller. 

The Breton Stripe One-Piece High-Neck Swimsuit is just one example of the many fashionable one-pieces available for women.

The Naples Monstera Swim Trunks are classic swim trunks for men, available in a variety of colors and designs, including a pocket and mesh lining. 

Whether you’re planning to spend the day lounging by the pool, strolling down the beach, or having dinner at your resort, Tommy Bahama has you covered. 

Women may choose from a wide variety of adorable dresses from Tommy Bahama. Following are a few of my favorite beach dresses, appropriate for everything from a dip in the ocean to a romantic stroll down the shore to a supper on the sand. 

You will find:

  • Sleeveless V-Neck Maxi Gown 
  • Handchief Chemise 
  • Tropical Maxi Gown 

Swimwear from Tommy Bahama for men offers relaxed and comfortable options like the Tropical Cocktail Crew Neck Set LG. For a more refined but still casual island look, choose the Courage Silk Camp and the Garden of Hope Shirt for guys.

Accessories and Furnishings by Tommy Bahama

In keeping with the great quality of their clothing, Tommy Bahama also offers beach-themed furniture and accessories that are both lightweight and durable. 

  1. Furniture and Beach Gear!

Popular items include beach chairs of different sizes and hues. Many of the beach chairs also come with straps so that they may be worn like a backpack when folded up. 

If you don’t have a certain model in mind but still need a beach chair, consider the Classic Lay 5-Position Flat Foldable Backpack Beach Chair.

You may also get an entertaining beach umbrella to shade you from the sun beside the seats. You can get 50+ UPF protection from their umbrellas, and they tilt! 

This set includes the Seat Height 17″ 4-Position Backpack Chair and the 6′ UPF 50+ Tilt Beach Umbrella, both of which are essential for a day at the beach.

When you need some shade to cool yourself, you may put your chair beneath the bundle, and when you want some sun, you can take it into the sun.

  1. Cooling Units

Last but not least, Tommy Bahama offers sturdy coolers to keep your beverages icy for the whole of the day (or until you finish them, whichever comes first).

The Handheld Stainless Steel 54 Quart Cooler is perfect for a small gathering or a large party since it can store up to 85 cans and comes with a bottle opener. It 

maintains freezing temperatures for a maximum of 3 days!

Real Reasons Behind Tommy Bahama Being So Expensive

Tommy Bahama caters to males and females who like to kick back and relax but want to look unique while doing it. Tommy Bahama isn’t a luxury label, but it also doesn’t try to convince its customers that a comfortable lifestyle is cheap.

With costs beginning at $50 and going up from there, this was a label usually only accessible to the wealthy.

You may wonder why the brand is so pricey, given that some items cost close to $100.

Here are some justifications for Tommy Bahama’s high prices.

  1. Brand Value

The brand name unquestionably contributes to the hefty price tag. According to surveys by Tommy Bahama consumers, the company’s name comes on the list of the world’s top 1000 brands.

Tommy Bahama has been ranked as the number two clothing retailer on Newsweek’s “America’s Best Retailers 2023” list. 

Tommy Bahama, now in its third decade in business, has built its reputation on a unique brand experience and the motto “Live the Island Life,” which emphasizes the significance of high-quality products and excellent customer service. 

Newsweek has given Tommy Bahama the greatest customer service award for the past two years in a row.

All these include a new feather of success to its brand name, elevating the rating of Tommy Bahama products. 

  1. Celebrity Promotional Act 

People love to follow what celebrities do. First, there’s the assumption that any item worn by a celebrity must be high-end.

When a famous person wears something, you know it must be top-notch.

And many famous media people have used Tommy Bahama products. For example, Tommy Bahama’s Hawaiian shirts have been worn by a plethora of celebrities. 

Customers assume that since celebrities want to be seen in Bahama clothing, the garments must be expensive. As a result, the costs associated with such luxury are astronomical.

  1. Sustainability

Another reason behind their high-rated products is the quality they maintain. They provide eco-friendly goods of the highest quality. They put forth significant effort to reduce their negative effects on the environment and the people they interact with. 

Organic cotton, regenerated polyester and nylon, and Lenzing fibers are just a few examples of the eco-friendly materials currently in use by Tommy Bahama.

This isn’t a phase that will pass quickly.

They have promised to keep making eco-friendly improvements for all the coming years.  

They aim to have fully adopted recycling and an eco-friendly business strategy.

Tommy Bahama’s high prices come from the additional expenses the company must absorb to be profitable.

  1. High-Quality Cotton 

Cotton is a big reason why so many people are Tommy Bahama fans. Their men-women shirts and other articles of apparel are crafted from high-quality cotton. It’s really comfy and long-lasting.

The price of high-quality cotton is a major drawback, though. The price of cotton is skyrocketing for a number of reasons. The current price is the highest it’s been since 2011. Drought is a major factor in the high cost of cotton. The United States is the largest cotton exporter in the world.

Texas is the nation’s largest cotton producer. A severe drought has persisted over the state for many years. As a result, the cost of raising cotton and other commodities has skyrocketed.

Cotton crops need a lot of water, which farmers must import. Due to the widespread drought, water has to be transported throughout the state.

Both acquiring and transporting water come with hefty price tags. The greater the distance between the farm and the water supply, the higher the price.

Cotton is likewise in low supply. Many farmers abandoned cotton in favor of soybeans and other high-profit crops. In the past, these crops fetched greater prices than cotton. This implies fewer people are engaged in the cotton industry. The need for cotton has also grown.

One of the largest markets for American cotton exports is China. There is lot of demand for a relatively small supply since both international and local demand are rising.

Because of it, the cost has exploded. Since Tommy Bahama only utilizes the highest grade cotton, they must pay through the nose to get their hands on it.

So, they must charge more for their products to make a difference.

  1. Long Lasting Clothing 

The longevity of Tommy Bahama’s designs is a selling point for many customers. As a bonus, this helps consumers save money over time, which is consistent with the company’s commitment to sustainability.

Longer-lasting clothing reduces consumer demand and the associated economic costs. Less clothing being produced means less fabric and less energy used by factories.

It also implies that consumers may prolong the life of their existing wardrobes, saving them money in the long run.

Unfortunately, this results in lower profits for Bahama. Repurchases are crucial to the success of low-quality companies.

Because their clothing doesn’t last very long, they depend on repeat buyers.

This is how their business model makes money.

The higher prices at Tommy Bahama are a direct result of the durability of their garments. The increased costs allow the business to make that investment last a little longer, hoping that the consumer would return for more clothing purchases.

Worn clothes prevent them from relying on resale.

The long lifespan of the garments is another factor in their popularity. Consumers highly value long-lasting apparel.

They won’t only save money but also their dignity by doing this. They may be certain that they won’t be embarrassed by rips or tears in their clothing at the office, in class, or on a date.

This indicates an increase in interest in purchasing the garments. The longevity of Tommy Bahama’s designs is a selling point for many customers. It’s a win-win: consumers get longer-term cost savings, and the brand gets kudos for its commitment to sustainability.

Longer-lasting clothing reduces consumer demand and the associated economic costs. Less clothing being produced means less fabric and less energy used by factories. In response to this, prices have increased.

Is It Really Worth Spending That Much on Tommy Bahama?

You can trust Tommy Bahama for high-quality beachwear, swimwear, furnishings, and accents. Dresses for both men and women are available in good selection, so your needs will be covered.

However, unless you often visit tropical locations, they probably won’t have anything that you’ll find handy unless you live on a beach or on an island. Summer fashions are still available, and many stores have a beachy feel. Some customers have complained about the high cost of delivery while reading reviews of Tommy Bahama online.

Final Thoughts: Why is Tommy Bahama So Expensive

As of now, you must be clear: why is Tommy Bahama so expensive? Their product materials, quality, and production all play a role in the high price ranges. 

If you prefer fashion over money, Tommy Bahama is for you. 

But cheapskate tourists should avoid them at all costs. Their apparel is of good quality, but the price tag is sometimes too steep for a traveler. 

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